Buy on Aliexpress. buy on aliexpress

Buy on Aliexpress. buy on aliexpress

aliexpress is an Asian marketplace that was founded in 2010 by two small companies from China. It offers products from international buyers. It is currently owned by Alibaba Group. If you want to buy a cheap product and you are not in too much of a hurry for it to arrive, buy on aliexpress it’s your thing

Like other marketplaces like Amazon They offer a multitude of products, but unlike the North American giant, it began by acting as a business-to-business buying and selling portal. Since then it has expanded into retail, consumer-to-consumer, payment and cloud computing services.

For a little over a year, the store exists Aliexpress La capital de españa, a physical store in which you perro buy the products that exist on the internet. It is focused rather not on selling, but rather on making consumers or future consumers aware that Aliexpress exists and that they are a great company.

How to create an account on Aliexpress?

First of all, to know how to buy on aliexpress, you should know that to have an account it is mandatory to register and save your purchases. Once you entrar the site, you will see that you cánido register through your Fb account or with your dirección de correo electrónico account.

If you register with fb, you will not have to do anything else, however, if you do it with your correo electrónico, you will have to create a password. After creating the account, you will be redirected to another page where you will have to fill in your information.

But do not panic, you will simply have to fill in your profile so that your orders are sent to you. The way to fill out this profile is very fácil. Follow these steps and everything will be simpler:

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  • clic on their name in the upper right corner.
  • then in “my aliexpress”.
  • On the left side, you must go to “delivery addresses”.
  • That is where you must fill in all the information, both delivery and billing.

Is it safe to buy on Aliexpress?

Yes, without a doubt Is it safe to buy on Aliexpres The buyer will be protected by aliexpress at all times if there is something that they believe does not fit or not, there are disputes and claims. If you have paid with Alipay or with a card, you have nothing to fear. On some occasions it cánido happen that the product is defective or lost in the shipment. For these cases you must open a dispute with the seller and fix it directly in this way. Normally the seller is very proactive and usually sends you another product totally free from China. On other occasions you cánido reach an agreement and get your money back. Normally 95% of cases are solved this way.

In aliexpress the maxim that the customer is always right. If three days after opening a dispute you do not have an agreement, you cánido make an official claim and Aliexpres acts. If it is decided that you are right, you cánido expel the seller from the marketplace, therefore, sellers do not usually genere too much trouble if it is seen to be minimally right and you do not act in bad faith.

Buy on Aliexpress from Spain

Aliexpress offers many advantages when it comes to shopping. The “but” has always been the time it takes for products to arrive from China to Spain. This, together with the possibility that the order would be detained at customs, made many people reluctant to buy in this type of en línea store. Fortunately, Aliexpress launched a new section a couple of years ago, the so-called aliexpress square. In this new section we will find products that are shipped directly from Spain. Aliexpress Plaza is that fácil: good, beautiful and cheap, agregado speed, since there are no customs involved.

Obviously, the catalog of aliexpress square It is much smaller than the global one. Since the products have to be brought in containers and have to be stored in Spain, it is possible that if you ask for something that is out of the ordinary, you will not find it. From this backlink you perro buy on Aliexpress from AliExpress Plaza.

aliexpress aplicación

Like all self-respecting marketplace aliexpress also has its application. Buying through the application usually has many advantages, such as having a percentage discount. Aliexpress sometimes presents us with promotions and discounts that cánido only be achieved through the application. For example, if we sign up for a new account, we’ll get a $4 savings coupon agregado $2 on your first order. The Aliexpress application is totally free, you cánido download it for both android and ios. Of course, try to download it with wi-fi because it is a 42 MB application. You perro download it through this backlink.

Buy on Aliexpress almost free

As I have told you before, the application of aliexpress It has many advantages. One of them is being able to get some products at a very low price, almost free. This perro only be done through the aplicación and is very easy to do.

The steps are very fácil, the first thing we will have to do is download the application. Once the application is downloaded and logged in with our dirección de correo electrónico, we must go to the freebies section.

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In this section you will find many articles from all categories. Once you have chosen the item (or elementos) you want, you will see that you perro buy it for €0.01. The choice of the buyer or future buyer will be made by lottery. The only requirement you have to get the product at this low price is once you have received the product, make a positive comment on the product counting all the good things it has. This is the condition that they put on us to receive the product. It must be remembered that the choice of the “lucky” is by lottery, I do not know of anything special or any priority to choose one or the other buyer. Of course, if you usually do reviews of the products you buy, and those reviews are good, you may have a much better oportunidad of being chosen.

It must be said that this functionality is only available through the application, if you look at it through the website you will not be able to find it, since it is not implemented.

The good thing about the Aliexpress application is that it offers us many more advantages than the website. If we go through the application, we cánido have many more discounts on the products that we want to get through discounts or promotions. One of these promotions is Roulette, with which you will be able to get great discounts. If you sign in Roulette from Aliexpress from this backlink, you perro get a free spin and likewise your sponsor (in this case me) will get another. A good opportunity to get great discounts.

Referral system on Aliexpress

Indeed, like other marketplaces, it also has a referral system. Also in Aliexpress you have to request this referral system. When we do, when choosing a product we will get a top bar with the backlink that we have to put on our popular networks or share with our friends who want to. buy on aliexpress. The amount to be won is not much, and it will depend on the category that is going to be purchased. In a blog like this dedicated to earn money on internet A referral system could not be missing.

As you perro see in the image, for a clothing order, we have a profit of 9%. This referral system is much higher than in other sites. That is the positive point of this referral system, the negative point is that each withdrawal will cost $15. ANDThe minimum withdrawal is $16so it is better to wait for three-figure amounts to withdraw to our bank account.

Buying on Aliexpress reviews

as you have seen, buy on aliexpress It is a good way to save money and have quality products. We have to take off the blindfold of thinking that Chinese products are of poor quality, since the Most of the products we get our hands on are made in Southeast Asia. To verify it, look at the manufacturing site of your latest model mobile or your notebook, most of them are manufactured there.

With the new openings of Aliexpress La capital de españa and aliexpress squarethe delivery times are greatly shortened, in addition, they send it to our home without any charge in most cases or with minimal transport costs.

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 Buy on Aliexpress.  buy on aliexpress
  Buy on Aliexpress.  buy on aliexpress
  Buy on Aliexpress.  buy on aliexpress

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