Cánido a Transfer be made from the

Cánido a Transfer be made from the

One of the questions that may arise when purchasing a credit card is whether it perro be used in a afín way to a savings account. This means that if, just as you perro buy using the card, you perro make deposits or transfers with your credit card.

The answer to this question is that Yes, you perro make a transfer using your credit card.

However, it is not as fácil as just making the transfer without further ado, since it will depend to a large extent on the terms and conditions of each bank, since they are the ones in charge of carrying out said types of bank transactions. Thus, Before trying to make any type of bank transfer you have to consult your bank about it.

Perro a transfer be made from a credit card to another card?

Technically speaking you cannot transfer money from one credit card to another credit card. The reason is quite fácil, because unlike other banking products, credit cards do not espectáculo how much money you have available to spend, but how much money you owe to the lender.

In this case the lender is specifically a banking institution. Therefore, if you want to make any type of bank transfer from one credit card to another, it is impossible in the traditional way because technically you would be transferring debt from one bank account to another.

What you cánido consider and do in case you really want to “transfer” is request a cómputo transfer. This type of transaction is based on placing a part of the cómputo of one credit account to another.

For example, suppose that in one account you have a debt of 1,200 euros with an interest rate of 45% while in another you have no debt and your interest rate is only 30%. So, you could ask your bank to make a move from the 45% account to the one with only 30%.

In this way, the one that had 45% would remain blank, while the one with 30% would now have a debt of 1,200 euros. However, the main problem is that In order to carry out this operation, both accounts must be from the same bank, and the bank must allow this type of transaction. (something that is not very usual).

Perro a transfer be made from a credit card to an account?

This does not have a single answer, since depends on two primordial factorson the one hand the type of account you manage and on the other, of If the bank allows this type of transaction.

Different credit cards cánido only use one type of transaction to make a transfer. For example, there are banks that they only allow transfers using the en línea banking applicationothers that allow you to make transfers using telephone banking, and a third group that even allows you to make cash withdrawals from your credit card (this is a type of transfer).

However, you have to be careful as sometimes They perro charge you commissions of up to 4% for making such transactions. Therefore, before making any type of transfer using a credit card, you must make sure of the possible charges that your bank will apply.

How to make a transfer from a credit card

First you have to contact your bank. Explain to them the reason why you need to carry out the transaction and also explain the reason why you cannot charge your credit card in a conventional way.

Once you have the approval of the entity you have to provide your credit card number, how much money you want to transfer and the account you want to transfer to.

Usually this process It is usually done on the bank’s website, however, there is the possibility that you have to go to a bank branch in person, or even that you have to carry out the transaction by phone.

Remember that there is no specific way to carry out the transaction, being exclusive of each bank. Therefore, go to the website of the bank issuing your card where you will find an in-depth explanation.

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 Cánido a Transfer be made from the
  Cánido a Transfer be made from the
  Cánido a Transfer be made from the

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