BTCCliks keep paying

BTCCliks keep paying

Hello friends!!.

BTCClicks still paying in 2018.

I just received a new payment from one of the PTCs for earn bitcoin what do we use. BTCclicks is the oldest page that I work to earn bitcoin, and keep paying religiously.

Latest payment has reached my coinbase wallet in about 72 hoursjust what they say they will take.

He Registration in BTCClicks is very fáciljust clic on this backlink, put your nick and an correo electrónico.

Validate it and that’s it! Now you cánido start earning bitcoin.

It’s been a long time since I talked about this PTCbut with the ups and downs of bitcoin, and above all, the time since I dedicated a articulo to it (what perro you read here), I it seems fair to re-explain this page.

Let’s start!

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The page BTCClicks is a fully-fledged PTC pagewe will earn satohis (millionth of a bitcoin) for watching ads.

At the beginning of this page, when bitcoin did not exceed 1,000 euros, each ad viewed could be paid up to 30 satoshis.

Now, with the rise of the bitcoin price, they will only pay us around 5 satoshis per clic.

The bitcoin rise is good news, especially for those who have not been selling their bitcoin gradually.

But, for those who have been keeping them, it is good news.

For those of us who have been exchanging them for money, or investing, we only have to continue collecting.

From a year to this part PTC and faucet pages have proliferated to earn bitcoinalthough a year ago there were not too many compared to today, now we have a lot to choose from.

BTCClicks is one of the oldest pages and still paying religiously.

A good way to earn more satoshis are referrals.

BTCClicks has a good referral system.

Yeah we have a estándar membership we will earn 80% of the clicks of our referrals. By acquiring the premium membership we will earn 200% of our own clicks and 180% of the clicks of our referrals.

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The premium membership cánido be rented for 90, 180 or 360 days.

Depending on the rental time, it will cost us more or less. The cost will always be paid in bitcoin.

this membership It is always interesting when we have a large network of referrals, both rented and direct..

Therefore, if you do not have many referrals, do not rent it, since it will not be worth it.

As I told you at the beginning, BTCClicks keep paying.

And since a picture is usually worth more than a thousand words, Here I put part of the correo electrónico that Coinbase sent me, with the 31542 satoshis collected.

As I also explained to you at the beginning, bitcoin has dropped to 7,000 euros.

A good amount, without a doubt, but very far from the 19,000 euros that it came to be worth.

With the current price, the value of this transaction is 2.07 euros.

Let’s hope it goes up and this amount goes up too.

Final conclusions BTCclicks pays

A page with a great trajectory that continues to pay, and hopefully it will continue to do so for a long time.

Therefore, if you are not registered yet, you should do it right now and start earning bitcoin.

What are you waiting for? It’s free!.

Just clic on this banner and start earning bitcoin.

Greetings and until next time friends!

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 BTCCliks keep paying
  BTCCliks keep paying
  BTCCliks keep paying

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