BTCHeat is a newly created page (came out on October 18) in which we will earn bitcoins by spinning a roulette wheel.

As we perro see, it is a recently created page, it is not yet known if it pays or not, but we are going to try, the only thing we will lose is 5 minutes at the end of the day.

With BTCHeat we will earn bitcoin with roulette spins and mining, if we want.

The mining consists of letting the page use the resources of our computer in exchange for bitcoin, I am not going to use this option, since my computer is portable, it gets hotter than a desktop one.

And the same page recommends you not to do it with these types of pages.

Register on BTCHeat.

to register we will only need a bitcoin address.

Don’t forget about her, palways the same, because if you don’t, you will lose all the bitcoin you have earned.

You cánido Register through this backlink and get 50 free spins!!

How BTCHeat works. The operation of BTCHeat is fácil, like any page, it feeds on advertisers, on their pop-ups that you will see every time you go to spin roulette, don’t worry, you perro remove them immediately.

Although I classify this page as a faucet, its behavior is not the same, you will not have to solve any captchat.

You will have to spin a kind of roulette, but don’t be fooled, it’s not a casino, BTCHeat is a completely free page.

Its operation is very fácil.

In your record you will have 50 spins, You must press PLAY and wait for the largest number of images possible to match.

Images must match to win prizesThe more that match, the better.

Here I leave you a table of the earnings in bitcoin that we will have for each combination:

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As get free spins on BTCHeat. As I told you at the beginning, BTCHeat is not a casino. We don’t have to pay for anythingwhen we run out of 50 initial spins We cánido win spins in different ways:

  • Mining from the browser.

    Accessing the section “mining“, you will “rent” your computer, like this every 2500 hashes generated you will receive an plus spin.

    You will be able to leave a tab open and do other things on your computer in the meantime, yes, think that your computer will be slower than habitual.

    It is not advisable to do it from a notebook, due to overheating.

  • Completing offers. Accessing the section “offers” you will be able to get free spins, the offers will be to fill in forms, registrations and install applications.

    Be careful with the information you givebecause you cánido take a displeasure.

  • Every 3 hours you will get 3 free spins. those twists will increase by inviting friends to participate in the system.

    The spins that we will have every three hours will depend on the number of referrals we have.

you will have 3 turns if you have 0 to 4 referrals.

5 turns if you have 5 to 9 referrals.

10 turns if you have 10 to 14 referrals.

15 turns if you have 15 to 29 referrals.

20 turns if you have 30 to 49 referrals.

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25 turns if you have 50 or more referrals.

Referral system. With the referrals that you get in BTCHeat you will not get bitcoins, but spins. Previously I have explained the spins that you will have every 3 hours in relation to the referrals you have.

However, every time you get a referral you will get more spins:

10 turns For each visit that your referral backlink gets.

20 turns by each record.

Other ways to earn spins. By making this articulo I have entered a raffle, at log into BTCHeat daily.

Today I have won 10 plus spins.

I think that daily(if you entrar every day) there will be a afín raffle. Here I leave it:

Minimum payment. The only bad aspect of this page is its minimum payment, somewhat high.

When you reach 0.03 BTC you perro request payment.

The Payments will be made within 24 hours to your bitcoin wallet.

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Let’s try it.

It will take us little time and the benefits cánido be very great.

I only have to recommend it to you, that you feel like it and throw the roulette wheel.

You will tell me!! Many successes!!

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