Bolívar Today in Cúcuta

Bolívar Today in Cúcuta

Below we publish the price of the bolivar todayand how the currency exchange is made, on our page, we refer to the value of the Bolívar on the Borderaccording to the average of the exchange houses in the city in North Santander Cucuta

Price of the bolivar today in Cúcuta

Although the Bolívar today in Cúcuta It has lost a bit of value, there are many ways to manage to earn money, and today taking into account the crisis that Venezuela is going through, the most important trading point for bolívares is the North of Santander (Colombia).

The governments of both countries do not have a very good relationship in terms of politics, but the cross-border trade Both countries have gained a lot of boom, due to the number of Venezuelans crossing the bridge to purchase innumerable products that are scarce in that country.

Therefore, in this article we will give you updated information regarding the Bolivar price today in Cúcuta.

Price of the Cúcuta bolivar today in cash and transfer

How is the Bolivar today in Cúcuta

Purchase – Cash Sale – Y también Currency
0.029 BsS 0.034 BsS Bolivares
Purchase – Transfer Sale – T Currency
0.0165 BsS 0.0235 BsS Bolivares

Price Value Yesterday

Purchase – Cash Sale – Y también Currency
0.040 BsS 0.050 BsS Bolivares
Purchase – Transfer Sale – T Currency
0.0165 BsS 0.0235 BsS Bolivares

Change at the Border @Movicambios

Although the bolivar today in Cúcuta has lost a bit of value, there are many ways to manage to make money

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What does the price of the bolivar orinan today in Cúcuta?

To warm up a little more, we explain what it is or what does price of bolivar today in Cúcuta? This is a referential value used by the exchange houses in Cúcuta to give a price to the operations at the time of making the currency exchange, either by cash or transfer.

You must take into account that at this point supply and demand play a primordial role in the change from VEF to COP in Change Today in Cucuta since the value of both currencies is fixed by the free market.

bolivar cucuta today

And currently, and despite the political problems that both countries may experience, trade continues to be carried out normally with regard to the use of the currencies VEF (Venezuelan bolivar fuerte) and COP (Colombian peso).

Price of the bolivar in Cucuta

The value of the currency is the result of the economic performance of each country. The price of the bolivar in Cúcuta Today it goes up or down, depending on political and economic factors.

What is the Cúcuta bolivar exchange rate today?

The change is a rate used by Colombian merchants in Norte de Santander, to give it the value at the time you make the change between bolivars and Colombian pesos.

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One point that cannot be forgotten is the dollar, the price of this coin in both countries, that is Colombia and Venezueladirectly influences the bolivar exchange rate cucuta todaysince it is a reference for both economies.

Today the price of bolivar today in Cúcuta it remains below the Colombian peso.

Price of the peso Today in Cucuta

Something you should know when you escoge to come to Colombia is that at the border there are currently two prices for change. bolivar cucuta today, firstly the cash price, secondly the transfer value.

Where cánido people make the change in Cúcuta today?

People who want to make the currency exchange in cucuta todayThey cánido do it at any exchange housewhich are the financial agencies in charge of this process, which are accredited by the (DIAN Tax and Customs Directorate ).

What is the DIAN, a Colombian body in charge of ensuring compliance with customs, immigration and exchange payments.

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In the Villa del Rosario municipality stop or in the downtown cucuta You perro find countless exchange houses affiliated with this organization, where you cánido safely exchange money.

An important fact that you should know is that the best rates in the city cánido be found in the surroundings of the Santander Park.

Bolivar Cucuta Exchange

The change in cucuta todaymust be calculated taking as reference the dollar pricein Venezuela (DICOM, DIPRO, parallel), in Colombia (TRM).

DICOM and DIPRO Venezuela

The one who sets the price of the dollar (DICOM and DIPRO) it is the government of Venezuela, while the price of the parallel dollar is equipo by the free market.

Currently, Venezuelans travel daily to Cucuta (Colombia) to exchange currency and buy basic basket products, medicines, and other products that are scarce in their country or that cannot be purchased due to the cost.


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bolivar price today

In the price of the change in the Cucuta Exchange House not only economic factors influence, since the political aspecto directly affects the change from bolivars to pesos today.

Although it may seem unbelievable, Venezuelans who escoge to travel to Colombia to buy do so taking into account that there is a much greater variety of elementos and that in many cases their cost is cheaper than in that country.

Change from Pesos to Bolivares by Transfer

In Cúcuta there are many types of exchanges for those who arrive at the Colombian border, one of the most common are Change Pesos to BolivaresMany foreigners, mostly Venezuelans.

You send your remittances from the exchange houses, and they make these conversions from Pesos to Bolivares to be able to send money to your relatives for daily sustenance.

Cucuta price today

That’s why every day in the city the call Cucuta price todayis when it refers to the exchange of Pesos A Bolívares and vice versa.

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 Bolívar Today in Cúcuta
  Bolívar Today in Cúcuta
  Bolívar Today in Cúcuta

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