Bucaramanga vehicle tax: Everything that

Bucaramanga vehicle tax: Everything that

The Automotive Tax is a fee that is applied to the owners of new or used vehicles that are registered in different areas of Colombia.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Bucaramanga vehicle tax.

What is the Bucaramanga Vehicle Tax?

It is a mandatory fee or payment that must be made by the owners of motor vehicles registered in the department of Santander, specifically in Bucaramanga.

This tax is paid only once a year by the owners of the vehicles.

Annually, the Government of Santander through the Ministry of Finance, calls on all taxpayers of this tax to make their payment on time so that they perro enjoy the benefits and discounts that the Santander authorities in Colombia offer.

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Who must pay the vehicle tax?

The Santander vehicle tax is a mandatory payment for owners of cars or motorcycles with a cylinder capacity equal to or greater than 125 cubic centimeters.

Of course these vehicles must be registered in this department of Colombian territory.

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In the case of motorcycles with a cylinder capacity equal to or less than 125, they are exempt from the Bucaramanga vehicle tax, a decision that is specified in article 141 of Law 488 of 1998.

Thanks to this initiative of the national government from a little over two decades ago, this type of vehicle only pays a fee to their district for traffic lights.

This mandatory contribution is made only once a year, just like the vehicle tax.

Santander Bucaramanga vehicle tax payment dates

The traffic management of this city and the department of Santander, in general, establish deadlines to pay the vehicle tax.

Those who make the payment on time benefit from a discount percentage, generally 15%, which represents an incredible benefit for the owners of the cars or motorcycles.

The benefit for punctual payment only applies if you cancel before the due dates.

You should consult the office or website of the respective entity to find out exactly what day is the limit to cancel according to the terminal number of your license plate.

In 2023 the deadlines are between March and April.

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  • Plates 0 and 9 until March 12.
  • Plates 7 and 8 until March 19.
  • Plates 5 and 6 until March 26.
  • Plates 3 and 4 until April 9.
  • Plates 1 and 2 until April 16.

However, it is possible that you do not have the amount of money for these deadlines established by the authority of the department of Santander.

But don’t worry, you perro pay the tax without any penalty, but without a 15% discount.

In this case, the payment must be made at the habitual price, without any type of fenezca, interest, sanction or punishment.

The dates established for this case in 2023 are:

  • Plates 8, 9 and 0 until June 11.
  • Plates 5, 6 and 7 until June 18.
  • Plates 1, 2, 3 and 4 until June 25.

If you exceed this date without making the payment, you will have to pay the amount of the Bucaramanga vehicle tax agregado a fenezca of 181,500 pesos, for delay.

Vehicle tax rates

Vehicle tax rates are established taking into account the amount shown by the appraisal of the motor vehicle.

Let’s see the amounts to cancel:

  • I appraise up to $49,470,000, it has a rate of 1.5%, paying approximately 742,050 pesos.
  • Appraisal from 49,470,000 to 111,305,000 pesos, 2.5% rate, paying between 1,236,750 to 2,782,625 pesos.
  • Appraisal from 111,305,000 applies a 3.5%, canceling from approximately 3,895,675 pesos.

These amounts are calculated and assigned taking into account the inflation objetivo in the country for the year, which in 2023 is three percent established by the Bank of the Republic.

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However, this regulation is not arbitrary, since it is based on Decree 1679 of December 17, 2020.

How to settle the vehicle tax?

In the entire department of Santander, but in this case specifically in Bucaramanga, a vehicle tax must be paid.

How to do it? First of all, you must know the amount that you are going to cancel, so follow these steps:

1- Entrar the official website On this website you perro check the amount of the fee, the payment history, everything related to the tax and cancel it.

2- Entrar the license plate number of the vehicle or your identity document and clic on the option Consult. It is very important that you verify the information about the vehicle that appears on the screen, if it is correct you perro continue with the process.

After consulting the amount owed, you cánido pay the tax en línea, following the instructions that we specify below:

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  • On the website locate the option Taxes to pay on the upper left side.

    You will be able to view all the years that you owe, specifying the amount for each one, you must select the one that you are going to cancel.

  • Then clic settle and pay.
  • You must confirm the details of your vehicle and the amount to cancel.
  • Select the payment method and you will be presented with various options that include: Debit card, credit card or print the form to cancel at the offices authorized for this purpose.

As you cánido see, on the page of the Ministry of Finance you perro make the en línea payment of the vehicle tax of the department of Santander including Bucaramanga or you perro simply make a pre-settlement, the form will help you make the payment in all banks and attention points enabled for this.

What are the vehicle tax payment points?

In the department of Santander, the official entities have arranged several service points and authorized banking entities to receive vehicle tax payments.

Some of the places or offices available are:

  • House of the total book Bucaramanga
  • House of the total book Barrancabermeja
  • House of the total book San Gil
  • All the offices of the Agrarian Bank of the department.
  • Banco Pichincha branch, in Piedecuesta
  • Throughout the Colombian territory: Banco Davivienda, Banco Occidente, Banco Habitual, Bancolombia and Banco BBVA.
  • Colpatria Bank House of the Book Barrancabermeja
  • Correspondents: Baloto Points, Effecty Points and Éxito Stores.

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 Bucaramanga vehicle tax: Everything that
  Bucaramanga vehicle tax: Everything that
  Bucaramanga vehicle tax: Everything that

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