Bussines park

Bussines park

I recently discovered a en línea magazine quite interesting call Bussines park.

It’s not your typical economics magazine, it’s an en línea magazine that talks about topics that we work from home, that we have to work on every day to earn an income.

Look, I don’t usually advertise for magazines of any kind.

But this time it has captivated me, since on many occasions I see myself reflected in the interviews that are done in its “interviews” section or I am really interested in its articles.

Whoever has a company or who is a fácil self-employed person will know it very well, information is power.

But the information is also fragmented in dozens, if not hundreds of newspapers, both digital and on paper.

Many of those newspapers, magazines, newsletters, contain too much irrelevant information for our business.

What is business park?

As I have told you before Bussines park is a digital magazine, you perro also call it a magazine with the latest information on business, ideas, tricks, news and leisure.

All this closely related to the digital world and the entrepreneur.

In the magazine you will be able to find everything from job offers (if unfortunately you have become unemployed) to the latest news on any web theme.

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It is focused on the “battle” entrepreneur as it keeps us informed of the news and news of everything related to the en línea world.

Every day you will be able to find testimonials and interviews with entrepreneurs who tell about their experiences, businesses and, of course, the path that has led them to success (which, of course, does not have to be a bed of roses).

Business park sections

As in any magazine, it has sections, in these sections they will bring together the different most relevant topics that are afín to each other and will be written about.

The different sections are intertwined with each other and we perro find an article that cánido fit in one section or another.

Ever since I discovered the magazine, I have been reading the news they publish.

When I have a concern or want to read a specific article or a specific topic, I use the search engine on the right side.

There, putting the word that we have any doubts about, it will backlink us to the article that talks about it.

In turn, that article cánido be or belong to various sections.

Here I put the three most important sections that we are going to find in the magazine and that are going to interest us as entrepreneurs, whether we are self-employed or companies:


They talk about everything a bit, but always from a business point of view.

In this section we will find everything from articles that tell us about Amazon, the sales giant, to other articles that explain the preferences of the Spanish when it comes to renovating their homes.

This section is a nod to business news in Spain and the world.

We cánido find articles referring to large companies as well as other articles that tell us about the latest startups.

Recommended reading to be aware of what is going on in business, how to improve our company or what different entrepreneurs have done and how they have improved their companies to get where they have arrived (and stay).

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We will also find news of all kinds, a good section to learn curiosities or how some services that we see in our cities work every day.


Everything related to the en línea world, its companies, web positioning, how to make money en línea, etcétera… If your business is an en línea business, you should not miss this section.

You will learn how to improve it with the consejos and businesses that appear in this section.

We will also find posts related to Internet services and how companies should adopt internet services to get more sales and conversions.

self employed

If you are an entrepreneur, sooner or later you are going to have to give up.

registration in the general regime of self-employed (That is if you do not want to have any problem with the Treasury, of course).

In this section of the magazine you will find all articles related to freelancers and companies.

Any doubt that enters you, will surely have entered someone before and you will have an article related to your concerns.

How to use popular networks, what colors are best for your company, corporate titles or logotipos.

They talk about all this in this section of the magazine, without a doubt you will find it as interesting to read as it has been for me.

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Final conclusions of the parqueempresarial magazine

Bussines park It is required or almost required reading if you are an entrepreneur, businessman or small business owner or simply (like me) have a blog with which you want to earn money on internet and you are interested in learning everything you need to grow your business or you simply want to be aware of everything that is going on in this world.

And with nothing more to tell you, I’ll leave you until next time friends, I hope I’ve helped you escoge when you read when you want to learn something new.

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 Bussines park
  Bussines park
  Bussines park

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