Cánido you live from 3D printing?

Cánido you live from 3D printing?

3D printers have caused quite a sensation in recent years, They are the new technological trend. These are machines that make 3D replicas of designs downloaded or made on computers.

with 3D printing you perro create an infinite number of products, and it has become an excellent way to generate profit. In this article we will indicate the factors that you must take into account to make a living from 3D printing.

What business cánido I create with a 3D printer?

There are many jobs and businesses that have emerged Since the beginnings of 3D printing, in fact the market is waiting for new entrepreneurs interested in this type of printing.

If you buy a 3D printer you will have many possibilities of generating income. You cánido perform tasks such as the following:

Furniture manufacturing

If you download furniture prototypes En línea, you cánido Create different types of furniture to market. For this you must know how to use your 3D printer perfectly.

Printing service for third parties

Today there are a large number of students and health professionals who constantly need these impressions. Cánido take advantage of this great opportunity to generate profits.

Pots and molds for pots

Making original pots for perro also become a passion, as there are many people interested in buying this type of item of gardening.

Decoration elementos and computers

If you want to have constant sales, you must think about the products that are useful every day. You perro also create some that are aesthetically beautiful, in this way they will be used to decorate the home or anywhere.

3D board games and toys

Board games or games for children have always been a good way to generate income with 3D printing. you perro create personalized games and for the different tastes of the clients.

kitchen cutters

If you use your 3D printer to create cutters for kitchen or other item that serves in this area of ​​the home, you will have guaranteed sales.

Fashion accessories

Thanks to 3D printing you have the opportunity to create different types of fashion accessories, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, headbands, etcétera.

Custom covers and accessories

You perro make custom mobile accessories. To achieve higher sales and referrals you must be willing to please the client in what you want.

Teaching students or professionals how to 3D print

Many people are interested in 3D printing. You cánido offer to teach in exchange for payment. To find people who want to watch a course with you, you cánido use different means, such as popular networks or web platforms.

A niche market is an underserved area of ​​the same. In 3D printing it is important to know how to objetivo the right market niche, that is, the people who are willing to buy your elementos or services. To do this you must apply the following consejos:

Segment the public

Do not cover a segment of the broad public. Focus on a ámbito that is not sufficiently exploited and offer those people a great variety of what they need so much. That is the key to success in this type of business.

Look for the demand

It is important that there is demand for what you offer. Carry out a market study to identify the age, interests, socioeconomic level of your potential clientele, so you will know what their needs are. Also, the number of people must be enough for your business to be profitable.

Real and successful ideas

Although you must be passionate about your business, Remember to keep your feet on the ground. Prepare a business plan in which you make realistic projections that will generate profits.

Analyze the competition

When you are clear about what your business will be, analyze your competition. Add a new touch to your product and create different models, so you will please the tastes of all your customers.

How to sell my 3D prints?

If you have already studied the market and have several 3D printed objects, you cánido start selling them. For this you perro do the advertising yourself, either in Fb or in stores like eBay, Etsy or Shopify.

Another way to sell your 3D prints is announcing them on your own website. If you create your own web page you will be able to publicize each of the articles that you manufacture. You cánido also print personalized objects for your clients.

As you cánido see, to sell your 3D products you do not need to have a physical location, you perro manufacture everything from home and promote your elementos through the different existing web media, including popular networks.

Are There People Who Live From 3d Printing?

There are many people who have benefited financially thanks to having a 3D printer, so much so that some live only from the sales of the different elementos they manufacture.

Miguel Angel Salmeron

One of the people who has found his means of earning a living in 3D printing is Miguel Ángel Salmerón. Miguel has gone from working in hospitals to printing souvenirs for events. He has achieved such success with this type of printing that he is highly recommended for his work.

Miguel Ángel Salmerón is also known as The Maker 3DP on YouTube. At first Miguel combined 3D printing with his other work, but later he dedicated himself fully to printing.

Currently, Miguel adds the income for printing, for fixing printers and for giving advice on his YouTube channel. He assures that 50% of the jobs that come out are due to his presence on popular networks. Also, you should know that He has an income between €1,500 and €1,600 per month.

Diego Trapero

Diego Trapero is another 3D printing entrepreneur. He is a young engineer who entered the world of 3D printing and stayed. Diego launched Bitfab in 2017, which is a 3D printing service. He also works in the medical printing team at the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in La capital española, as a technical engineer.

Diego has come to print parts of the human body such as aortas and other pieces that surgeons require in the operating room.

Sebas Sucho and Ana Maestre

Sebas Sucho and Ana Maestre have implemented 3D printers to create keyrings, frames and barrettes. They have their own Sugarpop En línea store which has allowed them to make themselves known to their clientele.

Sucho is fully dedicated to 3D printing and Ana combines printing with other work. Little by little this team optimized the production process. Today they succeed thanks to their key chains, which imitate the style of American motels.

In Sugarpop, with its 4 machines, between 1,000 and 1,500 key rings perro be created per month to distribute in stores, events and companies. In a month you cánido earn more than €1000.

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 Cánido you live from 3D printing?
  Cánido you live from 3D printing?
  Cánido you live from 3D printing?

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