Cashback XL | Receive money every time

Cashback XL | Receive money every time

It is increasingly common to use some type of reward for our purchases, either when making them in our supermarket or en línea.

For the second option we have several websites that facilitate the task, one of them is Cashback XLa platform that has good commissions when buying in en línea stores as important as (PCComponentes, Mediamarkt, IKEA, Booking, Decathlon, Aliexpress, Just Eat, Groupon, ASOS…) among many others.

Normally in these cashback applications we must accumulate the money returned from our purchases until we reach a certain amount where we will be allowed to withdraw that amount, well, here in Cashback XL we will not find any limit, we will be able to withdraw the money saved whenever we want, whatever the amount.

Point in favor


Cashback XL is a Dutch web and aplicación platform that allows us to save every time we make a purchase.

It is valid for Spain and the rest of Europe.

Get 2.5 euros for each friend you bring and register.

Among the many advantages that we have is its referral system.

At the moment, it offers a commission of 2.5 euros for each usuario who registers from your invitation backlink and makes their first purchase.

Open a free account at Cashback XL

As I said, signing up for Cashback XL is a totally free process, as well as fácil.

All you have to do is entrar the web from the button that I have left a little above, clic where it says Check in and fill out a small form, where you only have to entrar an correo electrónico and a password.

Then we will go to the correo electrónico with which we have completed the registration process and we will clic on the backlink that the web has sent us to activate the account.

Remember that in order to register on the platform you must be at least 18 years old and radica in Spain or one of the European countries accepted on it.

Once these steps are completed, we cánido start using the web without restrictions and visit the many stores and offers that it offers us.

For greater convenience and availability of your purchases, you cánido also download the official Cashback XL application.

It is available both in the Apple Store and in Google plus Play, in this way we will never miss a cashback.

How Cashback XL works

For those of you who know this type of application, its operation is a breeze, but for those of us who are not, we are going to go over each of its most outstanding aspects a little.

We all make purchases, that goes without saying.

Well, every time you want to buy something, think about the savings and look for that product in Cashback XL.

To do this, entrar the website or application and entrar the name of the product or store you want to buy in the search engine.

I already tell you that it is almost impossible not to find it here.

Some of the associated stores

If you find the store, clic on it and read all the offers, coupons and discounts available. It is important that you carefully vea the conditions that we have to meet in order to be granted the purchase commission.

By making the purchase and encuentro all the requirements of the offer, we will receive the agreed commission.

We have to take into account that first the money received will be in a “pending” status in our Cashback XL account and it perro spend weeks in that status until the operation is finally approved and it goes to an “approved” status, then that money will already be our.

Some aspects to take into account

In order not to screw up when receiving the reward for each purchase, it is important to take into account certain rules or details that we are going to review.

1 When you want to purchase a product, do so only after pressing the cashback button for each offer on the website or aplicación.

2 Deactivate the ad blocker if you have one installed before making any purchase, then you perro activate it again if you wish.

3 Clear your browser’s cookies before making a cashback or use incognito browsing.

referral system

Cashback XL has a very attractive referral system, with which we will be able to add money to our cómputo in a free and relatively fácil way.

When you register on the page and make your first successful cashback, you get to unlock a unique referral backlink as a reward.

Using this backlink you perro invite up to 60 people to join the platform, with whom you will get €2.50 for each of them who make at least one purchase through an offer.

invite a friend

To access our referral backlink and the statistics of the earnings, we have to go to the section “Invite a friend” on the menu.

We perro share the backlink on our blog or popular networks.

Options to collect our money

As I have already highlighted, one of the positive things about Cashback XL is that it does not have a minimum withdrawal.

We do not need to accumulate any stipulated amount of money to collect, we cánido do it whenever we want, whatever the amount we have accumulated.

Payments are made by bank transfer every day 25 of each monthso if you ask for the transfer another day you will have to wait.

Even if you radica in Spain, you perro request payment through a non-Spanish bank, such as N26 or any other, the only important thing is to provide an IBAN and a BIC number.

Opinions about Cashback XL

There are many cashback websites and aplicaciones and it seems to me that the more we use, the better, since not all of them have the same offers and stores in their list, so in the end we benefit from higher commissions and that is always great.

The non-existent minimum payment, the large number of promotions and the good referral system that it has where we will receive up to €2.50 per usuario, make Cashback XL essential for anyone who wants to save on their purchases, which with the times that run believe me we should all do it.

It is true that unfortunately it is not available for many countries and that is something that I think they should improve and I hope so.

Meanwhile we perro use it within Spain and get the most out of it.

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 Cashback XL |  Receive money every time
  Cashback XL |  Receive money every time
  Cashback XL |  Receive money every time

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