Cánido you make money selling accounts

Cánido you make money selling accounts

He virtual item trading within the world of vídeo games it is nothing new and moves millions of dollars a year. Every game that claims to be massive and habitual has a marketplace where jugadores trade different elementos that perro help earn some plus money O well increase your level of play.

However, in recent times, many professional jugadores have found a somewhat controversial alternative to earn plus money with vídeo games and it is through the practice of “Elo Boosting” which consists of offering your service to level up another player’s account in exchange for money.

Let’s talk a little about this controversial topic.

What is “El”? what does it orinan?

Elo is a method for calculation of the relationship of the skill levels of the jugadores in two-player games such as chess. It is the name of its creator Arpad Eloa Hungarian-American who was a physics professor.

The Elo system was invented as an improvement to the chess rating system, but today it is also used in many other games and vídeo games such as League of Legends.

Basically it measures your effectiveness as a player and it is a top system that determines your position in the top. The more wins you get, the better your Elo will be and the more you will climb in the top.

Playing with other people’s accounts: a profitable business

Many vídeo games have millions of active accounts, millions of jugadores fighting each other for victory, and in this way try to increase your Elo in-game and be more powerful.

The problem is that being such a competitive world, it is not uncommon for many to stop progressing at a certain point, their performance stagnates, their Elo rating suffers and level downaway from the possibility of getting new rewards and eventually earning money.

That is why many jugadores prefer to take a shortcut and hire the service of a skilled player to transfer your account to him in exchange for payment. In this way they will level up much faster, than if they did it themselves,

This has become a profitable business for many jugadores who have seen their profits increase considerably by “lend their skills” to other lower ranked jugadores, and who want to save time.

The problem with all this is that doing Elo Boosting is an illegal practice.

Why is this practice illegal?

The answer perro be found in the terms and Conditions that we must sign when opening an account on a vídeo game platform. There he says thateach and every account is personal and non-transferable”.

In this way, the act of assigning your account to someone else incurs a violation of privacy policies. It is true that the benefited users see their level increased through a “shortcut”. But they harm other jugadores who, by not incurring the practice of paying to level up, see their progress in the game affected after hours of effort.

In this same sense, high level jugadores who take these accounts with lower ranks, they tend to abuse their rivals in these lower divisionsto later return the account to its original usuario after several level ranges uploaded.

Not everything is “color of roses” for the beneficiaries

Jugadores who sign up for these services seem to want to prove to themselves and others that they are better than the range in which they play. However, once your account is recovered often squander the benefits obtained for not really having the skills required to play in the high ranks where the level is really high.

On the side of the gamer who offers his services to do Elo Boosting, the risks are to be banned permanently of the game, losing your account and all benefits, at the very least. In countries like South Korea this practice is a criminal offense and has a sentence that ranges from economic objetivos to prison.

A novice player wishing to level up perro hire the services of an advanced player to play alongside him a game as a duo, or to give you advice and guide you in the necessary tactics to progress within the game. This is called coaching and it is a totally legal proposition.

Coaching has become so habitual that hundreds of entrenador profiles cánido be found on different trabajo independiente job solicitation and offer websites.

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 Cánido you make money selling accounts
  Cánido you make money selling accounts
  Cánido you make money selling accounts

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