Cashback: Save and Earn Money for shopping

Cashback: Save and Earn Money for shopping

Cashback has become a way to earn money and save very widespread among users who buy en línea.

This system is widely implemented in many European countries and little by little it has spread worldwide.

To sum it up for you in a few words, the Cashback companies are going to share their income with us and we are going to receive the money through commissions that they will give us for using their services.

These companies are going to give us money for make purchases
on-line, do searches through its portal, by conduct surveys and many other ways.

In this mode of pages to win money en líneanot only will you earn money, but you will be able to save
making your purchases en línea through its portal.

These portals will offer us their services for free and without requiring any type of investment.

Best Cashback pages to save and earn money

Next, we name the best Cashback pages with which you perro save and/or earn money semi-automatically every time you make a purchase.


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The Gelt aplicación is a new way to save, invest and give money on your phone.

It was designed with the iniciativa of ​​making finance easier and more accessible for everyone, from new money managers to experienced investors.

With Gelt, you perro easily track your budget and savings goals, review your investment performance, and even donate to causes you care about.

With your permission

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Consupermiso is one of the most complete pages to earn money on the Internet.

It has numerous Cashback offers with which we perro save a lot of money.

In addition to its Cashaback system, it has a section where we cánido complete paid offers. you cánido withdraw your money from €30.

Clic the entrar button now and receive €0.30 free.


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Aklamio is also an excellent Cashback site, afín to Beruby.

This company was born in 2012 in Berlin.

And among the countries where it has spread, Spain is also counted.

The procedure is the same as above.

You must register, and make your purchases through their site.

The minimum payment is only €1 and is made through Paypal.


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Letyshop is probably one of the Cashback portals best known worldwide (currently).

Its Cashback system includes a lot of companies such as Aliexpress, Booking, Shein, Mediamarkt, Just Eat and many others with which you cánido save good money by making your purchases on this page.

As if that were not enough, Letyshop It has a really powerful referral system with which you cánido earn good money (up to €5 per person).

What are you waiting for?

I tend

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Tiendeo is an en línea store based in La capital de españa, Spain.

They offer a wide variety of products to buy en línea, from clothes to electronic devices and other elementos.

The store also offers a Cashback system with which you perro save good money.

They have an application where they also offer numerous offers and promotions.


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Beruby is one of these websites that allows you to receive money for your purchases.

It offers us a percentage of return for the total of a purchase made.

The level of the percentage depends on the store where we make the transaction.

It is only necessary to entrar the store through its website to obtain this profit.

Otherwise it doesn’t work.

Pay by Paypal, or directly to your bank account.

It is available for various countries, including Spain.

Cashback Deals

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Registering on this page is extremely easy and fast.

They are very afín to the previously mentioned pages in terms of use.

However, it has certain differences.

Your payment method is to a bank account directly.

Your amount Minimum withdrawal is €25.

And also, they give you €7.50 as a welcome plus.

This page is quite reliable, and is associated with more than 1,500 en línea stores.

What is Cashback exactly?

The word Cashback means “return or refund of money”.

Cashback practically means that a percentage of money will be refunded to us each time we make a purchase.

There are several ways to make purchases in en línea stores, receiving a certain percentage of reimbursement for each purchase.

In Spain, Cashback cánido also refer to the withdrawal of money from our bank accounts in a non-bank establishment.

For example, while we make our purchases, we cánido ask the cashier to include €20 in our account, which will later be given to us in cash.

Despite that, this word is more used in reference to the first meaning.

Where perro I use this system?

There are many websites that allow us to use this system.

This type of pages increase with more and more force, especially, because offer a profit for those who love to shop en línea.

Here are three web pages for you to receive a refund with each purchase.

How does it work?

Basically, all we have to do is register on one of the Cashback pages mentioned above.

We then search for the store we want to shop at, and complete the entire transaction through their site, just as we normally would in the store.

After 24 or 48 hours of confirming the transaction data, a percentage of our purchase will be refunded to the Cashback page that we are using.

But why do they pay me to make a purchase? Doesn’t that sound like a scam? Of course not.

These pages receive a commission, for sending customers to the stores with which they are associated, and when they make a purchase.

Cashback pages all they do is share that profit with us.

In this way, the en línea store receives customers, without really doing anything.

The Cashback page receives a commission for each purchase.

And we get a refund.

Everybody wins.

Advantages over Cashback

Really, there is no disadvantage in the Cashback system.

Wherever we see it, the only thing we will get is profit for making our purchases.

These are some of the advantages of using Cashback:

  • Saving money, making purchases.

    It is paradoxical, because how is it possible to earn money while spending? But Cashback sites allow us to receive money, while we make a purchase.

  • Everything is completely free.

    We do not need money to register, nor do we have a duty to make any purchases to stay inside.

    Everything is free.

  • There are no commission limits.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s €10 or €1,000, the offer is still available.

  • It represents a great saving, especially for people who make purchases very often on the Internet.

    It cánido represent up to more than €50 profit per month.


Most of Internet users find this a safe and easy way to save money.

Thousands of people are using this system, although there is still much ignorance on the subject.

On the other hand, these platforms need to grow and expand more to other parts of the world, especially Latin America.

Since it is only available for European countries, among which is Spain.

But possibly, these platforms continue to grow, since they greatly favor users for making a transaction.

We hope that this article has been very useful to you, and that now you perro save money with your en línea purchases, through the Cashback system.

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 Cashback: Save and Earn Money for shopping
  Cashback: Save and Earn Money for shopping
  Cashback: Save and Earn Money for shopping

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