Body parts in English

Body parts in English

learn the body parts in English, is essential when we are studying this language; Well, many times, we will have to refer to at least one of them during a conversation.

Within this vocabulary, learning each term used to refer to the body is the basics.

Let’s remember that Animals also have many of the same parts that we do.therefore these words are also used when they are the noun of the sentence.

These encompass the entire structure of the body, whether it is what is in plain sight or what is internal.

Therefore, to facilitate their study, we have taken care of classifying them into categories, according to the area where they are located, as you perro see in the following list of all body parts in english and spanish.


Neck Neck Waist Waist
Back Back Rib Rib
Chest/Thorax Chest Side/Side side
Hip Hip Belly button Navel/Belly button
Spine/Spine spine woman chest bust


Arm arms Leg legs
Shoulder shoulder Foot feet
Hand hands Knee knee
Elbow elbow Feet (plural) feet
Finger fingers Toe toes
Doll Wrist Thigh thigh
Heel heel Ankle ankle
A nails Palm of the hand Palm
Thumb Thumb Forearm Forearm


Head Head Cheeks cheeks
Nose I don’t know Forehead Forehead
Lips lips Moustache mustache
Teeth teeth Eyelid eyelid
Chin chin Eyelash Eyelash
Beard beard Hair Hair
Ear ear Face face
Eyes eyes

Internal parts of the body in English

In this section on body parts in English, so far we have studied the words used for everything that is in plain sight in each of us and of course some animals.

It is time to go deeper (literally), and cover everything that we cannot see, since it remains in the internal structure.

Heart Heart Kidneys teeth
Liver Liver Language tongue
Bowels intestine Come to come
Lungs lung Bones bones
Blood Blood Artery artery
Stomach Stomach Muscle muscle
Brain Brain

English body parts of animals

Although several of the words that we have taught you apply to both people and animals; the latter also have body parts that we do not have.

For that reason, for them we perro use the following words

Paw paw Fin End
Hoof Hoof / hooves At wings
Line tail Quill Quill
Fur Animal’s hair Canine canine

Some sample sentences

  • My head hurts
  • To dance you must move your feet
  • Close your eyes, I have a surprise for you
  • That color looks good on your lips
  • Mary dyed her hair red (Mary dyed her hair red)
  • The wings of that bird are beautiful
  • Scott’s lungs no longer work

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 Body parts in English
  Body parts in English
  Body parts in English

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