Bluehost Tutorial 2022: How to Create Your Blog on

Bluehost Tutorial 2022: How to Create Your Blog on

Throughout my life I have tried many ways to earn money and the truth is that I had never seriously thought about doing it the way I would like the most: writing.

That is why more than a year ago I began to think about why I had never tried it, and I also felt the need to have something of my own, something that I liked and that, in addition to being a source of money, It was also something I really enjoyed doing..

Although I didn’t know much about creating a web page, I had learned the basics from various friends since inevitably when you move through the world of weblogs and networks, you find out one way or another about the tools you need.

As a first step, I had to think carefully about what theme to choose to create my own blog. But what really worried me It was the need I had for a hosting and domain to carry out my ideas.

On this issue, I was practically at zero, because I had no iniciativa which service you should use.

Among various suggestions and reviews that I read on the Internet, most They ended up on a page called Bluehost. That’s when I thought “if they recommend it so much, it perro’t be bad”.

As soon as I entered, I saw that compared to the other hosting pages that I had reviewed, this one had very good plans that to my surprise, They even brought the domain as a gift! So I ended up hiring the services.

Creating my blog and even my most recent website was very easy using Bluehost, especially since it espectáculos you step by step how to do it and once you start enjoying the hosting service, you see that it is fast and efficient.

If you have thought about create your own blog or website, let me espectáculo you how to do it with Bluehost in this super easy tutorial I have for you.

Bluehost Tutorial: Follow these steps to create your blog

What is Bluehost?

What types of web pages perro you create with Bluehost?

Bluehost Tutorial: How to create a website or blog

How to choose the best domain name for your page?

How to install WordPress on Bluehost?

Perro I create an en línea store on Bluehost?

4 methods to earn money with your website or blog

whatWhat is Bluehost?

In order to create a blog or a web page you need a hosting service and domain that allow you to launch it on the Internet. Bluehost is a platform that offers you all that.

Many people, entrepreneurs or not, who have ever thought about create a blog or web page, they get discouraged thinking that it is very difficult and need to be programmers to achieve it and the truth is that this thought is not true.

You do not need to have great knowledge and less when using a platform like Bluehost that helps you in the installation of the web or en línea store using options like WooCommerce in WordPress.

Previously you needed to use codes, shortcuts and go through many processes to create a website, but with Bluehost you perro do it. in a couple of clicks at the moment that you have access to the page.

The hosting It’s essential to create a website.

This basically consists of the space where all the information, images, archivos and options that you use on your site will be stored. It’s like a warehouse where you will save everything from your website.

Hosting and domain services are not free, that’s why you have to pay for them in periods of a month, 6 months or even a year.

When you contract the service, the hosting is available immediately, what you should worry about It’s more for a domain.

In the case of Bluehost, they give you some for free at the time of registration.

If you don’t quite understand what a domain is, it’s pretty fácil.

Basically, is the name you give to your site and the backlink with which they cánido go to your page.

For example, if your blog is called “El Rincón de las Flores”, Your domain would be something like:

Here in Gananci, we have a domain that is just like the name of the blog:

The domains are unique, that is, no one else cánido have the same that you once is registered.

Bluehost is the perfect platform to create any type of site on the Internet. From a blog like mine, to a web page of your choice and even an en línea store.

What kind of websites cánido you create with Bluehost?

In bluehost perro create weblogs, en línea stores, web pages to promote your business or your services, forums for opinions and reviews.

In short, you cánido create the page you want about anything.

Reviewing a little how you create a web page, regardless of what type it is, you need a hosting and domain.

Now, when you hire a hosting service like Bluehost, this will not put limitations on you about what kind of web pages you perro create.

all platform gives you the options so you cánido design and create the page or blog you have in mind.

You just have to clic on several options which of course will vary depending on the page you create, but it is still just as easy.

Keeping this in mind and knowing that you perro create the type of page you want, you perro make your imagination run wild. regarding what you are looking for and you want.

The most frequently created web pages They are weblogs and en línea stores.

In the case of en línea stores, Bluehost works great with WooCommerce which is a function in WordPress that allows you to make en línea stores.

For the weblogs, you just need further optimization WordPress where you perro add the extensions and functions you want.

The difficult part of creating a web page is not the beginning, but discover the type of functions that you want to be in your main menu.

However, Bluehost espectáculos you the best options or at least the most basic depending on the type of web page you plan to create.

