brickstarter | Investment in apartments

brickstarter | Investment in apartments

Today I am here to talk about a new real estate crowdfunding platform called brickstarterwhich, although it is based in Estonia, is completely managed by a Spanish team.

The purpose of this website is to provide profitability to investors for the purchase and subsequent sale or rental of tourist homes and apartments.

Despite the fact that, as I have told you, the platform is quite recent, the truth is that it has already become a great option for this type of investment, surpassing other large companies in the ámbito in profitability.

Features and first steps on Brickstarter

Below you perro see the main features of Brickstarter, along with the button to access and register on the platform, which is totally free.


Brickstarter is one of the best options we cánido find to invest in real estate crowdfunding.

Invest from only 50 euros and receive a 5% APR from your first investment.Now it offers a plus of 15 euros for new investors.

To register on Brickstarter you only have to access the registration form from the button that I have left you above.

Remember that this process has no cost.

In this form we will have to entrar all the personal information required, such as name and surname, correo electrónico, country, etcétera.

We perro skip this and register directly using our Fb, Google plus or Linkedin account.

To finish we will wait a few seconds for a confirmation dirección de correo electrónico to arrive, where we will have to clic on a button to validate the registration and be able to entrar the platform.

If you don’t see the correo, look in the contenido publicitario folder.

The next step will be to credit the account.

This is nothing more than filling in more personal information and uploading supporting documents, such as a copy of our ID on both sides.

We will have to wait 24 to 48 hours for our account to be credited.

In any case, while this happens, we cánido invest on the platform without problems, up to a value of €250.

With the account credited, this limit will disappear.

Invest in Brickstarter

The next step if you want to earn money on this platform will be to deposit funds in your account and invest in a project.

To add liquidity to our account, we have to go to the menu and clic on “add funds”, we will see a bank address to which we will have to send our money.

Once the deposit is made, we will wait for it to be credited to our Brickstarter account, this cánido take from 1 to 3 business days.

With the money in our account, the next thing will be to look for one or several projects in which to invest that money and for this we clic on Estate.

Examples of real estate

In the catalog we cánido see all the characteristics of each property, including the amount needed to complete it.

The minimum investment is 50 euros per project.

Understand the parameters

In each archivo of each project, we are going to see a series of different parameters, to understand what they orinan and to be able to better escoge which of them to opt for, we are going to do a little review of each one.

Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

The IRR helps us to know the value of the net return that is expected in the project if we reinvest the rental dividends that it generates for us.

It’s an easy way to compare the value of different apartments at a glance.

Return on Financial (ROE)

ROE (Return on Equity) is the indicator that measures the return on capital, that is, the profitability obtained on the company’s own investment in the property.

Net Rental Profitability

It is the net return on the investment that we receive from renting the property, with all expenses such as taxes, etcétera. discounted.

How does Brickstarter pay?

Brickstarter has the most used and secure payment gateway for this type of business, the French payment gateway Lemon Way.

Withdrawals are made by bank transfer and are processed quite quickly, in fact it cánido arrive the same day or be delayed by 3 business days at most.

The best of all is that we perro withdraw the amount we want, we do not need to reach any minimum as in other platforms, something to be thankful for and that tells us very clearly that we are dealing with a site that is serious, reliable and committed to the investor.

Final Opinion on Brickstarter

As I said, despite its youth Brickstarter has carved a niche for itself among real estate investment platforms, in fact today it seems to me a much better alternative than Housers.

The company focuses mainly on tourist apartments, a very prosperous business in Spain, since as we all know it is a country that lives largely thanks to tourism.

It does not charge you commissions for having your account active, something that Housers does, for example, withdrawals are very fast and with no stipulated minimum and they also give you 15 euros to start with your first investment, come on if you are looking for a place to put money Related to real estate, this is one of the best you will find.

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 brickstarter |  Investment in apartments
  brickstarter |  Investment in apartments
  brickstarter |  Investment in apartments

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