BTCClicks | Veteran page to earn BTC

BTCClicks | Veteran page to earn BTC

Today I want to talk to you about what I believe is today the best ptc in the world dedicated to Bitcoin.

BTCClicks It began its journey when the world of cryptocurrencies sounded like Chinese to all of us more than four years ago, since then it has been growing at a rate almost as dizzying as Bitcoin itself, to such an extent that it has already distributed more than 200 btc, that the change in dollars is a real pasture.

BTCClicks hasn’t worked correctly for a while, for this and other reasons we stop recommending it and classify it as a scam.

The truth is that it is praiseworthy that a site supports the passage of time so well and why not say it, the great competition that has arisen in recent times from other pages, including some as interesting as adBTC.

I have been using bitcoin for a long time as a way to save for the future and BTCClicks is one of the first free sites I started using.

The reliability has made it occupy a prominent place among my preferences within this world of electronic currencies.

Next we are going to see the characteristics and how to take advantage of it.

Main features of BTCClicks

Name: BTCClicks Property: Administrator data hidden under a Whoisguard▪ accepted countries: Everyone, without exception minimum payment: 0.00010000 BTC▪ Price per ad: From 3 to 18 Satoshis approximately Payment methods: Any Bitcoin wallet▪ Payment received: See receipt

Start using BTCClicks

Registration on the web is completely free and its operation is quite fácil.

When we have completed the registration routine that you perro do from the backlink that appears at the end of the article, you entrar the page we will have to go to the announcements section to start generating our first satoshis.

Clic on Surf Ads to start seeing the ads

To do this we clic on Surf Ads, in the ads section we usually have around thirty but I recommend entering several times a day because new ones are coming out quite regularly.

The habitual thing is to earn in a day without having referrals from 50 to 200 satoshis (depending on the value of the bitcoin), the only drawback that I put to this ptc is that it has adfocus activated, so if you are in a hurry it is better that you start to see their ads at another time.


When you reach the minimum payment and you want to request it, you will get a message telling you how long it will take to arrive, as a general rule it does not usually take more than 8 hours and I must say that up to now they have never been late. quite the contrary, the payment has always arrived an hour in advance.

Payment received from BTCClicks

Payment received from BTCClicks

We receive payments the same day we request them.

In general, we cánido see a counter that tells us approximately how many hours are left to receive the payment.

Premium membership and referrals

BTCClicks has a premium membership for 90, 180 and 360 days with which we will earn triple the value of our ads and the ads that our direct or rented referrals see.

I recommend using the premium membership only if you have a good number of direct referrals, since otherwise it will not be profitable for you.

My experiences with the referrals rented in the ptcs are quite negative to put it mildly, I advise not to buy them anywhere under any circumstances.

It’s just my opinion but I think that this feature is an ace up its sleeve that these types of sites keep to make us lose money.

The referrals are real people but we must bear in mind that most people are not constant, they usually register on the pages, they use it for a few days and then leave forever, so investing money in renting their services is not nothing recommended.

That said, we have an unlimited level of referrals that allows us to charge a percentage for each clic made by each one of them, said percentage will be approximately 80% of the ad value for the estándar ones and almost triple for the premium ones.

Opinion about BTCClicks

Who more and who less intuits that the future of both commercial and personal transactions goes through electronic money, paper is doomed to disappear and cryptocurrencies have already entered with force, making an important gap in that campo, especially Bitcoin.

BTCClicks gives us the opportunity to collect fractions of this cryptocurrency for free, without much effort, and given the value that cryptocurrencies and bitcoin in especial are reaching, it is something that we should take advantage of.

Nothing else for today, I hope that BTCClicks seemed as interesting to you as it did to me.

As I always tell you, if something is not clear to you, do not hesitate to ask 😉

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 BTCClicks |  Veteran page to earn BTC
  BTCClicks |  Veteran page to earn BTC
  BTCClicks |  Veteran page to earn BTC

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