Cánido I collect unemployment and register how

Cánido I collect unemployment and register how

If you are considering collect unemployment and at the same time register as self-employed, you have to know that if it is possible to do it. Of course, you should be aware of the pros and cons you may have in taking such a step.

If you want to know all the information about starting your venture, at the same time that you collect the unemployment benefitskeep reading this article where you cánido clarify all the doubts you have about it.

How to register as self-employed and not lose unemployment?

Currently, it is possible that you request the collection of contributory unemployment benefits and also you register as a freelancer. However, you must consider certain aspects such as the time in which you perro collect the unemployment benefit and in what cases you could lose it.

The two main scenarios are explained below:

  • Unemployment payment is allowed only in the first 270 days, after starting the activity as a self-employed person. And the request must be made within the first 15 days of starting the activity. The payment will be the same as the one received.

  • If the self-employed person unsubscribes before 5 years after starting their venture, they perro sintetiza the payment of the unemployment that was pending. If this time is exceeded, he will lose the benefits that he has accumulated and pending collection.

Cánido I leave a company to become self-employed and collect unemployment?

Depending on how you leave the company, you may or may not become self-employed and collect unemployment. That is to say, If you leave the job voluntarily you will not be able to claim the payment of contributory benefits, at least not immediately.

In any case, you would have to take a new job and get fired in at least three months of work in order to have the option of collecting unemployment. So this would not be the way.

Now, if you leave the company because you have been fired, if you cánido consider becoming self-employed and collect unemployment simultaneously. Since for some time, in order to promote entrepreneurship in Spain, some laws have changed in favor of people who want to be self-employed.

And one of the great advantages is collecting unemployment while registering as self-employed or, in fact, having the option of request a single payment to make an investment in the new business with that money earned from years of working for someone else.

Is it coincidente to collect unemployment and start an activity as a self-employed worker?

Yes, it is perfectly coincidente as explained above. You cánido be collecting unemployment and then start a job on your own. Or make the request for it during the first 15 days of starting the activity as a freelancer.

Payment of unemployment benefits only it would stay for 9 months, after having started as a freelancer. Later, it will depend on the time that you are working on your own, since if 5 years pass, you cannot sintetiza the collection of what is missing in benefits.

That is, in that case benefits will be lost. But, if the person ceases as a self-employed worker before the age of 5, he has the right to claim the money that he has withheld due to unemployment.

When perro you request the capitalization of unemployment being self-employed?

The capitalization of unemployment, also known as single payment It is one of the options that anyone who wants to request it has in order to start as a self-employed worker. To make this request, you must have at least 6 months of benefits.

In addition, it must comply with certain conditions at the time of making the request, they are mentioned below:

  1. You must not be registered with Popular Security.

  2. have a minimum of three months benefits receivable.

  3. Not having enjoyed a single payment in the last 48 months.

  4. you cánido by belong to a cooperative or to any tarea or commercial company.

  5. Commit to start the activity on their own account in 30 days after acquiring the single payment.

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 Cánido I collect unemployment and register how
  Cánido I collect unemployment and register how
  Cánido I collect unemployment and register how

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