blog cleaning

blog cleaning

Hello friends!!, today I come to present the first blog cleanup.

I get out of the crisis It has been running for over a year.

We are becoming more and more, and after a afín articulo that I did some time ago, I think that the time has come to delete some pages.

HE deleted for various reasons, mainly because they have stopped paying or have a very good oportunidad that they will not pay again.

Others, especially applications, are deleted because either the promotions they had have run out.

Or because they do not stop adding more points unless they make offers with the expense of money.

But you’d better explain point by point.

All sections of the blog, and see the pages that are removed, those that are not and explain why.

Let’s go mess!

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  • In the section Popular networkscontinue the two pages, Fanslave and SocialPublialthough things go slowly it is added every day, this is a section to which I must add more pagesI am studying some that seem to work very well.
  • The four pages and the application that I am using to earn Cashback are still working perfectly.

    Money is earned for your purchases, for recommending products and for performing small tasks.

  • The PTC section remains as isat the moment I do not intend to add more pages to this section, mainly because all the ads that usually have this type of pages and due to their instability, although currently it seems that the ones I have work pretty well and still paywe never have them all with us.
  • Of we keep all the surveysIt is a good option to earn money en línea.

    The best thing about these types of pages is that most of them are sent directly to our dirección de correo electrónico and others have google plus extensions, as is the case of Clixsense.

  • In the applications I am going to remove some of my móvil inteligente.

    In addition to the fact that I already have many, because some of them are not profitable to have:


It seems that I have reached the limit of watching vídeos and daily checking, although I install recommended applications or offers, it does not let me continue adding.

Uninstall it and stop recommending it.

see each other.

The first aplicación i talked aboutI really don’t use it anymore, I reached the top of recommendations and I think the offer is over, I remove it from the blog and from my móvil.

  • Bitcoin.

    I have said on occasion that 2018 will be the year of cryptocurrenciesthat’s why I have so many pages to earn cryptocurrencies, be they bitcoin, etherum or ripple.

    Here I have to make some changes, especially some pages that have disappeared:


ANDra one good PTC in which we could earn a little, but it was earned and had a good referral system.

It disappeared without saying goodbye, I waited a couple of weeks to see if it would come back, but it didn’t come back, so we removed it and put our efforts into other PTCs.

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  • Other ways to earn money.

    This is where I’ve made the most changes.

    There is some pages that if they are not already scam, will take a very short time to be.

    Therefore, we remove them and stop recommending them.

    Here I explain them:

Snuckls, Baymack and Skylom.

Are I put three pages in the same section, since they belong to the same administrator.

although it was difficult to win in each of them, it became much more complicated with more users than we are, more to distribute, less prizes.

Then Snuckls disappears and they continue with Baymack and Skylom.

Personally, I stopped using it a week ago, because of the time it took me to watch the vídeos and how much it slowed down the computer.

It seems that some users have not been paid.

Others need to have active referrals in order to get paid.

In short, what I stop recommending them, due to the little performance they have.

earn money.

program that he paid us to have it installed on our computer.

If it is a high gain computer, you will not notice the change.

However, if you have one around the house, it will slow it down a lot, even after uninstalling it..

You will need to do a deep cleaning. My computer is used at home, that’s why I stop recommending it.


And that’s all my friends, I leave some pages and in the next few days I will be putting othersthis is so, earning money en línea is not an easy thing, but it cánido be done.

It’s hard work, but with luck and work we perro get a plus and get out of the crisis.

Without more I say goodbye.

A greeting, good luck and many successes!!!

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 blog cleaning
  blog cleaning
  blog cleaning

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