If you do not want to go for the most common and you plan to create pages such as wikis, download sites, search engines, game websites, educational sites, among other options that are available, you shouldn’t worry.

For each type of page there is a different optimization and therefore, an installation according to the page.

With Bluehost you perro create the web page you want and about what you like best, it cánido even be about chewing gum.

Bluehost Walkthrough: How to create a website or blog

1. Entrar the Bluehost page

Logically, to be able to create your web page or blog you need to visit first hand the Bluehost page where you perro access the options.

you perro go straight to the page by clicking here or on the button below.

Once you are inside, the first thing you need will be to choose one of the plans that Bluehost offers for hosting and domain.

To do this you just have to clic on the green button “Begin”.

Once you have clicked on it, you will be able to see the 3 plans that Bluehost offers.

The first is the basic with which you cánido create only one web page or blog, a limited space of 50 GB for the site and all the tools you need to use have a certain limit.

The basic plan is more than anything to make a blog since at the beginning you do not need to upload as much information and therefore, there is no need to have an unlimited range of tools.

However, for more elaborate web pages, a more professional plan is necessary. such as advanced or choice agregado.

the two are afín in terms of benefits since the space on the website, the bandwidth, the number of web pages you perro create and the rest, are unlimited.

The only thing that does not vary in the 3 plans is that they only give you a domain.

The basic plan is a good option if you just want to try a blog and stay as fácil as possible for now, agregado if you don’t have with a lot of money it is the cheapest and is currently priced at just $3.95 per month.

The advanced and the choice agregado are priced at $10.99 and $14.99, but there is an offer where you perro contract any of the two for $5.95 per month.

Both differ nothing more in that the choice agregado brings additional benefits, such as domain privacy.

Personally, I recommend getting the advanced long-term as it offers pretty much the same as the choice agregado and It is a good option for you to create your website or blog without limitations.

But for the moment that both are at the same cost, you could contract the choice agregado and switch to advanced when it returns to habitual cost.

2. Register your domain or create a new one

As soon as you escoge which plan you want from Bluehost, it will ask you to register a domain that you already own or create a new one.

To register an existing domain you only have to go to the part of the second box where you have to write it (without the need for the “ but yes with the extension. For example, “.com”.

In the case of creating one from scratch, it is the box on the left.

In this you perro write the domain you want and with the extension that best suits you, however, I recommend you keep a domain that has “.com” at the end of it since it is the most common of all.

While you are choosing your domain, Bluehost will tell you if it is available or not until you find one that is unused.

3. Fill in the contact information and additional benefits

After creating or registering your domain, You only have to fill in the information to be able to create your account in Bluehost.

You perro choose to sign up with Google plus, but I never recommend doing so as you won’t be able to customize the additional information or benefits that you want included in the Bluehost service.

In addition, it is not difficult at all to fill in the information that is requested, so it won’t take you long finish it.

First contact information is found: name, surname, address, country, among others.

After filling in the contact information, below you cánido choose the plan you want to hire agregado the benefits you want to include like site blocker or the tools of SEO from Bluehost.

You will also see all the information regarding the plan you are contracting, how much are you saving and the total cost of this one.

You cánido choose that your plan last from 12 to 60 months, the only disadvantage of choosing that it last 12 months, is that you will have to pay a little more compared to 24, 36 and 60 months.

Regardless of which one you choose, current offer price it is maintained and you would have to pay that monthly.

The installation is completely free and you cánido choose NOT to place additional benefits since they have an additional cost of $1.99 and $2.99 ​​depending on what it is.

4. Select the payment method

In order to pay for Bluehost plans You only have the option of credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

But you cánido also do it through PayPal.

To pay with your credit card you just need the number of this, the expiration date and the security code.

If you choose the PayPal option, it will not appear from the beginning and you must clic on the option from “More payment options”

When you clic on the option, “Pay with PayPal” will appear automatically, you only select in the circle before giving your correo electrónico and data.

In both cases, You must read and accept the terms of service, cancellation policy and privacy policy.

Normally no one reads these conditions, but i suggest you take a look to the cancellation policy in case you think right at the time of contracting it, cancel it at some point.

Likewise, regardless of the payment method you choose, will be deducted automatically on a monthly basis unless you cancel the plan.

When you have finished this, you must clic on the “Submit” button to continue.

If you selected PayPal as the payment method, by clicking on “Submit” will send you to the window of this so that you entrar your account and thus you perro backlink your account to the monthly payment.

