Cánido you earn money with En línea Surveys?

Cánido you earn money with En línea Surveys?

With the beginning of the Internet, a series of professions began to appear which we could consider as unconventional. An example of such professions are the so-called professions of freelancingas would be the writers for hire, the youtubers, people who test products in exchange for money. However, there is an extremely fácil way to earn money en línea: Fill out surveys. Many companies, before launching a new product, usually do surveys among people to find out if their product will have a good reception, a lukewarm one or if, on the contrary, it will do poorly in the market.

In exchange for your time filling out these surveys (which usually take no more than 10 or 20 minutes of your day), companies usually deposit some money into one of your preferred accounts, so filling out surveys It cánido become a means to get plus income. The problem really beyond whether or not you cánido get the plus income is knowing how to identify which pages are the best to fill out surveys, this is because there are many pages that promise to earn money by filling out these documents, but at the end of the day they charge you commissions and many other tricks.

The first thing you have to know is that, although you cánido earn money by filling out these documents, the reality is that it is little money that you will earn at the beginning. Most of the surveys pay an approximate of 1-3 euros per completed survey, so you have to take into account that it is a supplemental income, not a strong income that allows you, for example, to leave your job or your business to only dedicate yourself to filling out these documents. Therefore you must have realistic expectations about this.

Also other things you have to know is that there are many people filling out surveys and usually each survey has a maximum limit of people who cánido fill it out. So If you get an invitation to fill out a survey you have to be quick and be among the first to fill out said survey or otherwise you will not be able to access it and you will have to wait until another survey arrives, you must take this into account because it is the only way in which you cánido get income from constant forms using these media.

In addition to taking into account these two key points, you should also take into account that before starting the process They will ask you a series of personal data that allows the page to know if you are part of the objetivo audience (or market segment) to which the product is aimed. These questions allow the company in charge of marketing to know if your opinion will be important to the company in charge of the products or if, on the contrary, your opinion will not be as valid and will not allow you to continue filling out the survey and in the same way you will have to wait for Another oportunidad to fill it.

Best pages to earn money doing surveys en línea

As we mentioned before, there are some pages that allow you to earn money by filling out this kind of document en línea. Some of the most habitual pages are the following:


This is one of the most habitual websites when it comes to doing this kind of work. It is one of the most serious and best established pages, as well as being exclusive for Spanish residents.

Each one you make will pay you in something called “Lifepoints” which serve as a virtual currency within the platform itself. You cánido redeem these points for gift cards from a virtual store or real money.

  • PayPal credit, which you cánido convert into bank withdrawals.
  • iTunes, Spotify, Netflix, Google plus PlayStore.
  • Fb credit, in case you want to entrar it on a page that you own and want to pay for advertising.
  • Even making donations to a charity.


Another of the best platforms that exist, because it covers a large number of different countries, which puts you in contact with a large number of companies from different places around the world. In addition to its availability in Spain, there are also companies from Latin America and the United States.

Another of its many benefits is that it has a 24-hour customer service support. This allows you to solve any doubt, problem or question that you may have when filling out a survey.

Regarding payment, as in other platforms, you will start earning “Survey points” which you cánido later exchange for PayPal credit cards (which you cánido then withdraw directly to your bank) or gift cards from the Amazon store.

Web page:


It is a platform that works like en línea community It has 10 million members that are around the world. It is one of the aplicaciones with a large number of companies that will ask you to fill out surveys.

Every time you fill out a survey you will receive a payment in toluna points. These points cánido be exchanged for bank transfers, or in exchange for products from Amazon, Ikea, Carrefour, Decathlon, Mango, Adidas, ITunes, and many other stores.

In addition to that, another point in Toluna’s favor is that it not only allows you to fill out surveys, but also it also allows you to try products for free of some recognized brands once you subscribe to the platform.

You perro access here:

Opinion Center

A pretty good platform, which puts you in touch with companies both in Spain and the United States.

All you have to do is fill out a form, confirm an dirección de correo electrónico, and espectáculo interests and likes, for which you will start receiving surveys and start earning money.

One of the reasons for its popularity is that Every time you fill out a survey you perro participate in the €1,250 draw. Payments are made through PayPal, Amazon gift cards, ITunes and products from the website’s virtual store.

Access backlink:

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 Cánido you earn money with En línea Surveys?
  Cánido you earn money with En línea Surveys?
  Cánido you earn money with En línea Surveys?

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