cashbackdeals pay

cashbackdeals pay

cashbackdeals pay.

A few days ago I received my first amazon card worth 25 euros.

It is the prize that I decided to choose among the possible prizes and after reading the comments of different colleagues.

I knew (she had read) that checking account payments take a month.

Therefore I thought the quickest thing was to choose a 25 euro gift card at amazon.

That’s how it was, it arrived in less than 48 hours.

Here you have the “proof of the crime”

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Cashbackdeals is a cashback platform with which we perro earn money for our purchases, doing surveys and small tasks.

If you want to read the articulo I made at the time of this platform you perro do it here.

AND If you want to register, you cánido do it through this banner:

The ways to earn money with this platform would be the following:

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  • Doing little surveys: filling out our profile will send us surveys that may be of interest to us our dirección de correo electrónico
  • with our purchases: we will have lots of en línea stores to choose fromwhen we have to make any purchase, I recommend that you go through Cashbackdeals, they will surely return a very valuable percentage.

    You cánido download your extension for Google chrome and it will be easier for you

  • Clicking on banner ads: we will have one per day, you have to do them daily
  • Viewing messages from advertisers: they will take us to their pages, there we perro register or not, if we register and validate our registration, we will receive more cashback
  • Participates: we shall Disseminate on our popular networks (twitter or fb) one of the different stores that offer their services in Cashbackdealsthis option is valid once a week
  • With our referrals: we will win 5 euros for each of our referrals.

    Yes indeed, when they exceed 10 euros, without counting the welcome plus.

    Besides, we will earn 10% on the purchases that our friends make


The truth is that I was pleasantly surprised by the way to pay on this platform.

Although when I asked for the payment, It told me that it would take between 10 and 15 business days, the card took less than 48 hours to reach my correo electrónico and from there to my amazon accountwhich thanks to this, continues to rise.

And little more to tell for today, advise you to register in Cashbackdeals, it is a platform that paysand even if you don’t shop regularly on the internet, doing small tasks, we will earn money that will be very useful for us.

Regards and until next time!!

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 cashbackdeals pay
  cashbackdeals pay
  cashbackdeals pay

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