BTCClicks | The best PTC to EARN BITCOINS

BTCClicks | The best PTC to EARN BITCOINS

BTCClicks is a veteran PTC that allows us to earn free bitcoins by watching ads. It has been en línea since 2013, which makes it one of the most reliable pages in the bitcoin ámbito. On a personal level, I have been working with this PTC for several years and I have received dozens of payments, so my opinion is very positive. If you are looking for free pages with which to earn satoshis, you should definitely work with BTCClicks. Do you want to know more about this PTC? I invite you to read the following tutorial, in which we will see how BTClicks works and the most relevant features.

Registration in BTCClicks

BTCClicks it is a PTC to use. Like other pages that we work on the blog, how perro they be ysense either neobuxBTCClicks helps us to generate profits for free by viewing ads and advertising.

As usual, the first thing we will have to do is complete two small steps to register. If you want, you perro clic on the button below, that will take you directly to the form to create your account. To register in BTCClicks we will only have to provide an correo electrónico address and solve the captcha that appears. Fácil as that.

Update – BTCClicks is a scam. During the last year the page has been completely abandoned and the profits that could be made daily were minimal. Every day we could earn 4 or 5 satoshis and, considering that the minimum payout is 10,000 satoshis, it would take us several months to get a withdrawal…. But it is also, BTCClicks DOES NOT PAY. I’ve been waiting for a payment for more than a month… and I won’t wait any longer. I remove the blog backlinks and stop recommending this PTC.

Next, we will have to go to our inbox and open the correo electrónico that BTCClicks sends us. Within the content of this correo electrónico, they will provide us with a confirmation backlink to validate our account. Sometimes these correos electrónicos are filtered as contenido publicitario or Unwanted correo, so it is possible that you will find it there. Once our account is confirmed, we perro access the PTC Dashboard.

How BTCClicks works

As soon as we entrar the BTCClicks PTC we will find a menu divided into several sections. In each of these tabs we cánido find:

dashboard ⏩ On the main screen we will see a summary of our account. Tato with our current earnings and as a graph with the clicks. We cánido also see some statistics of our referrals, both direct and rented.

Withdraw ⏩ To request a payment we will have to entrar the address of our Bitcoin wallet and our password in the PTC. The minimum payment in BTCClicks is 10,000 satoshis.

Referrals ⏩ In this tab we cánido rent referrals and see their statistics.

Premium Membership ⏩ BTCClicks gives us the option to purchase a membership for 90, 180 or 360 days. This membership is only recommended if we have many active referrals.

History ⏩ All our history of deposits, withdrawals and purchases in the PTC.

Referral/Affiliate Tools ⏩ Here we will find all the BTCClicks promotional material and our backlink to refer our friends.

Account Details ⏩ In this tab we perro modify our personal data.

Earn bitcoins on BTCClicks

To see them BTCClicks ads we will have to clic on SurfAdsin the menu that remains above, on the right hand side. Next, we will get the entire list of ads that we have available to view. As a general rule, there are usually 20 to 30 ads of different values.

BTCClicks ads have an exposure time ranging from 10 to 60 seconds.

To see these ads, we will have to clic on the blue title. A new window will then open. It must be taken into account that BTCClicks ads have adfocushence we must remain on the page until the counter reaches zero. Another option is to display the ad in a secondary window. In this case, we will only have to check when the account reaches zero and solve the captcha.

How to view ads correctly

The steps to follow to correctly display the ads of BTCClicks and receiving the reward are as follows:

1. We clic on the ad and a new window will open in the browser.

2. We let the counter reach zero, solve the captcha and clic on submission.

3. Immediately afterwards, they will confirm the earnings and we perro move on to the next ad.

on BTCClicks there are usually several plus ads during the day. I usually entrar the PTC twice, at noon to complete the “daily round” and at night. In this second entry I usually find about 5 or 6 additional adswhich always help to continue adding profits more quickly.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice. In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest. Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research. For more information do clic here.

BTCClicks pay direct to wallet

The minimum amount required to requesting a payment in BTCClicks is 10,000 satoshis. As soon as we accumulate this amount or more in our primordial cómputo we will be able to send that money to our main wallet.

