buxcure, a secure PTC service. This is how we started this articulo. In English!. And because? Well, because I am going to talk about Buxcure and that is his slogan, which tells us about a secure PTC.

Buxcure is a new PTC that we recently got out of the oven (it has been en línea since August 31). It is from the same administrator as Buxcap, another PTC with which I have been working for a few months, I am a VIP Yearly usuario and I have almost reached the maximum number of rented referrals (250).

I told you about Buxcap a while ago, as soon as you leave, you perro read the articulo here. Buxcap is giving very good results, therefore, surely Buxcure will give us other equal results, or even better.

Buxcure and Buxcap belong to the same admin as W3ad, one Joseph Holmes, in London. He has bought all the .biz, .org, .info domains, with which it is difficult to think that he has not thought of a long term project. Therefore, I think that betting on this PTC is a good option.

Buxcure has multiple ways to earn money. The most common is to see ads, we will have around 30 ads, from 0.005 to 0.1 cents:

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You cánido also earn money with the typical Clixgrid game, in this case it will be called curegrid. In this membership you will have twenty five free spins and you perro win $2 directly to your cómputo:

Another way to earn money is by investing, you perro invest in advertising, the packages mature at 1.45%, with which, in about 100 days you will recover the investment, in addition, you will receive credits with which to promote other businesses.

You earn money with referrals you have, there are direct and indirect referrals. Direct referrals are those who register through your referral backlink. The indirect ones are rented for periods of 30 days, renewing them for days, from 15 to 240 days.

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Referrals (both direct and indirect) will report benefits, which will depend on the type of membership we have. With the Bronze membership we cánido have 200 direct referrals, 300 indirect ones and we will get a benefit from 0.005 per rented referral. By direct referral we will have a profit from 0.0007 to 0.0002 per clic.

Therefore, it is very convenient to have referrals, both direct and indirect. record as it’s always freeyou cánido do it through me referral backlink either through this banner:

As for the payment methods, are afín to Buxcap, we cánido choose between Payza, Payeer, OkPay and Bitcoin. As you perro see, there is a choice!


Worth work this PTC, being very new it still has few affiliates, so I advise you to hurry up to register and take advantage of the offer of the Bronze membership, I have already done. Without more I say goodbye. Regards and until next time!!

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