Bullet Journal Aplicaciones You Must

Bullet Journal Aplicaciones You Must

A bullet journal typical is a combination of productivity tool, goal planner and organizer.

Its about lists with colorful headers and a system to help you keep track of your life.

But, pen and paper are not for everyone.

After all, you perro’t exactly get reminders from a paper journal.

That’s why bullet journal aplicaciones are great for staying organized and productive.

You get many of the same benefits but with the convenience of your móvil or tablet.

Applications are not usually designed as a traditional newspaper.

You don’t have a grid structure.

Instead, these aplicaciones use many of the productivity aspects of the bullet journal to mezcle goal/to-do/habit-building aplicaciones with a bullet journal.


Daybook is one of the more traditional journal aplicaciones on this list.

It’s not just for bullet journaling though.

However, it is ideal for almost any type of journal.

Keep a daily chronicle of your life, create daily to-do lists, track your mood, manage stress levels, practice gratitude, track goals, and much more.

To add the more visual element that comes with the bullet journal, you cánido easily upload images with each entry.

Use your voice or your favorite voice assistant to create quick entries.

There’s even a handwriting scanner if you want to use a paper journal with Daybook.

The best part is that Daybook is available for iOS, Android, and on the web.

You cánido journal from anywhere as long as you have internet access.

Cloud copias de seguridad are also included.

The free version may be enough for most users, but you perro upgrade and get additional features for $29.99/year.


One of the best bullet journaling aplicaciones is Trello.

While it’s known as a project management tool, the card-style layout makes it perfect for bullet journaling.

Agregado, the organization features make it easy to find any entry when you need it.

Use cards to create to-do lists, track goals, plan weeks/months/years, and more.

Yes, it’s primarily a business productivity aplicación, but you perro really use the aplicación to track and organize just about anything.

Create checklists, add images, and equipo expiration dates with each card.

It is a cross-platform application available on the Web, iOS and Android.

Start with the free version and upgrade if needed for $10/mo.

However, most personal users should only need the free version.


It’s hard not to put Evernote on a list of everyday aplicaciones.

Like Daybook, it works for any type of journal.

It’s also a great productivity and project management tool.

While it’s called a note-taking aplicación, it’s much more.

Easily organize individual aprecies or create groups of aprecies using notebooks.

You cánido also create rich aprecies filled with images, audio, and colorful formatting.

Scan the handwritten entries too if you want to back up a pencil-and-paper bullet journal.

Every note is searchable, including handwritten aprecies.

Create checklists, charts, grids, and more.

The amount of customization per note is outstanding and sets it apart as a note-taking and journaling tool.

The basic version is free, but if you need more storage, mobile access, and other features, the premium version starts at just $7.99/mo.

Evernote is available on the web, iOS, and Android.

If you prefer Microsoft aplicaciones, OneNote is a great Evernote alternative with many of the same features.

Good Aprecies

whatYou love the process of writing and drawing? Good Aprecies is one of the most habitual bullet journal aplicaciones that takes a more traditional approach.

Use a stylus to write and design each entry.

This helps you mezcle pencil and paper bullet journaling while still getting the benefit of a digital format.

Be as creative as you like with numerous format, color, and style options.

All your handwriting is also searchable.

Organize everything in folders for easy access.

The aplicación is only available for iOS and Mac.

It only costs $7.99 to access on all devices.

If you’re looking for a great Android alternative, NoteLedge has you covered with many of the same features.

It is also coincidente with iOS, Mac and Windows.

Getting into a regular bullet journal habit helps you stay organized, keep track of your goals, and much more.

Use these bullet journal aplicaciones to stay up to date wherever you are.

To end

In conclusion, the bullet journalling It’s an organization-friendly approach that cánido help you focus, equipo goals, and make decisions.

I have tried various aplicaciones, both on my phone and my computer, and all of the above are my favorites.

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 Bullet Journal Aplicaciones You Must
  Bullet Journal Aplicaciones You Must
  Bullet Journal Aplicaciones You Must

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