Buxcure and Buxcap are scams

Buxcure and Buxcap are scams

Good morning friends! Today I am going to talk to you about something that I do not like, every time I talk about pages that have become scam I get bad milk, but in this case even more, because I had high hopes, especially in one of them.

Is about Buxcure and Buxcap.

Buxcure and Buxcap are two PTC pages, belonging to the same administrator, a certain James Holmes, who with W3Ads, were paying pages.

At least W3ads was paying.

But it seems that that was just a fraud, W3ads couldn’t stand on its own, so they opened Buxcure and Buxcap.

The two gave away premium membership (called differently in each of the PTCs), for one year.

So far so good, Buxcap opened in June of this year and Buxcure opened shortly after.

I bet heavily on Buxcap, renting referrals and talking about this PTC, you perro see the articulo I dedicated to it here.

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So far so good, I was adding money in Buxcap and Buxcure.

Until The tables turned in September.

Of course, I also dedicated another articulo to it, explaining what was happening, you cánido read this one here.

But still, I got a Buxcap cashout, only $2.55, I told you about it too, along with other little cashouts on this another articulo.

And here you perro see the charge, in Payza:

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And that’s how it stayed.

Seeing that I was able to collecthave many rented referrals, I bought a Golden Monthly membership at Buxcap ($19.95) and equipo out to continue earning money for my next withdrawal.

There was the thing.

I couldn’t charge anything else.

I requested my next withdrawal (this time $12, which was the most I could ask for) and was not paid.

My payment will be forever in “pending payment“.

Neither putting my charges in the forum, nor sending them a ticket (tiques that were deleted after a few days).

Therefore, given the evidence that Buxcap does not pay, I have decided to make this explanatory articulo, remove it from my blog and hoping not to fall into the traps of these PTCs anymore.

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Although I had high hopes for Buxcap, it turned out to be a fiasco in the end, as I said.

But I cánido’t stay in that, only in the bad.

One has to keep learningsince although it is hard work, in the end, it pays off in the form of payments.

Earning money en línea is possible and we all know it.

With patience and perseverance we will surely get out of the crisis!! Greetings and until next time friends!

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 Buxcure and Buxcap are scams
  Buxcure and Buxcap are scams
  Buxcure and Buxcap are scams

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