BUY with BITCOINS goods and services

BUY with BITCOINS goods and services

We have talked many times in DineroWorld about different sites to earn free bitcoins.

At this point, we already have a fairly extensive list of reliable websites with which to add satoshis.

But, once we have saved a good sum, the question arises of what to do with that money.

Several blog readers have asked me questions like what perro we do with our bitcoins? Cánido you buy any type of product, good or service with bitcoins? In today’s articulo we will see several businesses that allow us to pay with bitcoins.

In addition, I will explain what my intentions are in the medium and long term with respect to the most famous cryptocurrency on the network.

As we already saw in the articulo what is bitcoin, this one cánido be used for many things.

However, on that occasion I did not explain in detail all the possibilities that this habitual cryptocurrency offers us.

It is more than evident that bitcoin is the currency of the future.

There are many characteristics that lead us to think that paper money, at one point or another, will disappear from the map to make way for cryptocurrencies.

And at that point, the one that has been in the best position for years, bitcoin is our friend.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice.

In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest.

Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research.

For more information do clic here.

Perro you really buy with bitcoins?

The short and resounding answer is yes.

Currently, you cánido buy almost anything with bitcoins that comes to mind.

Gathering information to write this articulo, I have come across all kinds of businesses that accept bitcoin as a means of payment.

However, I have preferred to select some that have caught my attention and others that have a certain international relevance.

Buy with bitcoins on eBay and Amazon vía eGifter

In the articulo about rewards from bitcoin We already made reference to the eGifter portal.

In it, we could exchange points from the best faucet in the world for different prizes.

However, this time we are talking about eGifter because it also offers us the possibility of purchasing Amazon or eBay gift cards and paying for them with bitcoins.

In this way, we perro buy elementos of any kind with bitcoins.

There are other pages like that offer the same service acting as intermediaries.

Destiny and Expedia

Another of the options that we have to buy with bitcoins are certain travel agencies such as Destinia or Expedia.

With regard to these two websites, we perro pay directly with bitcoins for a hotel reservation, a weekend getaway, a plane ticket or any service they advertise.

From now on we cánido pay for our vacations with bitcoin.

Large multinationals such as Microsoft or IBM

Some of the largest multinationals in the world They already accept bitcoin as a payment method.

It should not be surprising that companies like Microsoft, Dell, Ali Express or IBM have jumped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon and allow purchases through this means.

Being companies recognized throughout the world, the fact of working with bitcoin perro orinan an exponential increase in your sales.

In addition, it opens up a new market concept and by being the first to implement bitcoin, it may or may not make a difference compared to its competition.

NameChip, website dedicated to the sale of domains

Since the beginning of 2013 we cánido buy a domain on NameChip and pay for it with bitcoins.

In this especial case, it strikes me that platforms such as GoDaddy, Strato or other giants in the ámbito have not chosen to allow payments with cryptocurrencies.

I say this because we are talking about companies whose activity is focused solely and exclusively on the Internet.

who better than them to lead the way for others?.

Currently, even has certain packages What cánido we buy with bitcoins?

Wikipedia, vía the Wikimedia Foundation, accepts donations from bitcoin.

OKCupid allows you to buy with bitcoins

As an example of the reach that bitcon has, there are even dating sites that support this payment method.

In this case, I’m talking about OKCupid.

In Spain we see constant advertising from Contact companies such as Meetic, Badoo or Lovoo, to name a few.

However, although OkCupid is an unknown page here, it is one of the most used in the United States.

Food delivery with PizzaForCoins

today too we perro buy a pizza at home with bitcoins.

Yes, as you read it.

On the website we perro do it without complications.

All we have to do is access the web, analyze the different pizzerias that appear there and place our order (whenever it is available).

As an example, I give you the following image capture with three pizzerias that we could use in La capital española.

Casinos and bookmakers

Although it is not about en línea purchases en sí or the acquisition of a good or product, it is also a valid option to pay with bitcoins.

There are a large number of internet casinos that allow you to deposit, withdraw and play with bitcoins.

Pay the shopping cart with bitcoins


Also we perro buy with bitcoins in a supermarketalthough with certain nuances.

On the one hand, depending on the page where we have our bitcoin wallet, we perro request a physical card and pay for the purchase.

In some ways, it is very afín to the debit card we have with our bank.

With which we go to a store and pay with the money we have in the bank account.

Another more habitual option is to use an exchanger and exchange bitcoins for dollars, euros or any other currency.

Earn more money speculating with bitcoin

Finally, the option that any bitcoin consumer should know about.

Personally, the variation in the bitcoin price is one of the characteristics that I like the most about this cryptocurrency.

We have already practiced it other times playing in Battle Traders.

Initially, bitcoin was born from nothing and its price in dollars was less than a penny.

Currently, it has reached all-time highs and is close to the $1,200 barrier.

A real barbarity.

On the portal we cánido consult local businesses of all the world that accept bitcoin as a means of payment.


We have seen a small compilation of options in which we perro buy using bitcoins, but there are thousands of possibilities on the net.

This espectáculos the Influence that bitcoin is having on the world economy.

My point of view, as I have repeated several times on the blog, is that bitcoin is going to be the currency of the future.

Not because it is now trading higher, but because I believe that paper money will become obsolete and bitcoin is the best positioned to replace it.

To all this, we must also think that bitcoin is a limited good.

In other words, once the last block is resolved, there will be no more bitcoin “rolls”.

As with oil or gold, everything indicates that their price will increase even more when they cannot be “manufactured”.

Precisely for this reasoning, I am focusing on saving every satoshi I get.

It’s pure speculation, but if I thought otherwise it wouldn’t work pages with which earn free bitcons.”

And you, do you know of any interesting businesses that accept bitcoins that have caught your attention? I have presented you with my list.

If you feel like adding any, you will be welcome, so we will all learn new possibilities.

Until the next long life to bitcoin!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

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 BUY with BITCOINS goods and services
  BUY with BITCOINS goods and services
  BUY with BITCOINS goods and services

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