Bitvers It is the last acquisition that we make in salgodelacrisis for gain bitcoins.

Bitvers is a page created in 2018.

With Bitvers we perro earn various types of cryptocurrencies.

We will perro earn Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

For To register we will simply have to clic on this banner below.

As always, our registration will be free, here we will only have benefits.

with a little effort we perro get some cryptocurrencies.

Once clicking on the banner will take us to the registration page.

Something like this image.

Only We will have to put our nombre de usuario, our dirección de correo electrónico or correo and a password.

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After we will have to clic on “I am not a robot” and we will solve a small capchat.

And done!, we will have our Bitvers account ready.

The most interesting thing for us will be the earning tab, that is where we will have the tools to earn bitcoin.

We will have two options to earn our cryptocurrencies:

  • Paid to Clic Ads.

    Here We will have the typical ads that we will have to view for a few seconds.

    in every ad We will see in the cryptocurrency in which they are going to pay us and the display time of the ad in question.

  • Vídeo Ads.

    We will earn cryptocurrencies by watching YouTube vídeos.

    Occurs same as watching adsthe viewing time will be able to us, the cryptocurrency in which they will pay us

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Watch vídeos It is something new in the pages to earn bitcoin en líneait is also novel that we have four cryptocurrencies to earn at the same time.

I think it’s a very good iniciativa, we have it all on one page.

For pass our benefits to our relevant wallet, we must place ourselves in our nombre de usuario and from there to “withdraw”.

The collection minimums will vary depending on the cryptocurrencyI am going to explain each of them:

  • bitcoins: he minimum payment is 0.0002 bitcoinwith a feed of 0.00002 bitcoin
  • ethereum: his minimum charge will be 0.002the feed will be 0.0004 etherum
  • litecoin: with a minimum payout of 0.001 litecoin and with a feed of 0.0001 litecoin
  • bitcoin cash: minimum payment of 0.0001 bitcoin cash and with a feed of 0.00001 bitcoin cash

As you perro see, the minimum charges are quite affordable and the feeds are not exaggerated at allwith which this is a good page to monetize our time on the internet.

Like all pages we cánido invite all the friends we want.

We will earn 100% of the benefits that the friends we invite get.

If you want, you cánido register by clicking on the following banner.

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With Bitvers we have a great opportunity to win the four most important cryptocurrencies in the market.

Do not miss the opportunity to get these cryptocurrencies totally free.

Also, you will earn 100% of what your friends earn.

Do not waste time and register quickly, invite as many friends as you perro, you will see that your earnings rise like foam.

Without further ado, I say goodbye until next time.

Greetings friends!!

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