5. Create the password

After verifying the payment method, you cánido go directly to create a password for your account.

You must clic on “Create your password” and it will send you to the window to write it.

It won’t take long, but make sure you think of a long one, with numbers, alphanumeric and quite difficult for your site.

Remember that your hosting is the one that will save much of the information on your website or blog, so if someone accesses you could lose the page.

Think about it a bit until you come up with a password that is easy for you to remember, but difficult for others.

When you’ve done it, just clic on “Next” and you will start designing.

6. Choose or upload your theme

You are ready to design! So once you create your password, Bluehost will send you to a window where you cánido choose several themes for your web page or blog already designed and that you just have to clic on “Install”.

If you don’t want any of them or you had already thought of one for your site, then you cánido also upload it.

But if you only want one at the moment, you cánido also choose it and change it later.

It is habitual that at the beginning you do not have a specific iniciativa of ​​the topic you want for your page, but for that reason you cánido start with one and switch to later.

themes vary depending on what you are looking for: trips, themes, consultations, advice, minimal, among others.

However, if you don’t want to think or choose now, you perro skip this step and come back whenever you want.

7. Build your website or your blog with WordPress

When you have passed the topic stage or skip it for now, it’s time to choose which option you want to build your website.

Bluehost offers you two options: build your blog with WordPress or with the panel of them.

However, I fully recommend that choose the WordPress option since it is more complete and you perro work with all the tools.

I personally have also tried the Bluehost panel and although it is not bad, some things are missing.

So the best option is that you build your page with WordPress which in the same way is the one that works best when creating, optimizing and benefits.

Besides, it’s not that hard to use as many paint it.

From the the moment you entrar WordPress, you perro start writing design or create plugins of what you want.

Also you will have all the tools like WooCommerce and other business or blog options.

From here your own design begins and if you did not choose the topic, You cánido pause this and go see which one you will finally choose to have a more concrete iniciativa of ​​how to proceed with your website.

When creating your site or entering WordPress, you will immediately be showing the window “Coming Soon” or something afín to “Coming Soon” until you are ready to launch your page.

When you are, you just have to clic on the “Launch” option and design will be shown and everything you have built on your website or blog.

And ready! You created your website with Bluehost.

how to choose the best name domain name for your page?

The name of the domains normally it is the same as the one on your website regardless of the theme.

Following the example from the beginning, Gananci has the same name as the blog as a domain, that is,

This is normally done so that people perro search more easily the page if they forget to save it or if they forgot where they first found you.

You probably already knew this, but I want to make it clear since it is habitual to try to choose a short and flashy domain although it is not the same as the name of your page.

In context, it does not have to be identical, but it is the most recommended unless when you’re creating it is already in use.

But okey, going more towards how to choose it, It’s all a matter of keeping a few points in mind:

  • The Dominion is what will associate your brand and that is why it should have, if possible, the same name.
  • It must be striking. If you want people to remember it just by seeing it once, then you have to come up with something that is hard for them to forget.
  • Take into account the positioning on the Internet. If you have palabras clave in your domain that are habitual in searches, Google plus will favor you by showing you in them.
  • It perro not be very long.
  • Take your time to pick it, no one is rushing you.

Putting all these points together, to choose your domain name You should keep in mind that the name of your page will most likely be that of your domain as well.

Also, if you want them to remember it, it cánido’t be long since let’s face it, the name might not be difficult, but people do not process such a long name from the beginning, and if they try to look you up by your domain, it will be more work.

On the other hand, Google plus positioning is about palabras clave according to the topic you are covering on your page.

For example, in the business and economics part, the palabras clave most wanted are: earn money and start a business.

Of course, the name of your domain does not necessarily have to have all those palabras clave, but at least have a word related to them.

Finally, do not despair, to choose the name of your page you perro see that of others.

Try to find inspiration and get an iniciativa of ​​what names you could use, you could even compose one from other pages.

But still, What else do I suggest you focus on? it is in the fact that you like it and it is original.

As install WordPress on Bluehost?

When you have agreed to a plan bluehost and have everything ready to start designing your website, you cánido build either with WordPress or the site dashboard.

As I told you above, WordPress is better option when it comes to building a website.

But in order to do it, You must first install WordPress on Bluehost.

It’s not a complicated process, but yes you will have to make some decisions in the process that will depend on what you are looking for in the installation.

First you need to go to the Bluehost page and login with your correo electrónico and password.

