Cashback Deals Review: How It Works

Cashback Deals Review: How It Works

If you are one of the people who loves to shop en línea, today I am going to introduce you to cashbackdeals an interesting platform that allows you to earn money by shopping and doing other fácil tasks.

cashbackdeals was created by OrangeBuddies and is the sister of the famous page LadyCashbackwhich is basically its soul mate, because they work the same way and were created by the same company.

Users who know this page have described it as the best option to save and earn money instantly.

And the best of all is that the same Give away €7.5 Just for registering, with which you perro make your first purchases.

cashbackdeals Before it was only based on the Cashback category, however, now they have expanded this category, allowing users to earn money by doing multiple tasks.

Some of these tasks are: inviting friends, completing your profile, clicking on ads, completing offers, completing surveys, among others.

Warning: The LadyCashBack platform has been moved to CashBackDeals, than her twin sister.

If you were a usuario of it, rest assured that all your data and cómputo have been transferred equally.

Anyway, cashbackdeals It has 10 ways to earn plus money, which without a doubt are not bad these days.

If you want to know more about this platform, you just have to keep reading, since in this article I will be explaining all its operation in great detail.

Features and highlights of cashbackdeals

  • Recommended: Yeah
  • Creators: OrangeBuddies and is the sister of the famous page LadyCashback
  • Activity: earn money shopping and multitasking en línea
  • Countries: Spain and rest of Europe
  • Record: free
  • Payment method: Bank transfer and gift cards for some stores such as Amazon, Mango or Zalando
  • Minimum payment: €25
  • Referral system: Yeah

How does it work cashbackdeals?

cashbackdeals It has a very fácil operation, which has no loss.

The platform is very complete, organized and colorful.

It contains several functions and ways to earn plus money from home.

cashbackdeals It has 10 categories to obtain or rather accumulate points called CashCoins, which perro be exchanged for real money and gift cards.

A CashCoin equals €1 when redeemed for real money or gift cards.

This platform is in Spanish, English, German and French, being its legitimate language.

When entering the page we will find all the categories to earn plus money.

We will also see the different reimbursements and brands with which we perro carry out en línea surveys, generally these surveys are easy and do not take much time.

For me cashbackdeals It is everything a woman and a man need, since here you will find several discounts from your favorite brand and, in addition, they will be able to earn money in a fácil way, hahaha I call this a dream come true.

The interesting thing about this site is that it has more than 1,200 associated stores, with which we cánido make our purchases en línea and receive a discount on Cashback.

cashbackdeals It has all kinds of stores, some of these are: Aliexpress, Philips, GearBest, DealExtreme, Nescafé Dolce Gusto, Tassimo, Dispar, Adidas and one more end of habitual and well-known stores.

How to create an account on cashbackdeals?

Create an account on cashbackdeals It’s very fácil, you just have to go to the official page

After you are on the main page you must press “Sign up free” there you will see a small form in which you will have to put the following personal information: Name, surname, Dirección de correo electrónico, password and clic on register.

Once this step is done, you just have to wait for a notification that will arrive at Gmail, that notification is the confirmation of the account.

You just have to clic on it and your account will be activated.

From here, you cánido start the section without any problem and enjoy all the ways it has cashbackdeals to earn money.

Before registering, you must take into account that this platform only accepts people over 18 years of age and from countries such as Spain and the rest of Europe.

If you are not from European countries you will not be able to register, something unfortunate, for users from other continents and countries, but we hope that this part will be improved.

When you start the section, it is advisable to complete the personal profile, which perro be found in the My account-Account data.

This profile consists of a collection of personal information such as: account data, payments, notifications, favorite stores, etcétera.

You will ask yourself Why is it important to complete this profile?

Well, I’ll tell you, the platforms that are based on these activities use a personal profile, in order to know what the person likes.

Therefore, in cashbackdeals Completing this profile makes tasks, offers, surveys, etcétera.

They arrive automatically and in less time.

And the great thing about this record is that they give you 0.10 cashcoin just for completing it, so don’t hesitate, complete it as soon as you register and receive that reward.

Sign up and get 7.5 euros for free

cashbackdeals is it legit? | Opinions

cashbackdeals It is a totally legal site, it already has a number of sponsors who trust it, also, if we evaluate the trajectory of this page we will know that it is legitimate.

Obviously, there is no doubt that this is a reliable page and of course it is not a scam.

Remember that we are talking about a site that was launched in 2013, which has undergone major transformations and improvements.

And that also, since then, it has been paying all its users without any problem.

With this I invite you to be part of this page, so that you perro enjoy all the prizes that it has for you.

How to earn money in cashbackdeals?

as i was telling you cashbackdeals It not only has a CashBack system, but also allows users to get plus money through fácil tasks.

Next, I will talk about each of these tasks:

Banner Clic: Basically, this category is based on pay per clic, that is, they put a kind of ads on which you must clic to get plus points.

For each clic you will receive €0.01.

cashmails: this is about receiving advertising to your dirección de correo electrónico and when you will have earned €0.01.

This is also a paid advertising system.

Share Offers: here they pay you for sharing offers on your popular networks, this is a way to earn money that we cánido take advantage of.

Paid Surveys: the famous option to earn money through surveys, all you have to do is complete a small form to earn from €0.20 to €3.50.

To receive surveys you must complete your personal profile so you perro receive new surveys every day.

Reviews about stores: this platform gives you the opportunity to give your opinion about the experiences in different stores, for giving this opinion they give you €0.10.

The best thing is that this opinion does not have to be good.

Games and contests: Lotteries, jackpot, contests, predictions of results in sporting events.

write testimonials: you will be paid to give your humble opinion about cashbackdeals. Just for that you will receive €0.50.

Invite your friends: This platform has a wonderful referral system, you get a 10% commission on all purchases you make and you will also receive an plus €5 when your referral gets accumulate €10.

Payment methods

To withdraw the money in cashbackdeals you must collect less than 25 CashCoins, or what is the same, 25 euros.

When you have reached that amount you will go to the «My account» «Payment» and there you will find two payment methods exclusive to this platform:

  • Bank transfers
  • gift cards: Checks and vouchers to redeem at well-known stores such as Amazon, Mango, Zalando and Atrápalo.

Advantages and disadvantages of cashbackdeals

Positive aspects:

  • Good referral system
  • free registration
  • Great Cashback system
  • is reliable
  • It’s paying


  • It is not available for users from all countries, only for European countries

conclusion about cashbackdeals

cashbackdeals It is one of the most interesting and complete platforms we have seen, since it has a magnificent Cashback system and also gives us the opportunity to earn plus money.

Actually the only prominent disadvantage is that it is not available for all countries, but we hope that this platform will give us a oportunidad to join it soon.

However, if you are from a European country, I invite you to enjoy this great opportunity, because such a complete site has never been seen before.

Anyway, I hope you liked this article, if you have any questions or concerns, leave them in the comments and I will answer you as soon as possible.

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 Cashback Deals Review: How It Works
  Cashback Deals Review: How It Works
  Cashback Deals Review: How It Works

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