Camilo Daza International Airport

Camilo Daza International Airport

Founded in 1971, the Camilo Daza International Airport is the most important in Cúcutacapital of Norte de Santander, and the ninth of Colombia.

It is an airport with unique X-shaped runways that give it modernity and comfort.

But, what is that for? Mainly due to the intensity of the winds, which forces the proyectos to land in different directions.

This terminal, which owes its name to the precursor of Colombian aviation, is much smaller than others in the country, however, with a solid national and international importance.

9 km (25 minutes) from the center of Cúcuta, it currently has 8 airlines, some of them offer non-stop flights to 5 cities and 82 national and three international flights depart every week.

It works as a cargo terminal with destinations to El Dorado (Bogotá), Rafael Núñez (Cartagena) and José María Córdova (Medellín).

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Santander Cucuta Park

modern facilities

The facilities measure 3945 m 2 and have built 2 Aerocivil buildings.


  • The aparcamiento lot, located in front of the airport, is spacious and open-air, quite humanized, it has trees and ramps designed to facilitate access for people with motor disabilities.
  • Access to the air terminal has delimited ramps and elevators
  • It has two aparcamiento lots: a private one (only for officials) and a public one.

What does the Camilo Daza International Airport offer to travelers?

This modern terminal has what it takes to offer comfort and good service to arriving and/or departing travelers.

For this reason, it has modern mobile phone services, Wi-Fi access, currency exchange office, restoranes, cafeterias, travel agencies, aparcamiento, sale of regional elementos, sealing and protection of suitcases.

It is noteworthy that if you travel with the Avianca airline, it has its own VIP room with different services for passengers: food, bathrooms, cafeteria, WI-FI, among others.

In addition, you will find several lines of taxis. 15 minutes from the airport there are a variety of hotels and inns.

The Best Restoranes in Cúcuta


Antioquia Airline Barranquilla, Cartagena, Medellin-Olaya Herrera
Aeromel sogamoso
Avianca Bogota, Medellin-Cordova
Copa Airlines Colombia Panama City
EasyFly Bucaramanga, Medellin-Olaya Herrera
Colombian LAN Bogota
satin Arauca, Bucaramanga
Tiara Air Aruba

What to do before traveling?

At the time of making the reservation, the passenger must request the assistance service; Later, in the airline check-in modules, the ground personnel will provide the transfer service to the aircraft.

Before entering the waiting room, they had to buy a Pro-Border Development stamp, sponsored by the government of Norte de Santander.

And if your luggage is lost?

If you lose your luggage, go with your ticket and declared baggage ticket to the airline in question or, failing that, to the information desk.

Camilo Daza International Airport – Border with Venezuela

The Metropolitan area of ​​Cúcuta has two bridges that connect with Venezuela: the international Simón Bolívar that is in the municipality of Villa del Rosario (La Parada).

And the Francisco De Paula Santander in the Escobal neighborhood that connects with the town of Ureña.

From these two points there is no direct public transport that will take you to the Camilo Daza airport, so it is necessary to take a direct taxi.

The journey from La Parada-Airport is approximately 35 minutes, and from Escobal-Airport about 20 minutes.

New routes

The Aeropuertos de Oriente SAS Concession and the airline Viva Air opened new flights at the Palonegro (Bucaramanga) and Camilo Daza (Cúcuta) international airports in early April.

This, as detailed by Daniel Lozano Escobar, Manager of Aeropuertos de Oriente SAS, is thanks to the potential that these two departments have as destinations and in order to boost and expand air connectivity.

On the other hand, at the Camilo Daza international airport, since April 2021, Viva Air began the operation of a new air route between Cúcuta and Medellín, which expands the connectivity options between these two cities.

As reported by the airline, the routes, in the aforementioned airports, are operated with A-320 aircraft, whose capacity is up to 188 passengers.

Camilo Daza opens the first Remote Control Tower

Aeronáutica de Colombia launched a pilot project for the remote control of air traffic in the country, through Digital Control Towers, equipped with the latest technology.

The first test phase begins at the Cúcuta Airport.

The objective is to manage landings and takeoffs in some emergencies and to optimize air traffic control.

This puts Colombia one step ahead of the rest of Latin America.

It works thanks to a complex and modern technological system made up of high-definition equipment and cameras, a real-time display system that helps air traffic maintain continuous surveillance throughout the entire maneuvering area of ​​an aerodrome, according to the Aeronautics Civil and the National Airspace System.

Data of interest

As in all airports, the Camilo Daza de Cúcuta International Airport (IATA Code: CUC, ICAO Code: SKCC) is governed by international estándares for attention, control and monitoring of passengers and flights with different destinations, therefore, it is important that as a passenger You also meet a series of requirements.

Before going to Cúcuta Camilo Daza Airport, do not forget:

  • Your Documentation (ID Card or Passport)
  • Check-in en línea
  • Arrive a couple of hours early
  • Check the status of the flight.
  • avoid overeating
  • Avoid carrying sharp, flammable objects
  • Be aware of airline restrictions.
  • Check with the airline the size and weight of your luggage.
  • At the checkpoint, if you are carrying a notebook or tablet, you must place it separately in a plastic tray as if it were other luggage.
  • Due to COVID-19: Check with your airline, itinerary and requirements such as vaccination certificate or RT-PCR test result, to comply with the current protocol and restrictions.

Terminals near Camilo Daza (CUC)

  • San Antonio airport (12km)
  • San Cristobal (Venezuela) (35km)
  • La Fria airport (Venezuela) (43km)
  • Santurrón Domingo (62km)
  • Bucaramanga (116km)

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 Camilo Daza International Airport
  Camilo Daza International Airport
  Camilo Daza International Airport

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