Cash Raven, do you make money doing nothing?

Cash Raven, do you make money doing nothing?

An application called Cash Raven has emerged recently and offers us to earn money without doing anything, is this true? For this I am going to do this complete review of the application. Currently it is only available for mobile devices, but they are developing an application for windows that will be available soon.

Cash Raven, an application to earn money passively

Cash Raven

What is Cash Raven and what does it offer?

Cash Raven is a platform that you cánido use to share your unused internet connection to earn plus money. It is very afín to Honeygain, which is another aplicación that offers the same type of income opportunity.

And yes, indeed, it is a legit aplicación as you will actually get paid to share your internet connection with your customers. But the question is, is it worth it?

To answer this question, the first thing we need to do is understand how it works. That way, you’ll know how much time and effort you’ll need to put in to win. So this is the earning opportunity that Cash Raven offers.

Share your internet connection

Cash Raven only offers one revenue opportunity and that is by sharing your internet bandwidth with your customers. To start earning, all you have to do is download their programa.

At the time of writing this review, the programa will only work with Android devices, so you will need to use an Android device. Once you have installed the aplicación on your mobile device, all you have to do is open it and let it run in the background.

You just need to press the power button (see photo above) and you will start earning. Now, you have the option to enable or disable the battery saver feature of your device. If you enable the battery saver feature, you will earn less because the aplicación will not run at full capacity to save your device’s battery.

If you disable the battery saver feature, the opposite will happen. You will earn more, but your mobile device battery will drain a little faster. The aplicación also has an option to allow mobile data usage.

By default, this aplicación will only run if your device is connected to WiFi. But you cánido also enable it to use mobile data. When you do that, you will earn more. This is a good option if you have an unlimited data plan. If you don’t have one, I recommend you disable it.

You cánido install it on multiple devices, but Cash Raven does not recommend doing so because your earnings will decrease if all devices are connected to the same network. For example, if you have three mobile devices at home, you don’t have to install the aplicación on all three devices to earn more.

This is because the aplicación will only see the IP address of your device, and if all three are connected to the same WiFi, they will all share one IP address. So even though the aplicación runs on all three devices at the same time, your system will only see it as one device because of the shared IP address.

When that happens, your earnings will go to three different devices instead of just one. If you are going to install the aplicación on multiple devices, make sure that these devices are connected to different networks.

What I would recommend is that you perro equipo up one at home and one at the office. That would be the best way to maximize your earnings.

The aplicación will only share your connection if it is idle. If you are using your mobile device, the aplicación will pause its function so that you perro use your device smoothly.

As you cánido see, the obtaining method requires minimal effort on your part. All you have to do is install it and let it run in the background when you are not using your mobile device.

How do you get paid?

Cash Raven will pay you in cash. You will earn $0.10 for every gigabyte of data you share using the aplicación.

Then, once you’ve earned at least $10, you perro withdraw your winnings vía PayPal. Cash Raven is still in the process of adding more withdrawal methods and they are allowing their members to vote on which withdrawal methods to add.

In general, the Cash Raven payment system is relatively easy to understand. I like the fact that it offers a convenient withdrawal method like PayPal because it is one of the most convenient withdrawal methods available today.

Cánido you use it on a desktop?

Other platforms that offer the same earning opportunity will allow you to earn using your desktop. But as mentioned above, Cash Raven is currently only available for Android devices. They are currently working on the Windows version of the aplicación and it will be available soon.

The application perro be downloaded from the Android application store, and its installation will be very easy. It’s also very easy to use, so you won’t have a hard time getting used to how it works.

However, I must warn you that the aplicación consumes your battery quite quickly, so I would advise you to enable the battery saver feature if you plan to take your mobile device with you when you leave the house.

Who perro join Cash Raven?

Cash Raven is available more or less all over the world, so you cánido use it anywhere in the world. But as explained above, the earning potential of the aplicación will depend on the country you live in. So don’t expect the earning potential to be the same in every country. You must also be at least 18 years of age to use this application.

Technically speaking, you won’t have to go through a registration process to start using the aplicación. When you install the aplicación and open it for the first time, you’ll just be asked to agree to its Terms and Conditions, and you’re good to go.

This also means that you won’t be able to share your account across multiple devices. It’s a convenient feature, but the downside is that if you uninstall the aplicación from your mobile device, you’ll lose all your earnings. You’ll have to start from scratch when that happens.

The aplicación is still in the alpha stage, so they are still developing more features. Who knows, if it’s officially released, they might add the registration feature and then you perro use your account on multiple devices.

To end

Earning money on the internet is becoming much more possible and in increasingly easy ways, years ago it was just a dream and today a great reality. That is why if you are new to earn money en líneaI suggest you consult these excellent pages to earn money easily if you prefer to have more alternatives.

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 Cash Raven, do you make money doing nothing?
  Cash Raven, do you make money doing nothing?
  Cash Raven, do you make money doing nothing?

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