Bookscouter: Earn money selling your

Bookscouter: Earn money selling your

Books have a lot of value for your life, they educate you, they change your way of thinking and a host of other benefits, such as improving your writing.

However, you perro also take advantage of it by selling them using BookScouterThanks to this platform you will know which buyers will pay you the most for your books; It not only works to sell, but also to buy texts at a good price.

What is Bookscouter?

Bookscouter is a ideal website to get the best prices for a book, either to buy or sell it.

It is not really a place to buy and sell books, its function is to espectáculo you the stores with the best prices to buy and sell any text that interests you.

In case you do not have many books for sale and still want to earn money en línea, you cánido opt for Poll Pay.

Registration and login

If you are interested in earning money in your free time with Bookscouter, first sign up and log in:

  1. Entrar the official Bookscouter site.
  2. Clic on «SIGN UP»:
  • Now you must entrar the data for registration: correo electrónico, password and confirm the password.
  • Finally, clic on «SIGN UP».

How does Bookscouter work?

It works very simply, on the site you place the isbn (numerical code identifier for each book) of the book you want to buy, sell or rent.

At the time of entering this data, Bookscouter will make a compilation of the platforms that are interested in selling, buying or renting said book.

Therefore, if you want to sell or buy a book, you will have a list of the highest bidders or best offers in one place.

We perro say that it is a fácil platform to get the best offers for buying and selling texts.

Using the Bookscouter aplicación you perro scan the ISBN code of any book with your mobile.

Sell ​​Books

If you want to start selling books, do the following:

  1. Entrar the official page bookscouter.
  2. Search for the book’s ISBN (it’s near the barcode).
  3. Choose “SELL» and place the ISBN of the book.

    If you do it from the aplicación, you cánido use the scan the code option.

  4. Then clic on «SCOUT».
  5. If the code is correct, the book will appear with all the basic information.

    On the right you will see the best purchase price.

    Below you’ll see a list of potential buyers looking for the book.

    You cánido notice that at the end of the list appears “Not Currently Buying», which means that the book is not in great demand.

  • Clic on «sell» to sell and you will be sent to the page of the buyer who is interested in the book.

    Please note that some buyers do not accept sales under $7.50 (for example, SellBackYourBook), in which case he sells more books.

    When you cánido sell, follow the instructions on the page to complete the sale, they will offer you PayPal or checks as a method of payment.

In the instructions on the buyer’s site you will know where you will send the book and how long it will take to make the payment.

Many of the shipments are paid by the buyers.

If you don’t want to get rid of your books, then try selling photos using the Foap aplicación, a great way to generate income with photos that don’t necessarily have to be professional.

Buy books

To make purchases of books, the process is afín to that of sales:

  1. Entrar to bookscouter.
  2. Indicate the ISBN of the book, select «Buy» and clic on «scout».
  • You will be able to see the sellers and the prices they have for sale, select the price that best suits you and clic on «Buy».
  • After the previous step, you perro make the purchase on the seller’s site, for example, alibris.

    Follow the steps to pay and purchase the copy.

How do you make money on Bookscouter?

Bookscouter is another way to earn money with aplicaciones, but you perro notice how the prices of books are very different when selling than when buying.

It seems like an unprofitable business, however, this is usually because common books such time do not generate profit.

Likewise, you have the option to earn money by selling gift books, books that you have stored at home, used books that you get at a good price, etcétera.

The platform has Pro version, in which you have access to tools, such as knowing the search history of other users (so you will know which texts are trending).

Receive offers by e-e correo electrónico for a especial book or know its buying and selling history; the cost for these features is $30 per month.

Already having these tools at hand, perhaps you perro get the best books to sell and from which you cánido get the most profitability.

How to earn more money on Bookscouter?

It is believed that another way to make money is renting your books, it perro be in digital format and in physical format, the thing is that we did not find that option.

Yes, there is an option to rent (“Rent”), but for you to pay to read a book.

Perhaps it happens that only some books perro be put up for rent and charged for it.

How much perro you earn selling your books on BookScouter?

It all depends on the number of books you have to sell, therefore, the strategy that you should start using is to get books for free or at very low costs.

If you have close people who no longer use their books, then ask them to give them to you or sell them at a low price, then sell them on the platform.

If you want to know other ways to earn money en línea, don’t forget that in our blog we always recommend the best aplicaciones to earn money with your mobile.

Is Bookscouter legal?

Yes, it is a legal platform, very afín to Wallapop; It has been running for a long time, more than 10 years.

Remember that Bookscouter does not sell or buy books, it only indicates which are the best en línea sites where you cánido buy or sell the best price.

We like to think of it as some kind of Trivago, but instead of hotels, it’s books.

Opinions about Bookscouter

It is not the typical internet platform with which you will make money by solving surveys, playing a game, watching ads or any task.

Nor is it one of those pages for you to make money with referrals, it is a site where you perro get the best prices for your books and sell them.

It’s like a platform to make money selling products and we think it’s a good way to generate some plus income, if you’re text savvy and know the value a rare book cánido have, you perro surely take advantage of BookScouter.

As for the paid version, we recommend it for those people who have many books for sale and who know how to handle this type of exchange well.

To conclude, remember to get a lot of books from family or friends so that you perro sell them and have additional money.

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 Bookscouter: Earn money selling your
  Bookscouter: Earn money selling your
  Bookscouter: Earn money selling your

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