BlueCrew – Become a W-2 employee and

BlueCrew – Become a W-2 employee and

In today’s era, finding a job perro be a daunting task, especially for those looking for temporary or part-time jobs.

This is where BlueCrew comes in, a jobs aplicación that matches skilled workers with temporary jobs in a variety of industries, from food service to construction.

In this Gigonway guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about BlueCrew and how it cánido help you find the job you need.

Blue Crew website

What is Blue Crew?

Born out of a tech entrepreneurship class taught by three Stanford University students, BlueCrew is an on-demand temp-hiring platform designed for “upending old-fashioned, traditional temp agencies«.

The company says its goal is to provide a select workforce to cover primarily service jobs, such as warehousing, moving and delivery, product picking, packaging, event staffing, and concierge.

How does Blue Crew work?

To become a member of the BlueCrew team, you need to download the BlueCrew aplicación, for Android or iOS, and fill out an application, profile, and sintetiza on the company’s website.

A BlueCrew recruiter will then review your application to see if your experience and skills are a good match for the available jobs with the company.

If the application is approved, you will be required to attend a one-hour orientation session to learn how the company and aplicación work and what is expected of you as a member of the BlueCrew team.

Once you’ve attended orientation, passed the background check, and logged into the company’s payroll system, you cánido begin accepting jobs.

BlueCrew members are hired as W2 employees (more about this in the frequently asked questions) of the company and, therefore, are governed by the laws regarding non-discrimination, wages and hours worked.

Jobs from BlueCrew are sent to your phone vía push notification, and if you want to take a job, simply reply vía the aplicación.

The jobs you receive are based on your skills and your location.

When you accept an offer from BlueCrew and your application is approved, you will receive a confirmation with more information and directions to the job site.

If you apply for a job and all positions have been filled, you will receive a waitlist notification and if one of the positions opens again, you will be able to apply again.

How much does BlueCrew pay and how do payments work?

BlueCrew salaries vary depending on the job and since most Blue Crew positions are general tarea, the pay scale is typically minimum wage or slightly above.

For jobs longer than eight hours, the company also pays overtime (in California).

BlueCrew pays by check either direct deposit and checks are mailed every Friday.

BlueCrew team members who have earned at least 50 points in the company’s rating system are also offered the option to pay vía a BlueCrew debit card.

Is BlueCrew legit? How are the comments?

Although started as part of a university project, BlueCrew is a legitimate company with headquarters in San Francisco.

However, as it is still a relatively young company, its reach is comparatively small and it is currently only available in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Reno, Nev.

Additionally, while their small sample of opinions is generally favourable, several complaints cite a lack of job notifications, a buggy aplicación, and problems getting paid through the company’s payroll system.

Others have noted that while they do accept jobs that are listed as available, wasting time waiting for confirmation or waitlist notification cánido be frustrating.

Another issue that critics of BlueCrew point to is the lack of response from the help desk, both from the aplicación and from the employees.

Recommendation: If you like warehouse and delivery jobs, you cánido also check out TaskRabbit and Wonolo, as well as Amazon Flex for delivery jobs and Qwick for catering jobs and special events.

Do you want to try BlueCrew?

Here is a direct backlink to the BlewCrew site.

What its users say (Apple Aplicación Store):

I found BlueCrew through an ad in CL while looking for full or part time night work.

After downloading the aplicación and setting up an interview, my profile was equipo up the next day and my background check cleared up quickly.

In less than three weeks, I found a job that worked for me and I am happy with the way Blue Crew has treated me and the process.

I have been a patient with BlueCrew in Atlanta due to the late start date, although I appreciate that they paid for half a week of work.

However, work notifications are not sent at a reasonable hour and now I am frequently put on hold due to late notifications, making work difficult.

My current supervisor is not helpful.

BlueCrew Main Features

payment schedules

BlueCrew workers are paid every Friday and the company’s pay period runs from Monday to Sunday.

This means it takes a minimum of five days, and up to 12 days, to get paid for work done for Blue Crew.

The company offers direct deposit, but if you choose to cash by check, it may take several days for the check to arrive in the correo.

BlueCrew offers debit card payment, but this option is not offered to new team members.

Interviews and onboarding

BlueCrew requires the completion of an application, sintetiza, and profile.

Following review by a company recruiter to ensure their skills match the company’s open positions, potential BlueCrew team members are also required to attend an orientation.

Once approved by BlueCrew, the job notifications you receive will be based on your geographic location and the skill equipo obtained during the application process.


BlueCrew’s merit system is based on points and offers perks and even small hourly pay increases as certain levels are reached.

Points are earned for completing jobs, getting “favorites” from an employer, and receiving top scores on a job.

However, the BlueCrew system also subtracts points for bad scores, cancellations, and for going more than 15 days without accepting a job.


BlueCrew is only available on the West Coast, with operations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Reno.

However, because the BlueCrew aplicación is location-prioritized, the work notifications a BlueCrew member receives may be limited by where in those cities they live in relation to where they work.

Also, accepting a job at BlueCrew does not orinan you get it, as you perro end up on the waiting list if all the positions have already been filled.


The BlueCrew aplicación sends out job ads based on location, the skill equipo one enters during the application process, and the recruiter’s subjective assessment of the company.

While this perro help a company fill jobs quickly, it cánido also exclude BlueCrew’s best or most motivated employees from the position due to their location or perceived aptitude.

On-demand staff

Although BlueCrew claims to “upend old-fashioned, traditional temp agencies,” its system favors workers who simply take jobs more often.

Hence, despite its lofty claims, the company essentially functions as a digital temp agency, making jobs available to pools of employees that have been determined by its algorithm.

Frequent questions

To end

BlueCrew is a great platform for temporary workers looking for maleable, high-paying jobs.

Their easy-to-use aplicación and customer support make the process of finding and applying for jobs easier and more efficient.

Additionally, as a company that values ​​the safety of its workers, BlueCrew offers additional employment protections and benefits, making it an attractive option for anyone seeking temporary employment.

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 BlueCrew – Become a W-2 employee and
  BlueCrew – Become a W-2 employee and
  BlueCrew – Become a W-2 employee and

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