cash back | How to earn money with your purchases

cash back | How to earn money with your purchases

The number of purchases we make over the Internet is increasing over the years. Our hectic pace of life and the convenience of shopping without having to waste time traveling have greatly influenced this way of consuming and this is where the applications and websites come in that will allow us to make money shopping.

Although it may seem unbelievable at this point, many people are unaware that they perro earn money while making any type of purchase en línea, but the truth is that it is something that has been going on for many years. There are tons of sites that pay us to buy, they are the so-called cashback websites, which allow you to save every time you buy a product and believe me, in the long run they will make you save/earn a notable amount.

What is cashback

The word cashback comes to orinan money backAs you perro imagine, for practical purposes, it means that they are going to return a percentage or amount of money that we have paid for a product or service in question.

If you use one of these platforms, each time you make an en línea purchase from its application or website, you will be receiving a percentage or amount of return, this amount will be independent for each offer and will be based on the agreement that said brand has with the aplicación you are using.

All the websites that allow us to earn money shopping are totally free, the only money you are going to spend is your own purchases. These platforms earn money from the agreements they have with different brands, supermarkets or chains in exchange for attracting customers to them.

How to make money shopping

Earning money shopping in these cashback applications is very, very easy. Every time you need to make a purchase, Let’s say, for example, order a pizzainstead of calling your usual pizza vendor directly, you do it from the application.

1-. Entrar the application and search for your favorite store, where you usually order your pizzas.

2-. Vea the amount or percentage that you will receive when making your purchase from the application, as well as the instructions with the steps that you must take so that your cashback is paid correctly.

Get a percentage with your purchase

In this case, as you cánido see, we are going to receive 4.80% of the total purchase that we make at Telepizza, something that if you think about the long term, is a notable saving. You receive money that you perro save and spend later on whatever you want and even withdraw it to your account, not too bad.

3-. Make your purchase and receive your reward in the stipulated time of the offer. You should know that normally you have to wait a few days to receive the cashback in our application or web wallet.

The best cashback pages


Gelt is a free application that belongs to the Spanish company Dinero Gelt SL, based in La capital de españa. You pay us money to photograph our purchase receipts, whether they are physical or en línea. It is a great saving option.


Beruby is one of the veteran cashback websites and happens to be one of the ones with the most interesting offers. Valid for many countries, we perro withdraw our money from just 1 euro through Paypal or bank transfer.


Receive a percentage for each purchase you make at Widilo using one of its hundreds of partner stores. Payments by Paypal, transfer, gift cards and other modalities.


Consupermiso initially was a website where you were paid to read correos electrónicos, now it has a collaboration agreement with hundreds of establishments where we perro take advantage of excellent offers on their products.


Cashback XL is a Dutch web and aplicación platform that allows us to save every time we make a purchase. It is valid for Spain and the rest of Europe. Get 2.5 euros for each friend you bring and register.

This is just a small summary of what we believe are the best cashback pages today. In this list we will add new websites that we discover and eliminate those that stop working.

Why use cashback websites

In these times, saving is essential to be able to survive day to day and the galloping inflation that stalks us.

For this important reason, it is convenient to use these types of applications or websites, in addition to benefiting from good commissions on hundreds of products, we also do it with magnificent promotions that we will not find buying in our usual establishment.

To all this we must add the saving of time, since we are not going to waste it on trips or in endless queues to pay, we do everything en línea from our home or from our desire. Honestly everything is advantages.

Cashback websites are sustainable

When we earn money for an activity that we have done all our lives without receiving anything in return, several questions come to mind, the first and logical one is how this is possible.

The answer is fácil. These platforms reach agreements with businesses that have the possibility of selling electronically, in this way consumers are encouraged to buy products in these establishments in exchange for receiving rewards, with which there are three parties at stake and each of them wins, that is a win, manual win.

1-. Cashback platforms receive a lot of traffic and monetize it by sending their visitors to use stores where they save money.

2-. Customers make their purchase through these platforms, thus saving money for each product purchased.

3-. Businesses receive a greater flow of sales and distribute a percentage of the profits to cashback platforms, which in turn allocate a percentage to customers.

Opinion about earning money with cashback

At this point in the largo, who else and who less makes a large part of the purchase en línea. Stressful lives make us have limited time and new technologies have changed the way we consume products.

Whether in clothing, technological products, hygiene or food, this type of cashback platform provides us with time and money saving advantages that in these times we should not overlook.

The writing of this article has largely been to try to make these websites known to the vast majority of people, since they are relatively unknown to the general public. I myself have been able to verify with my relatives that almost nobody knows them or does not believe that something like this perro exist. As you cánido see, they not only exist, but also in some cases they have been carrying out this type of reward for more than a decade, something that I repeat should not be missed.

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 cash back |  How to earn money with your purchases
  cash back |  How to earn money with your purchases
  cash back |  How to earn money with your purchases

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