Cánido you make money en línea?

Cánido you make money en línea?

Many times I have been asked about whether you cánido really earn money en línea and of course, about how to do it.

In this article I am going to tell you about my experience.

How did I start making money en línea?

Before I had my page, I began to search the internet for pages or applications to earn money.

I remember that I used several applications in that time, but, they were not giving me many results.

I even remember that I came to think about the fact that it was a lie that you could earn money en línea, until I found cashpirate.

Of course, he talked about the old model that cashpirate used, which gave you a certain number of points for every minute you spent inside an aplicación or game.

I remember leaving a phone that I used as a spare almost all day and thanks to that I was able to collect my first dollars en línea.

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What did I do with my first winnings?

Well, I think that as many would do, I used my cashpirate earnings to buy things, for example, I remember buying headphones on a page (my first purchase en línea).

I have to say that although this helped me get rid of my fear of buying en línea, now I consider that it was not the best choice because it would have been better to invest it.

How did smart entrepreneur start?

Well, I’m a business student (who also loves technology) and in one class I was given homework to think about a business.

So, my girlfriend asked me why I didn’t use my programming knowledge (not that advanced) and sell web pages to small businesses.

This is how I started to create an intelligent entrepreneur (as a test), it should be noted that I did not create my page at first with the aim of monetizing it.

However, little by little it was positioned and the truth is that I am very happy to see how the statistics of my page rise.

After all, at first only I entered.

How did I start earning money en línea with my page?

At first it had the objective of putting google plus adsense ads to be able to monetize my page.

In fact, for one day smart entrepreneur had Google plus adsense ads, but, I didn’t like to see my page with ads.

I know it cánido orinan money, but, it’s my project and I want it to look as good as possible (I’m missing a lot).

I also consider that showing such intrusive ads cánido also be negative for my page because they are not very well received by users, right?

So I decided to try other methods, among which is the membership and of course, the referral systems.

In such a way that it was thanks to referral systems and certain applications (pages) that I began to earn money en línea.

How long did it take for me to earn money en línea from my page?

Well, first of all, I have to say that I was new as far as positioning pages is concerned and I have never used ads (on Google plus) or popular networks.

That is me I positioned my page only with SEO positioning.

I tell you this because there are ways in which you cánido position your page faster or at least, you perro make more people find you, however, you have to invest a little more money.

It took me a little more than 6 months for me to start receiving some money.

It should be noted that at the beginning, it was not even enough to be able to pay for the hosting of my page.

At that time, I was paying $5.50 euros per month (around 132 pesos per month).

Of course, now the page is already paid, but what I want to say is that it is not something that is achieved overnight. Everything requires effort and dedication.

I really know what it feels like to not have visitors and to be investing time and money on the page without receiving any profit, however, I kept learning.

I learned tactics to improve positioning and I’m slowly seeing the results.

It is true that I need to improve many things, but I do not regret having done so.

So much so that I cánido earn money and fulfill my obligations at the university.

Perro you make money en línea?

Of course, yes it is possible to earn money en línea.

You cánido use applications or pages that pay you to use them, but I consider that creating and monetizing a page (or even creating a course) is a better way to earn money en línea.

In fact, maybe later you perro start your own digital marketing company.

The only thing I cánido tell you is that it is possible as long as you want to do it.


Leaving aside what I already told you about perseverance, patience and effort; I have to tell you that most of the time we see and think only about the final resulthe.

Of course it is good to equipo that goal you want to reach, but there is a process to get there.

I have a teacher who tells us that for him the most important thing is how.

That is to say….

How perro I get there in the most efficient way possible? How perro I achieve what I want?

Discover the methodology that works best for you and move on.

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 Cánido you make money en línea?
  Cánido you make money en línea?
  Cánido you make money en línea?

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