Car rental | where to rent for

Car rental | where to rent for

He car rental It is a seasonal business, which means that there are times when there is a much higher level of business than on other dates.

This is the case of these approaching Christmas dates.

Many people return to Spain from the countries where they radica, and need rent cars to move around the country.

In this articulo I will explain How to save money when you have to do a car rental to move around the country, be it for work, leisure or simply because you do not have a vehicle in the country where you live, or you have left it there.

Without a doubt, the best procedure to rent a cheap car are the comparators.

Through this type of pages we will be able to see what type of cars we cánido rent and in which companies we they will be much cheaper.

In this banner I put a backlink to Total Rentingpage car rental comparison in all the country.

Hope this perro help you.

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cheap car rental

He car rental in Barcelonain La capital de españa or in any other city it perro be very expensive or quite cheapdepending on which car you rent and above all, on the company car rental what do you hire Since the cost of renting a car cánido be important, we must do a small study beforehand to see what type of vehicle we are going to need.

The study should contain the following premises, and as we have some needs or others we must choose one vehicle or another.

  • The vehicle will be for one person or for several
  • do we have small children?
  • do we have pets
  • How many kilometers do we plan to do?
  • Will we take bicycles, tents, canoes?

These questions or afín ones are what we will have to ask ourselves when going to rent a vehicle.

Depending on the answers we give to this little test, my advice is that we rent a type of vehicle, such as a passenger car or another type of larger vehicle such as a van.

How much does it cost to rent a car for a day?

It must be taken into account that how much let’s rent longer Car, cheaper it will come out This is an important premise for this and other rental products.

In the case of renting a car for a day, your price may vary a lot for different cambiantes.

In this list I am going to specify the different cambiantes by which the car rental companies cánido be guided to equipo a certain price or another for the car rental for a day.

  • the type of vehicle
  • fuel used by the vehicle (be it gasoil, gasoline, hybrid)
  • the mileage that we have contracted (whether open or closed)
  • if it’s a weekend or during the week (keep in mind that if it’s Saturday or Sunday, they may charge you a supplement)

Taking these cambiantes into account, it will surely cost us one price or another.

Therefore, you should study what your needs are if, for example, you need a van to make a move or go on a holiday with your friends.

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What is the procedure to rent a car?

The documents to rent a car or rent a car (it’s the same thing) are very fácil and we all have them always or almost always in our possession.

As basic documents that we would have to contribute are the controlador’s license and identity card or passport.

Both have to be current and in the case of the driving license, we will have to have a minimum of seniority.

This minimum perro vary between 1 and 2 years, in addition, in some occasionsthey are going to ask you to you are at least 21 years old.

If you must drive outside the European Union, an international driving license will also be required.

This permit cánido be requested en línea at the same DGT page either make an appointment and go with it to any traffic office.

He last requirement maybe it’s the more important and if you do not have it, you may not be able to rent a car in any agency.

It’s about the credit card.

This credit card is must present to guarantee the deposit of the rental car.

In some agencies they will require you to be credit, and they will not take any debit.

It is also It is important that the card is in the name of the main controlador.

We advise you to read the conditions carefully, because if you do not have a card in your name, the agency may refuse to deliver the vehicle to you.

What is the best car rental company?

Identify which would be the best company for car rental it is a difficult subject.

It will depend a lot on the type of car we want to rent, since depending on our needs, we will have to rent one or rent another.

I’m going to put a small list of the most important that operate in Spain.

These are the pages, but if what you want is to save time and without a doubt, know the best price for rent cars in Spain, or rent a vehicle for a few months (renting) I recommend using Total Reting.

On this page you perro find the best prices on the market.

You cánido rent a car for months or years, whatever suits you best.

Having to choose multiple parks and models.

I leave you the backlink here and in the lower banner so you cánido check it.

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 Car rental |  where to rent for
  Car rental |  where to rent for
  Car rental |  where to rent for

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