How Cwork the profits

At BTClicks we perro collect by following three fácil steps:

1. To proceed with the withdrawal we will go, first of all, to the Dashboard.

2. Next we go to the tab “Withdraw”.

3. Finally, we write down the address of our bitcoin wallet and solve the recaptcha.

There is no possibility of charging only a part of the cómputo When requesting a withdrawal they will send all the satoshis that we have accumulated in the cómputo sheet.

BTCClicks pays within a maximum period of seven days. Although that is the stipulated period, it usually takes much less. Without going any further, I received this payment two hours after requesting it.

Referrals in BTCClicks and memberships

The BTCClicks referral system It depends on the membership we have and the type of referrals. When we created the account in the PTC we are automatically assigned a free membership. In this case, the earnings we receive for each person who registers with our backlink are 40%. And if we buy a paid membership, we will receive double the profit.

In BTCClicks there is the possibility of renting referrals for 7, 15 or 30 days.

In the same way, this paid membership also doubles the value of the clicks made by the rented referrals. It is very important to say that these referrals that we rent, They are real users who have registered to the PTC without an upline. So, since they are not bots, the behavior of those users is real. And as such, some will be active, others will drop out on the second day, others will never clic, etcétera.

Characteristics of the rented referrals

» BTCClicks rented referrals are not bots, but real personal.

» The PTC guarantees us that each of those rented referrals has been active in the PTC during the last days. In fact, it says exactly that each rented referral has seen at least 25 ads in the last five days.

» Despite the fact that rented referrals may or may not be profitable, there is a significant handicap. It is not known if it is due to a shortage or because many people want to rent referrals, but as a general rule, there are usually quite a few and it is very difficult to rent a good group.

Main features of BTCClicks

There are some practical information that should be known to get the most out of BTCClicks and not err our strategy. They are the following:

✅ At BTCClicks we cánido request a payment when we reach 10,000 satoshis in the cómputo.

✅ To request a withdrawal we will have to provide the address of our bitcoin wallet. This PTC pays us directly to our wallets, so it will be essential to have one of your own. If you still do not have one, you cánido review this articulo from coinbase and create one completely free.

✅ If we buy the Premium membership in BTCClicks, we will double the profits we receive both from the clicks of our referrals and from our own. Notably paid membership is only profitable if we have a significant number of referrals. Otherwise, the safest thing is that of losses.

✅ Both the purchase of membership and the possible purchase of advertising perro be done using the cómputo of our main cómputo sheet. We will only have to transfer the satoshis from the main cómputo to the purchase cómputo.

BTCClicks Reviews

As we have just seen, BTCClicks is a very practical PTC. In the end, as in almost all bitcoin PTCs, it is only a matter of opening the ads and solving the captchas. And add little by little until reaching 10,000 satoshis. We already know that it pays and that it pays very quickly (in less than 48 hours). So we cánido work the site with the peace of mind that it will reward our work.

In previous news issues, I have mentioned the price of bitcoin many times. In this way, for those who do not usually follow the cryptocurrency markets, they perro get an iniciativa of ​​​​how much the satoshis they have in their wallets are worth. Thinking back, I would say that I have written articles in which the price of BTC was around $550. That means that all the clicks we made at that price and the reward they gave us are worth 10 times more today. Yes, 10 times more!! Is it worth or not worth working these free systems?

Experts forecast that the price of BTC could go as high as $500,000. I am optimistic, but not so much… Of course, if it reaches a tenth of what was expected, I will consider my clicks very good.

Are you looking for more free pages that pay in BTC? You cánido see the ones I use for earn free bitcoins. All 100% reliable. If you plan to register in BTCClciks, I would appreciate it if you did so as my referrals. And finally, I will say what I always say, If there is any doubt about this excellent PTC, you cánido write a comment or send me a message through the tab Contact. See you soon and give bitcoin a bit!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea. All freecompletely reliable and for everyone. Do you want to know me better? Here you cánido see more about me.

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 BTCClicks |  The best PTC to EARN BITCOINS
  BTCClicks |  The best PTC to EARN BITCOINS
  BTCClicks |  The best PTC to EARN BITCOINS

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