Blockchain Game: Play and earn Bitcoins

Blockchain Game: Play and earn Bitcoins

Hello collectors, today it is the turn to talk about earning money with our mobile, for this I am going to present a very cool application for all Bitcoin lovers. It is about Blockchain Game, a free game to raise blocks, addictive and that will make us earn satoshis every hour.

This aplicación no ​​longer exists, we stopped promoting it.

icon-tasks Data sheet:

icon-check-square Application belonging to the Bitcoin Aliens group, owner of several pages to earn free Bitcoins, including bitsforclicks.icon-usuario It accepts users of all nationalities.icon-group Referrals: 1 level of referrals with which we earn 3,000 satoshis if they manage to overcome at least 50 blocks in one of their games.icon-money Minimum payment: The minimum payment is located at 20,000 satoshis, they pay every Tuesday.icon-credit-card Payment methods used: Any Bitcoin wallet.

Blockchain Game Operation

The operation is quite fácil, once the application is downloaded and installed correctly we will have to go to Play Now to start playing and earning. Our mission in the game is to lift blocks, the more we lift, the more we win, every ten blocks lifted we will have the possibility to ask for the winnings or continue playing. As we progress the difficulty is greater, so it’s up to you to ask for an amount or continue playing with the possibility of the blocks falling and losing the game. My experience tells me that after 70 blocks things get tricky, or you have cat’s reflexes or you better secure and ask for the reward as soon as possible.

We have the peace of mind that we are allowed to fail several times before kicking out of the game for an hour, in any case, do not trust yourself because having to wait an hour to try again is quite annoying.

ask for the rewardEvery time we complete a cycle of ten blocks we will have the opportunity to request the reward, as I have already said, the higher the tower of blocks, the more money we will receive. We clic on Claim and a kind of roulette wheel will appear that will grant us one of the three prizes available. If you have the skill to reach 100 blocks you have the opportunity to win up to 100,000 satoshis. Normally you usually get the minimum payment or at most the medium one, but the big one comes out because I have received it three times so far.

Payment received from Blockchain GamePayments do not have to be requested since they are automatic, they are paid every Tuesday as long as we have exceeded the minimum 20,000 satoshis. You will receive the payment in the wallet that you have entered when registering in the aplicación.

Conclusion about this aplicaciónThis application is intended for Bitcoin lovers, it allows us to earn free satoshis every 60 minutes from anywhere and, on top of that, having a good time. It is addictive and will make us forget about boredom for a while and fill our Bitcoin wallet on top of that.

Without much effort we will be earning an average of 500 satoshis per hour, that if you are not an ax like me, if you are good at it you cánido multiply your earnings in a fácil way.

Here is the backlink to download all the games from the Bitcoin Aliens group, including the one we have discussed, Blockchain game.

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 Blockchain Game: Play and earn Bitcoins
  Blockchain Game: Play and earn Bitcoins
  Blockchain Game: Play and earn Bitcoins

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