BuxCap It is a new PTC with which we started on Saturday, it will give us the VIP membership (superior to estándar) for a period of one year.

This membership is valued at $12.99, but at the first 20,000.

I orinan, you have to hurry up!!

Surely, some of you will think that this is one of many, and that, like some others that have given us a superior membership, it will end up being SCAM.

But this PTC looks different, not because it’s prettier than any other.

In fact, its coloring is quite fácil.

If not because its administrator is the same as another well-known PTC that has been paying for 4 months, I’m talking about W3ads.

That gives value to the PTC and gives us much trust when working with her.

Well, let’s get down to business and explain how Buxcap works:

Name: buxcap

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Launch: June 28, 2017

Country: United Kingdom

Payment methods: There are quite a few, we highlight PayZa, Bitcoin and Perfect Money

Minimum payment: $2

Referrals: Yes, both direct and rented

In Buxcap we perro earn money in various ways, as in all PTCs.

You perro see ads that will pay us at a price and buy adpacks (advertising).

I am more in favor of working the platform in its PTC version, that is, only seeing ads, working the grid, but everyone is free to work it as they want.

Here I explain how you perro earn money in Buxcap:

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Adpacks: Each Adpacks has a cost of $7, of which we will earn $10 in total at 100 days, with a daily profit of $0.10 per day.

Signup: We will register on different pages, sometimes they are also PTC that we will have to work for a few days.

grid: The typical Grid, we will have 20 chances to win $2 (with VIP membership).

PTC: Viewing ads, with a different reward for each ad, we will have 16 fixed, 4 Standrad (paid at $0.01), 3 regular ads and 9 micro ads.

Record: Registration is quite easy, it is free and you cánido do it through this backlink.

Or if you want through this banner

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Although I have had bad experiences in other PTCs when they have given away a superior membership, this seems to be a different case, both because of the administrator and because of the recommendations.

We only have to let time pass and work on the page.

I hope, soon, to make my first payment.

Until then, enjoy the summer friends!!

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