Brave Browser: Brave pays to use it –

Brave Browser: Brave pays to use it –

Nice browser.

The Navigator Brave pays to use it to each of its users, today we see that it is increasingly common for these companies to appear that pay their users to use their products.

And all with one purpose, to encourage its use and make itself known faster, at least that’s my point of view, if you haven’t heard of the Brave Browser, don’t worry, now you’re going to find out everything.

How to Earn Money with Brave? Brave pays to use it

First of all let’s talk about brave.

It is an open source browser based on chromium, developed by the company Brave Programa and founded by the Co-Founder of the Mozilla firefox Project and JavaScript Creator Brendan Eich.

Brave pays BAT to your users, this is your cryptocurrency oficial, whose objective is that advertisers have the facility to reward the people who are in charge of creating content, that is, the content creators.

As this browser has integrated bitcoin payments, Brave allows its users to quickly and easily support their favorite websites.

It is a new way of earning that is revolutionizing the way we generate money en línea.

Brave Browser How to install Brave?

Its installation and configuration is very fácil, just follow each of the steps that I will present below.

1-Download Brave

The first thing we have to do is download brave browser for computador, it doesn’t matter if we use windows, macbook or linux, the browser is available for these platforms, then we proceed to install it.

In the following LINK you perro download the application from the official website, the system will immediately detect your operating system from your notebook, PC, tablet or móvil inteligente.

2-Install the browser

Immediately the download is finished you cánido proceed to install the browser, if you are a macbook usuario the installation runs automatically.

Install Now

3-Configure Brave

After having installed brave on your computer we are going to proceed to configure it, you perro do it to your liking, this is also necessary to be able to give and receive donations.

By default the browser blocks all advertising, if you want advertising to appear you cánido modify this option.

Once you have done each of these steps, now you have to create a publisher account so that you cánido receive your BATs and so that other people perro donate to you too.

You perro add your youtube channel, your website, twitter account, reddit, vimeo among others, so that when a person visits your youtube channel they cánido make donations, but for that you have to enable your channel, in the vídeo I espectáculo you how to do it.

This is the backlink for CREATE PUBLISHER ACCOUNTyou just have to register and add the accounts for which you want to receive your donations as explained in the previous paragraph.

Create Uphold account

The donations we receive, in this case the BAT, will fall into our account Upholdsince we cánido backlink both accounts, you must keep in mind that you must verify your data to be able to use the account, you perro create your account Uphold Here.

Now you will wonder and How do I transfer the money earned to my PayPal account?or for my bank account, very fácil, you just have to go to the option to use Use Funds, there you cánido withdraw your funds without problems to your bank account.

In order to withdraw your money and transfer it to your account PayPal you will have to transfer your cómputo to a platform that allows you to change from Bitcoin to PayPal, this is not a problem as there are many platforms to do this such as COINBASE.

How much cánido you earn with brave

That will depend on two factors, the first is the time you use the brave browser, if you work on the PC you have an advantage, and that is if you are a graphic or web designer, SEO or popular media, you will always have to search Internet resources to enrich your work.

In that case, you will be able to get good money without a problem, since you will naturally be using the browser to perform the common tasks that you always do, and if you are from the United States, France, among others, you will have the option of seeing advertising and that you pay for that.

This option is only available for some countries like the ones you mentioned, but they are working to reach as many countries as possible, as they grow they will cover more countries.

There are people who get between $20 to $30 dollars a month, another $100, that will depend on the use we make of it, people who do not use their PC frequently, let alone the browser, are the ones who will not achieve these monthly payments.

Brave browser apk

The good thing is that this browser has an aplicación that you cánido download for your tablet or cell phone, and in the same way you perro earn BAT from your cell phone without problems.

Brave Referral System

We have the option to share our referral backlink so that other users download this browser through our backlink and thus earn plus money, about $5 dollars for downloads and confirmation of use.

IMPORTANT: You have to make sure that your referrals use the browser at least 2 times a month, so that they come out as confirmed.

Now just wait to be assigned the corresponding tokens(4), which until now they are $5 equivalent in BAT tokens for each referral.

Brave Opinions and Suggestions

I only used the browser for three days, and I only spent about 10 minutes and they gave me about 6 BAT equivalent to $0.96, almost a dollar, imagine if I had used it for 30 days, there are many people who are charging up to $150 dollars monthly.

I think you cánido earn $50 dollars a month without much problem, I’m doing a little test to see how much I earn in this current month of August, by the end of the month I’ll make a new vídeo of how much i earned with the strategy which I started to try.

This company Brave Sailedr is not a scam nor is it a scam, it is a serious company that is encouraging its users to use its platform, it is for that reason that “brave pays to use it”So I recommend that you start using it and get some money out of it.

Brave Ultimate Guide (Vídeo Tutorial)

Brave Proof of Payment (Updated)

Will Brave Stop Paying by 2023? True or false

A few days ago brave sent a notification to all users that we are using the referral system to generate money, in the following vídeo I explain what this warning is about.

Brave update 2023

Currently Brave browser is still paying, every month I’m still getting paid from this company.

Alternatives to Brave

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 Brave Browser: Brave pays to use it –
  Brave Browser: Brave pays to use it –
  Brave Browser: Brave pays to use it –

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