Book a medical appointment through the

Book a medical appointment through the

With the goal of making search a one-stop solution for all your searches, Google plus has now added the ability to look for doctors and book an appointment with them directly from the Search to make the process much easier.

Here are the details you should know.

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google plus has collaborated with MinuteClinic at CVS and more anonymous partners for this ability to book appointments through search.

Currently intended for people in the United States, this feature is available in English.

So, if you search for a doctor or any medical facility, you will be able to see the next available appointment just below that service provider’s details.

With each time slot, There will be an option to reserve it And depending on what suits you best, you perro make the choice.

Google plus suggests that they aim to partner with more people to further expand the reach of the feature.

However, it is not known if this function will be for users in other countries.

As for India (and even Brazil and Japan), Google plus will start display health feed information panels on YouTube vídeos so that users have access to content from authentic and credible sources.

Additionally, Google plus aims to make Fitbit devices more capable of supporting chronic conditions, and thus they are expected to support heart conditions such as atrial fibrillation (AFib) soon.

Google plus has previously tested this and even showed the same thing at the recent American Heart Association encuentro and is now awaiting the results of the FDA review.

To end

Over time, Google plus will open these options up to all healthcare providers and when it does, if you or your clients would benefit from this option, you’ll want to integrate these booking options, and insurance options as well, as soon as possible.

If you use a scheduling or booking service for your medical visit, please contact them to find out when they will integrate with Google plus Search.

We’ll keep you posted on this feature as it rolls out to other providers and solutions.

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 Book a medical appointment through the
  Book a medical appointment through the
  Book a medical appointment through the

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