BTCVIC: earn bitcoin with ads

BTCVIC: earn bitcoin with ads

BtcVic is a bitcoin ptc that we will use to earn bitcoin.

It is one of the oldest that existhas been operating and paying since October 2014.

Currently, with the low price of bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrencies, it is a good time to earn free bitcoin.

BtcVic’s administrator is Jessi Williams, a resident of Ontario, Canada.

We cánido see it doing a fácil whois, that says a lot in favor of this page.

Normally the pages to earn bitcoin are usually opaque when it comes to providing their data.

going to us generate a trust that in others we will not be able to have, since they do not offer us any data.

Knowing this, it would be nice to start earn bitcoin with this page.

BtcVic login

For starting to earn bitcoin with BtcVicas with other afín pages such as Coinbulb either adbtcwe will have to register, as always, the registration is completely free.

You perro register on the page through this backlink or through the lower banner.

Once you have clicked on one of the two sites, we will go to page dashboard.

we shall clic on “sing up” (top right) and a registration form will appear.

The registration data are common, name, nickname with which we are going to register, an correo electrónico address and a password.

When let’s have it all stuffedwe will solve the captcha and we clic on “register”.

As a welcome gift, we are going to give away 50 satoshisas you know, is one millionth of a Bitcoin.

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Finally, we will have to verify our account.

They are going to send us a Confirmation backlink to the correo electrónico that we have provided in the registration, we will clic on that backlink and as soon as the window opens, the account will be confirmed.

With this we perro start seeing ads to earn bitcoins.

How does BitcoinVic work?

How this BTC works (not to be confused with btcvip) It is very fácil, and resembles many other afín bitcoin ptc.

To earn bitcoin by watching ads we will have to clic on “view ads”.

there we will open a page with the different ads that we will have to watch for get our reward.

There are multi-second ads, ranging from 30 to 10 seconds.

Obviously, the longer we watch the ad, the more satoshis we will get.

The number of ads that the page has may varybut it is usually between 8 and 10.

As for the minimum payment, it is 10,000 satoshia fairly low amount that cánido be achieved with a little effort.

When we view an ad, another page opens in which the second hand goes up until it reaches the stipulated time.

When you have reached 10, 20 or 30 seconds we will have to solve a captcha consisting of transcribe three random numbersas you cánido, there cánido be no easier way to get free bitcoin.

When we put the three numbers, clic on “submit” and the corresponding satoshis will be added to our account. easy right?

Advertising on BtcVic

We will perro use this page to advertise our business, are earning bitcoin of any other nature.

It is very fácil.

We only have to go to the dashboard topin the section “advertise“.

In this way, we will be able to create an adpay it with different cryptocurrencies and get real visitors.

If we don’t want to spend our cryptocurrencies, we cánido wait to get satosis and invest it in ads, as I told you get real visitors.

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To advertise and get the best effect on our ads, we will have to have an interesting title in the “title” section, put the url of the page that we want to promote.

After the time we want the ad to be seen, cánido be from 10 to 290 seconds, the more time, the more it will cost us.

We will also have to put the clicks we want to get, with a minimum of 1,000.

Below we cánido choose which cryptocurrency to pay with, we will have from bitcoin to etherum classic.

He last step is to solve a small captcha and ready!

Referral system in BtcVic

BtcVic has a great referral systemexactly we will earn 50% of the satoshis that our referrals get, unlimited referrals.

Therefore, if you have a blog, youtube channel, or are active on popular networks and want to earn money with bitcoin, you cánido spread your referral backlink to earn 50% of the satoshis that your referrals get.

You will not have any limit, you perro invite all the friends you want, remember that this page has been paying for more than 6 years, therefore, its credibility is proven.

Final conclusions BtcVic

BtcVic is a good way to earn bitcoin totally free.

Its great referral system makes it a great option to earn bitcoins with the help of our friends.

If you like the world of cryptocurrencies and want to earn bitcoin from your home, as a job or as a hábito, I recommend that you register.

As you know, the price of bitcoin has been dropping a lot in recent times, so for what they cánido pay us one euro today, within a year it perro be converted into five or ten euros.

Imagine that same rule multiplied by a few hundred or thousands of euros.

If you are not registered on the page, I leave you a registration bannerAs you have seen, it will not take you more than 5 minutes to register and start earning satoshis from your home.

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 BTCVIC: earn bitcoin with ads
  BTCVIC: earn bitcoin with ads
  BTCVIC: earn bitcoin with ads

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