Cánido a Card Payment be Canceled?

Cánido a Card Payment be Canceled?

One of the ways to pay that has become increasingly habitual is to use different cards. These cards solve two problems:

  • On the one hand you no longer have to carry cash with you all the timemaking walking down the street much safer.
  • On the other hand, they allow you to pay only with fair money without the need for the trade to give you change.

They also solve other important inconveniences (such as having to make money changes when you travel outside your country of origin, having to carry checkbooks, being able to make payments en línea or by phone, and much more).

With innovation also come some drawbacks such as the need to look for an ATM in case of needing cash or even the unfortunate situation of identity fraud.

We have all heard a story about how an acquaintance’s credit cards have been duplicated and used to make unauthorized purchases. Although security in technology has advanced to avoid these events, they keep happening.

For this reason, it is always good to know if the payments that have been made by your credit card cánido be cancelled, either because you have bought a product by mistake, they have made a charge that you have not authorized or because your card has been stolen. and bought things with it.

The answer is that Yeah. You perro cancel a charge made to your card. However, each bank and each type of card is completely different. Here is some information that may be of interest to you.

Perro a debit card payment be canceled?

Debit cards are the cards that bring fewer problems when it comes to bank cards. These work through the extraction of money that is in your account, “debiting” (hence its name) to make the purchase. In order to cancel a payment with these cards you must do the following:

  1. If you made the purchase, just try to return to trade and wait for a refund.
  2. If you did not make the purchase and you believe it was stolen, you should call your bank to request a chargeback (also known as chargeback)

The chargeback process is usually more associated with credit cards, but you cánido also request it with debit cards without any inconvenience. It is usually a long process that requires an investigation by the bank. It is recommended only as a last complejo turístico.

In order to correctly process the chargeback you must:

  • Archivo the dispute with the bank.
  • The bank will ask you a series of questions about the transaction (the amount, the date, the reason for which you are filing the dispute, the establishment where the transaction was made).
  • They will give you a dispute form that you must sign to authorize the investigation.
  • Your bank will process the charge and if your dispute is accepted as correct, the money will be restored to your account.

It is important to know two things:

  • To request the chargeback you must be the owner of the bank account, otherwise you will not be able to proceed.
  • It is likely that if you report it as stolen, your card will be blocked and you will have to request a new one.

Cánido a credit card payment be canceled?

Credit cards are different in the sense that, unlike debit cards, the money you use is not yours, but a bank credit (hence the name of the card). As with debit cards, there are two main ways to recover money in the event of an unauthorized charge or payment:

  • Return the product to the store by making a conventional return.
  • Request a chargeback.

The difference between the credit and debit card return process is who makes the final decision. While in the debit card the approval of the return rests solely with the bank, the return of the debit card rests with whoever issued the card.

Likewise, If you want to cancel a payment or a charge made to your card, you must be the credit holder. Otherwise there will be no way to charge back and you will have to pay it in full.

Perro you cancel a card payment en línea?

Yes, it depends on the type of product for which you have paid, it is more or less likely that you will be able to receive the money on the card:

  • If it is a subscription (Netflix, Spotify, Disney+): Ideally, contact customer service and you tell them the reason why you are canceling the payment, they will take care of processing it properly.
  • If it is the purchase of an Amazon or eBay product. As in the previous point, you should contact customer service and raise the situation with them. They will tell you how to proceed and if you should contact your bank or not.
  • If it is a purchase in a personalized store: If they do not have a customer service, you must contact the bank directly. The process for requesting the chargeback will be the same as for a debit card.

Perro you cancel a payment with a BBVA card?

In the case of BBVA, like other banks they have a system to clarify unknown charges. In the event that the charge was made in a physical store before making any request for a chargeback, it allows you the option of returning the product.

In the event that you cannot make the return for any reason, the bank gives you the option of making a chargeback request which you perro request by any of the means of communication of the entity. You cánido carry out the management by phone, correo electrónico or internet and bank branches (the latter is the most recommended).

The bank will take care of the entire process and you will have to wait for its decision.

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 Cánido a Card Payment be Canceled?
  Cánido a Card Payment be Canceled?
  Cánido a Card Payment be Canceled?

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