Cánido I send money from Nequi to PayPal?

Cánido I send money from Nequi to PayPal?

Currently there are many platforms that offer the digital banking service. Nequi is a very habitual financial institution in Colombia and was born as an innovative proposal for users who require fast, modern, secure and digital transactions.

In order to enjoy the benefits that Nequi offers, you need cCreate an account on the platform and follow all the corresponding steps. On the other hand, PayPal is already a highly positioned firm worldwide. Want know if you perro send money from Nequi to PayPalkeep reading here.

Cánido you send money from Nequi to PayPal?

Nequi is a platform that, although it does not have physical offices, any person You cánido access it from any electronic device such as a computer or mobile. It has been created in order to offer timely and personalized attention to its users.

One of the benefits of belonging to the Nequi community is the multiple benefits, facilities and options to carry out your transactions. For example, the option to send and receive money from your PayPal account directly to Nequi.

Now you perro directly synchronize the PayPal account with Nequi and make payments and send money. What you need is:

  • You must use the same correo electrónico and personal information of PayPal and Nequi
  • The PayPal account must not be associated with another Nequi
  • The check PayPal must be equipo to dollars
  • You must be a Colombian citizen, have your identification document and the PayPal account must be Colombian.

What interest rate is paid when transferring from Nequi to PayPal?

Now that you know that you cánido synchronize PayPal with your Nequi account, you may wonder what is the cost as far as transactions are concerned and we will tell you all the details.

To receive money through PayPal and deposit them in your Nequi account a commission fee of 5% of the amount to be received will be charged. What the alliance of both platforms guarantees is that the charge will not exceed $10 USD in commission.

In addition to managing an interest rate of 5%, cost for VAT and tax must be added that only the commission will be charged and not the full amount received.

Which banks accept transfer from Nequi to PayPal?

Nequi arises with the iniciativa of ​​offering solutions to Colombian users. It is an autonomous platform that It does not necessarily require having a bank account in order to function correctly. The best thing about Nequi is that you don’t need to go to any bank or physical office to make it work since all the management is en línea.

There are many ways to top up your Nequi account:

  • Cash payments in allies distributed throughout Colombia
  • Usuario-to-usuario transfers in Nequi
  • Transfers from any bank in Colombia

All banks in Colombia are authorized to carry out operations in Nequi. Thus, transfers to PayPal perro be received Without inconveniences. It is even possible to recharge the Nequi cómputo with the available cómputo in your Paypal account.

How to synchronize Nequi with PayPal?

If you want to fully enjoy the benefits of having a Nequi account, you should start considering synchronizing it with PayPal. If you still don’t know how to do it here you have step by step everything you have to do to complete the registration successfully.

Although it may seem confusing, synchronizing Nequi with Paypal is very fácil:

Make sure you meet these requirements before starting the process

  • Be a Colombian citizen and have a Colombian Paypal account. The details of both accounts must be the same
  • You must not have the Nequi account associated with another PayPal account
  • Your correo electrónico must be verified
  • Your PayPal account must be equipo to USD.

If you meet all the requirements, it’s time to start the registration process.

  • Entrar the Nequi platform
  • Entrar the “WARDROBE” section and look directly for the PayPal option
  • Entrar and confirm your identification data. In this step you will have to scan your identity document and entrar the information requested.
  • You will be redirected to PayPal where you will have to entrar your password to access and be able to synchronize the account.

After you have finished all the steps, you will be able to check the synchronization of both accounts and start sending and receiving money. Nequi is an innovative alternative that little by little has begun to grow in other nations such as Panama and there are no impediments to using your account wherever you are.

If you were looking for a secure and independent virtual wallet, Nequi is a great option that allows you to save and facilitate your financial processes.

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 Cánido I send money from Nequi to PayPal?
  Cánido I send money from Nequi to PayPal?
  Cánido I send money from Nequi to PayPal?

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