BTCcliks: the best option to earn bitcoin

BTCcliks: the best option to earn bitcoin

Good morning friends!!, I come to introduce you BTC clicksone of the best ptc I have found for earn bitcoin. Both for its seriousness and for its level of payment. It is one of the ones that pays the most, and it pays, I have verified it. Some time ago I started working with her and she has always paid me religiously.

BTCclicks It is a page that has been paying its users for seven years now. It began its journey in 2013 and today it has established itself as one of the best options for earn bitcoin that we perro find on the internet. This ptc btc (ptc to earn bitcoin) has become one of the essentials in these years. Even if you see that your earnings are not very high, it is a bad iniciativa to stop working on these pages. I am telling you this because the price of bitcoin fluctuates a lot, that is, from one day to the next it perro increase its price greatly and make us earn a lot of money with what before seemed very little.

btcclicks login

With BTCclicks we will earn sathosis by watching advertisements, we will have every day of 15 to 20 ads in which we cánido earn from 20 to 60 satoshis per ad, although the average is 43 satoshis. With around 20 daily announcements, we only have to do the math.

To start earning satoshis, we will first have to create an account at BTCclicks. For this we will have to register. For registration we will only have to indicate an correo electrónico address and within a few seconds we will receive an correo electrónico with a verification backlink. From there it will take us directly to BTCclicks and there you will be able to establish a password. I recommend that it be a secure password and that you keep it in a suitable place. He registration is completely freeyou cánido do it by clicking on the banner below.

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How does BTCclicks work?

The operation of BTCclicks It’s really fácil and very afín to other ptc btc that we use on our page. We will simply have to go to the “surf ads” section and there you will find, as I said before, several ads. Each ad specifies the duration and the reward that we are going to get with its viewing. On average we perro find 10 to 20 ads, I have verified that less on weekends than on weekdays.

Once clicked on the ad, a window will open where we will have to let the corresponding seconds pass. Once they have passed (do not close the page, since it has adfocus), we will have to solve a small numerical captchat to earn our reward. They are posting ads throughout the day, so I advise you that if you have the opportunity, you go several times throughout the day so you cánido view the ads they have posted.

Earn more with Btcclicks

The easiest and simplest way to earn more money with this ptc are referrals. We cánido have an unlimited number of referrals, at a single level. If you are a free member, your referrals will contribute 40% of what is generated with their own clicks to your account.

We perro have two types of referrals:

  • direct referrals. They will be those who have affiliated with our backlink, they cánido be friends, relatives or people we do not know at all and have found our backlink on popular networks or on our blog.
  • indirect or rented referrals. They are the referrals that we buy for a certain number of satoshis. We cánido rent these referrals for periods of 7, 15 or 30 days. In this type of referrals, they guarantee that they will see at least 25 ads in the last 5 days.

Membership types

Memberships are ways to generate more income with our clicks and referrals. In all ptc btc we have a type of membership, the premium, which will cost us one price or another depending on the rental time. I personally do not recommend buying memberships unless you have a wide network of referrals, otherwise it will not be profitable. Here you have a table of the membership price in BTCclicks.

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As you cánido see in the image, there are different prices depending on the time we want to have the membership. You have to think that by increasing membership, the percentage of benefits of your referrals will increase from 40 to 80%.

Does btcclicks pay?

I have to tell you that yes, BTCcliks really pays, since I have been using this page, since 2017 I have received many times. The minimum payment is stipulated at 10,000 satoshis, a relatively low amount and which we will reach with relative ease. The fractions of bitcoin that we get must be taken to our trusted bitcoin wallet. I normally use coinbase for this type of pages, since it is the one that gives me the most facilities to collect my satoshis.

If you want to see the payment proofs that I have obtained, you only have to follow me on the different popular networks, both on twitter, fb, and instagram. You always have to follow the usuario @salgodelacrisis. In the different networks I put all the proofs of payment that I get in the different pages to earn money en líneat that I use. Also, some photos of me, posture, etcétera…

Opinions BTC clicks

In conclusion, BTCclicks It is a very good PTC that we have to take into account when earning a few satoshis for our wallet bitcoin. Since it has been running for so long, we will not have to fear that they will stop paying us, they have a long journey behind them and we hope it will continue like this for a long time.

I perro only encourage you to register on the page. Undoubtedly, our bitcoin earnings cánido increase with pages like this and others like it. If you are not yet registered, I invite you to register through the banner below. It will only take three minutes and you cánido start to earn money quickly In Internet.

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Well that’s all, just wish you good luck. In the next articulo, I will espectáculo you more ways to earn satoshis and little by little fill our wallet until we get our beloved bitcoin. Until next time!!

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 BTCcliks: the best option to earn bitcoin
  BTCcliks: the best option to earn bitcoin
  BTCcliks: the best option to earn bitcoin

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