When you have entered, you will be able to see the Bluehost panel where you must scroll the page down a bit until you see the option to “Install WordPress”.

When you clic on the “Install WordPress” option, you will go to a window where they will espectáculo you two installation options.

The first of these is “Do it yourself (FREE)” which means you cánido do the installation yourself and it’s totally free.

the second of “Let us do it for you (Paid)” It consists of Bluehost taking care of the entire installation process, but you must pay an amount of money for it and just below the option you will see the cost of it.

Depending on the installation you choose, the cost varies and so do the benefits that come with WordPress.

The cheapest installation has a cost of $99 where WordPress will be installed on your domain, you will have the installation of any theme and a credit of $49 to buy one.

The $199 option includes all of that, but also a Demo menu and site support.

Lastly, the $399 one includes all of the above agregado SEO, security, WordPress theme training, and greater security.

These options they are quite expensive and although I explained what it consists of and what each one brings, the truth is that you cánido do the installation of WordPress yourself.

That’s why I recommend you go for the first option which is totally free. You just have to clic on “Install”.

When you have chosen the free installation, An option will appear where you must choose the domain that you would like to install and below it, the “Check Domain” option.

Once you clic there, you will have to choose one last option “Espectáculo advanced options” so that, as the option says, you cánido see all the advanced tools in the WordPress.

Once these first options have been chosen, you will have a window where they will espectáculo you boxes for “Site name”, “Admin Nombre de usuario” and “Admin Password”, where you should put the name of your site, the administrator nombre de usuario and password.

This is for you to give the name to the web page that you are going to create with WordPress and have the nombre de usuario and password with which you will entrar the account later.

You should also check the option “Automatically create a new database for this installation” so that you perro create a database of the site and save all the information.

Then clic on “Install now”.

Just then the installation will start and you cánido see the whole process in the bar that will be created above the site.

Once complete, it will tell you that it is finished and clicking on “View Credentials”, you perro verify that everything has been installed perfectly.

Go down the page a bit and go to the option where it says “View” to view credential details and the site in general.

The purpose of verifying credentials is that you make sure that the data that you previously placed the name of the site, the administrator and the password are correct.

When you are doing this, you will notice that there are two URLs, one is the one of your web page and the other is the one you will use to entrar the Site admin screen.

already did you check? So everything is ready.

Now you perro entrar WordPress and build your website.

cánido i create one En línea store on bluehost?

With bluehost you cánido create any type of web page, including en línea stores.

The process of creating a not much different from a blog or any other website, you just have to make sure that you specialize in it.

To create your en línea store on Bluehost you have several options that you perro see in the main menu of the hosting.

The first is to go to the “One-Clic Installs” option where you perro choose to have Bluehost install the features of an en línea store on your website and you perro use them once the installation is finished.

However, this method may cost more money. of which you are already paying by the plan because of the additional tools that need to be included.

Therefore, I recommend you use the second option: WordPress with WooCommerce.

When you install WordPress on Bluehost, You have all the functions and tools available, including WooCommerce.

Some WordPress extensions as such are paid, but the one you need to create the en línea store is completely free.

Also, WooCommerce on WordPress Is the best option that you have to create the en línea store you are looking for for different reasons:

  1. Why both the installation like WooCommerce complemento they are free.
  2. You cánido choose any Bluehost template and will be coincidente with the store (you perro even choose one from another page).
  3. Bluehost optimizes and makes hosting Exceptional to WordPress therefore, the same will happen with an en línea store that you believe in it.
  4. It will look very professional and it will be easy to handle and editar.

To create your WordPress store through Bluehost, you just have to entrar WordPress and look for the Plugins option that appears in the toolbar on your left.

Select it and clic on “Add new”, which will send you directly to the window of available plugins.

In the search bar type “WooCommerce” and it will appear immediately. Next, you just have to clic on “Install now”.

When the installation is finished, clic on “Activate complemento” and at the end everything will be ready to get started with WooCommerce on WordPress with Bluehost.

It will open automatically the WooCommerce window that will guide you step by step to equipo up your en línea store.

The basic thing is to add the essential tools like “Shop”, “Cart” buttons, “Complete Purchase”, as well as “My Account”.

Then just clic “Continue” to continue with the configuration.

Now, the most important part is to detalla and configure your account preferences such as where it is located, the currency you want to accept and the way you want it to be presented.

After that, you have to configure the part of Shipping and Taxes where you will indicate if you will send physical packages, if they will have to pay for national or international shipping and if they will have to pay a certain amount of taxes.

