Buy second hand books

Buy second hand books

Buy second hand books It’s something we’ve all done on occasion. Whether for one reason or another, the buying used books It is something that has returned to our day to day. I still remember when, as a child, my mother used to buy books for school from the neighbors who had children older than me. We spent the afternoons deleting what the neighbor on duty had written so we could use them ourselves.

Semejantes of grandfather aside, currently the purchase / sale of second-hand textbooks has returned to work. There’s a lot second hand book shelves that allow us to get in touch with people around us who want to get rid of used books, while earning money.

Whether for economic reasons or for wanting to give books a second oportunidad, the fashion of putting them back into operation seems to have returned for a few years now. In the digital world in which we find ourselves immersed, there are lots of web pages where you cánido buy and sell second-hand books. We are talking about all kinds of books, both textbooks, novels, etcétera… everything that perro be read will be for sale.

There are places that charge you a small commission for each sale you make and there are sites where they pay you directly and then they sell them at the price they consider. Other sites (the best) simply sign up, equipo the price and take the full profit for your pocket.

Buy second hand books (reading)

In the following articulo I am going to explain some of the websites and en línea bookstores for second-hand books. In them you cánido buy (or sell) the books that you have already read. They are web portals specialized in second hand books en línea. As you will see, there is a choice.


iberbook offers a wide selection of second hand books for less than €10. In its selection you will find a wide variety of second-hand books for all kinds of readings: classic literature books, mystery novels, detective stories, erotic novels and other current affairs. It is certainly a good opportunity to read books at a good price.

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In this second hand book store you cánido find books in perfect condition, as well as being able to sell yours. In order to sell yours in Re-Read The only thing that they are going to ask us is that they be in good condition and that they are neither encyclopedias, nor textbooks, old, written or yellowed. They buy each book for €0.20 and sell them for amounts ranging between 2 and 3 euros.

They define themselves as a low-cost bookstore, the neighborhood bookstore where you perro find the titles you are looking for at the best price.


Relive It is a web portal where you cánido make your sale of second-hand books that you no longer want to keep. You cánido sell them or if you want, give them away. In turn, people will be able to search its extensive catalog and buy second-hand books they want.

Second lecture

As its name indicates, Second lecture allows books to give them a second life. This second-hand book sales platform allows users to offer books (as a sale, gift or exchange) to other users who access the platform.


uniliber is the Spanish National Association of antique, old, used and out-of-print book professionals, as well as collecting professionals. Its primordial objective is to promote and promote trade through the Internet of old books and collectibles.

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Second-hand high school books

In this second section I am going to explain the places where you perro buy and sell used books for both primary and secondary education, such as second hand high school books (which are the ones that I have to buy).

In this type of buying and selling of second-hand books, the role of proximity plays a lot. Surely in the different institutes of your city or town they do not work with the same books. Therefore, buy second hand books La capital española It will not be the same as buying them in Toledo, since surely the teachers do not use the same publishers.

With the economy, we parents have to do our best to buy our children the textbooks they need. With the proliferation of popular networks, every year groups appear both on Fb and on other networks that put up for sale second hand textbooks.

Second hand textbooks on fb

Undoubtedly, in the popular network par excellence, groups for the purchase/sale of textbooks proliferate in these times. Arriving September and the beginning of the school year, not looking for much, we will find a group of second hand book salesalso many ads type “I sell used books“. As you will see, Fb has many more emplees besides gossiping with your ex- and earn money with popular networks.

If we search a little, we will find the book that our son or daughter needs, on top of that at a very good price and in perfect condition. In addition, we will do a “favor” to another family, getting rid of something that they will no longer use and recovering some money.

Second hand books Wallapop

Wallapop has become the quintessential application for buying/selling used products in Spain, it has ousted the previous portals, running as the first among many. If you want to sell or buy something second hand, you must have the application. make money with wallapop It is possible by selling things that you no longer use. Within that also entrar the second hand book sales.

As it is a proximity sale, in the application we will be able to limit that they give us the results a few kilometers from our position. In this way we will make sure that the books that we perro buy are appropriate for our children’s school or institute.

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Opinion on buying second-hand books

As I said at the beginning, whether out of necessity or due to greater awareness, the second hand book sales It is something that is booming. For whatever reason, we will be able to sell the books that we no longer need, give them a second life so that other people enjoy them as much as we have done reading them and also recover some money.

On the other hand, buy second hand reading books it will save us a lot of money, so with the same amount, we perro read many more books. Currently, if you like reading and want to buy books, you cánido do it on almost all en línea platforms that exist today. There will be second hand books amazon as in most buying and selling portals. Surely with the ones that I have put you above you will be able to find one that works for you.

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 Buy second hand books
  Buy second hand books
  Buy second hand books

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