cash pirate

cash pirate

Good night friends!!, it’s Friday!, weekend!!. A few days ago I received the fourth payment of cash pirate, this time for five dollars. As always, it arrived right away in my PayPal account, which is very interesting, since I don’t have to wait days and days to receive the payment. In addition, they do not take any commission from us, we charge the full 5 dollars. You cánido see the proof of payment here:

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As I tell you, this is the fourth paymentI have been using this application for four months and I have been paid for four months. It is one of the fixed ones, which should not fail on your móvil inteligente. How does it work? You cánido read it here. But as this was one of my first articulo. I will explain it to you again:

Name: Cash Pirate

Guy: Application

minimum payment: $2.5 (2500 points)

Payment gateway: PayPal, Amazon Gift, Mobile recharges, Fb Gift Card, Visa prepaid cards (virtual)

referrals: Indefinite in first and second level. You earn 10% of the first level and 5% of the second level

how to win: Download aplicaciones, watch vídeos, take surveys


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What perro I tell you more about cash pirate that you haven’t read? Well, some tricks that I have learned with this application. For example:

  • In the morning there are usually more applications, when you get up (at least I do), put Cash Pirate and see if there are applications, they usually put 2 or 3 to try
  • Try to do as many surveys as possible, although it is difficult for them to let you do some, when you do you get a lot of points
  • Every time you see the applications to download, look at the sections to watch vídeos, because, although they don’t usually put many, they are always welcome
  • Make a folder to put the applications that ask you to have 3 days installed, so you will know which ones you cánido delete when those three days are up

This is what I do with cash pirate and, as I told you before, I am getting paid every month, some more and some less, but free money is hard to come by and is always welcome.

Cash Pirate is available on androidWhen you download it, don’t forget to put my referral code NIYRJD.

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Greetings friends and see you next time!!

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 cash pirate
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