You should also include what payment methods you are willing to accept.

The most common are credit cards, PayPal, even options like accept checks and transfers.

Already after that, everything is ready! You perro start the en línea store with these fácil settings and with Bluehost hosting without any problem.

4 methods for earn money with your website or blog

Surely at some point you will want to generate income with your blog or your website; the good thing about en línea sites is that practically Any topic you cánido think of cánido be monetized.

Now, the big question you must be asking yourself is how to make money with it and with methods that really work.

That’s why I share here the 4 ways that have worked best for me to me to generate income with my blog:

affiliate marketing

He affiliate marketing it’s something you should have have heard several times even by pure coincidence.

Whether or not you know about it, it’s time for you to soak up it well and start taking advantage of it.

It is very fácil, It is a type of advertising where you ally with a brand or product that you should promote on your blog or website.

How do you make money with it? Easy, the person with whom you affiliate will give you an affiliate backlink that you must include in the article or advertisement that you make and for every purchase someone makes Through this, you will earn a sales commission.

How much commission do you earn? It depends on how the deal you struck with the brand or product works out.

For example, there are companies and individuals that offer percentage per sale and these vary from 15% up to even 50% also depending on what is being sold.

Others offer you a commission or payment for each time someone enters or visits your site through your backlink.

Literally if someone clicks on a backlink, you will already be earning money.

Originally, Amazon was the only one offering an affiliate program, but today all brands, bloggers and many other entities are interested on it to expand.

It will not be difficult to find one, you just have to knock on the doors or even, may opportunities come to you sometime.

Sell ​​own products

A Web page It perro be about what you want: movies, vídeo games, travel, crafts and countless other things.

But the fact that you open a web page that is just to give information or just a blog, it does not orinan that later you cannot integrate an en línea store to it.

Most of the people who create a web page focus on making it grow (and in fact, it is what you should focus on at the beginning), and thus have many users, readers and visitors.

Then what do they do? They launch a line of products related to the style and theme of their website so that their readers buy them.

In this way, you avoid having to spend through some intermediary at the moment to sell a product and the profit margin is much higher.

Besides, you don’t need to have a large number of products at the beginning and do not have to be so elaborate.

You perro invest a little money in creating something you think would attract attention and put it on limited sale to see how much profit you make on it.

The products you sell do not have to be physical, you perro even sell electronic content such as libros electrónicos, guides, programs or any iniciativa that comes to you.

Any digital product that you think is possible to sell is a great option since you will not be investing large capital and you perro see a greater profit without the need to invest a lot.

Use Google plus Adsense

One of the methods most effective and habitual to earn money is the Google plus Adsense program that basically consists of showing ads on your web page.

SEO positioning and advertising all over the internet is what everyone is looking for to promote your business or even website.

For this reason, people give a lot of money to appear on all possible sites and so users wake up true interest in them.

This method works much like marketing affiliates, it is obtained only by clic.only in this case the profit

That is, for every time someone clicks on the ad from your page, you will earn a percentage of money from Google plus depending on what the advertiser you are paying for your ad to appear on multiple sites.

In this way, both you and the advertiser are winning.

Your money.

The advertiser, traffic to his site.

To better understand all this, I recommend that you read the following article: Step by step tutorial to earn money with Google plus Adsense.

Offer your services

If you write a blog or create a website on a specific topic, with the passage of time people will know that you are an expert in it.

Therefore, you will come across many who seek to achieve the same as you but do not know how to do it.

They will also seek to have your knowledge and that you teach them everything you know.

In order to reach this level and earn money with this method, you have to give confidence to your readers and all Internet users.

That each article or publication that you do demonstrate more and more your capacity and knowledge about the subject that you are dealing with on the page.

Thus, you will see that there will be many people who seek a kind of advice and if you want to take the step even faster, you cánido yourself make an announcement that you offer them when you feel that your readers have confidence in you.

For example, you could do courses, workshops and sessions with several of them.

Everything would be a matter of registering or buy a kind of “ticket” to your class or session.

you will be charging for your knowledge and work, and they will be learning everything you have done and what you know about the subject.

And you, have you already tried Bluehost to create your own website? Tell me in the comments below how it went or if you have any questions.

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 Bluehost Tutorial 2022: How to Create Your Blog on
  Bluehost Tutorial 2022: How to Create Your Blog on
  Bluehost Tutorial 2022: How to Create Your Blog on

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