Bondora | Get 5 euros free

Bondora | Get 5 euros free

We continue around with crowdlending, today I am going to talk about Bondoraa website for loans between individuals (P2P) that will surely delight any investor interested in this type of platform.

Bondora stands out for several aspects, among the most obvious that we are going to review is its minimum deposit that is located at just €0.01, so this time we cánido say that it is a site suitable for all budgets.

In addition to this we must add that they are giving away 5 euros for the fácil fact of registering from a backlink of a sponsor, in this case mine.

About 5 euros that we perro withdraw at any time.

But do not get nervous, later I will explain how to do it.

As you cánido see, before starting to really get into the matter about the operation of the web, we have already been able to see that it is a site that offers great facilities and advantages that are superior to other crowdlending platforms that we have already talked about in the blog. .

What is Bondora?

Name of the site Bondora AS
accepted countries Europe, México, Australia, Brazil, USA, Hong Kong, India, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and South Africa
minimum deposit 0.01 euro
minimum withdrawal no minimum
Payment methods Bank transfer (SEPA), (TransferWise)
Average profitability Up to 17% per year

Bondora is a veteran company that was founded back in 2008 with the aim of offering the best loan conditions to en línea investors.

Since then, the platform has received more than 800,000 userswhich have invested in the web a total of €245.2 million of which have received an average gain of 10.7%.

Some dizzying figures of course, and that clearly espectáculo the potential of Bondora.

Bondora Rating

To these figures we must also add the enormous acceptance and appreciation of the users themselves on the platform.

And it is that Bondora has a score of 9.4 out of 10 on Trustpilot.

There is no better measure for a website than the satisfaction of its own customers.

How to register and receive €5 free

Well, we stop fooling around and go to what really matters to us, to the heart of the matter.

Registering in Bondora is easy and free, also just for doing that step, we will receive €5 welcome in our account, money that we will be able to withdraw to our bank account without any problem.

Entrar and just for registering receive a €5 gift

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Although when entering the main page we will see that the website is in English, we cánido change the language by going to the upper right menu and selecting our flag, if you speak Spanish the flag of Spain.

Then we just have to clic where it says Join now Immediately after, this form will appear that we must fill out.

Registration Form

We will only have to entrar our dirección de correo electrónico, name, surname and our mobile phone number.

Then we will receive an correo electrónico with a backlink to confirm our account and be able to entrar Bondora.

When you do, you will see that you have 5 euros invested in your Bondora account.

First step, verify the account

As in all serious platforms they will not ask that we have the account verified to be able to withdraw our money, but not to invest it.

In this case, Bondora is no exception, because when it comes to using our bank account, this type of precaution never hurts.

For this we are going to go to our account and look for account identification in the menu just located on the left side of the web.

Verify Bondora account

In personal information we must choose the type of documentation that we want to present between passport or ID.

We send the scanned or photographed copies of the document (if it is the DNI on both sides) and wait for it to be validated.

In general, they usually take exactly 24 hours to give us an answer, and unless you have sent the document wrong, they will validate it without any problem.

Bondora Options

Although it has a wide variety of options that we perro add to the menu and thus customize it as best suits us, the truth is that using Bondora is extremely fácil.

It even has a section where we will only have to put our money to work and not worry about anything else.

Next, we are going to review the most relevant options that the platform offers us.

· In this section we will be able to see the entire state of our account, such as the net profit, the average profitability, the value of the portfolio or the available cómputo.

· Undoubtedly one of the most attractive features of Bondora.

It is an automatic investment, where simply making an investment of whatever size, will give us a return of more or less the 6.75% annual, which is no small feat.

Invest in automatic

Although the return is usually somewhat lower than with habitual investments, investing in this modality gives us peace of mind, since we do not have to worry about anything.

On the other hand we will be able to withdraw our money whenever we feel like it, since in Go & Grow there is no restriction, whenever you want you cánido collect.

The 5 euro gift that we receive when we register go to our Go & Grow account.

You perro withdraw them by making any deposit, even the minimum of €0.01.

To withdraw the money we just have to go to refund on the menu.

· Here we cánido select the type of portfolio that we are going to have.

There are several types of risk.

We cánido choose between ultra-conservative, conservative, balanced, progressive and opportunistic.

The risk increases according to what is chosen, although the reward is also greater.

We cánido also choose the country where we want to invest and the qualification of each loan.

We perro change all this whenever we see fit.

· In this category we will be able to entrar the secondary market of Bondora.

We have a wide list of loans where we cánido vea their characteristics.

Secondary Market Example

referral system

If you are good at getting Bondora referrals, you will like it, since you perro earn a lot of money in this section.

You only need a website or move well through popular networks.

The moment someone registers from your referral backlink, they earn 5 free euros that will be credited to their Bondora Go & Grow account and that they cánido withdraw by making any investment.

Also, if a referral of yours invests at least 10 euros, we automatically entrar a draw for 2,500 euros in cash.

The number of referrals does not matter, simply with one investing 10 euros, you will entrar the draw.

On the other hand, also if a referral makes an investment of €1,000, both he and we will receive a €25 plus.

This promotion is valid if the investment is made within the first 30 days after registration.

Opinion about Bondora

Bondora is a fairly attractive platform for investors, since we have several options, among which automatic investment stands out.

A novice or conservative investor is usually reluctant to invest, since the amounts to start perro be high.

In Bondora this does not happen, since we cánido start with only €0.01withdraw our money whenever we want, since there is no minimum and as if that were not enough, we receive 5 euros as a gift, with which we cánido make sure that we do not put so much money at risk from our own pocket.

Perhaps it is missing that the loans have a repurchase guarantee, it is a agregado of security that most sites in the ámbito have, but the truth is that Bondora makes up for this with good reviews thanks to the trust that all these companies have earned. years, a confidence undoubtedly based on the legality and reliability of the site.

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 Bondora |  Get 5 euros free
  Bondora |  Get 5 euros free
  Bondora |  Get 5 euros free

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