BTCClicks pays

BTCClicks pays

btcclicks paysIt was something that I had told you before, but now I reflect it to you in this articulo. Some time ago I told you about this very interesting ptc to get bitcoins. You perro read the entry here.

I will remind you a little of this PTC:

Every day we will receive 25 to 30 ads, for seeing them we will be paid satoshis. What is a satoshi? is the 10,000,000 part of a bitcoin. Bitcoin fluctuates, like all currencies, therefore I cannot tell you exactly how much money it represents. But I cánido tell you that the bitcoin is above $1,000.

That is very good for us, all of us who try to get money through the internet. The btcclicks transaction takes around 5 hours to your bitcoin wallet, be it xapo or any other.

Here you perro see that indeed btcclicks pays:

Now I just have to wait patiently for my bitcoin wallet to arrive, and let it get fatter.

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This amount of satoshis has not really cost me much to get them, in about a week and a half I had the minimum amount for the withdrawal. Of course, you have to be a constant person and clic every daywithout letting one pass.

With this system we will not get rich, obviously, but we will be able to get a plus at the end of the month, something that is very useful for us to get out of the crisis.

Without more to say for today, I say goodbye, I hope it has been useful for you to verify that it really btcclicks pays. You cánido fully register free in the following banner.

Or if you prefer, you cánido also register at this backlink. Either one is valid, and of course free.

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Until next time, friends, in the following posts we will continue verifying that you perro really get money from the internet, it is hard work, but it gives results. Greetings friends!!

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 BTCClicks pays
  BTCClicks pays
  BTCClicks pays

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