Bittube: Extension for the browser that

Bittube: Extension for the browser that

What’s up web workers how are you, I hope you are having an excellent day, this time I bring you a tutorial on an “extension” for the browser that is giving people something to talk about in the world of cryptocurrencies and crowdsourcing It is about bittube, a uso contínuo platform that pays you just for using it.

In this brief review I’m going to explain what it’s all about… I’m sure you’re going to love adding it immediately to your work portfolio, well let’s get started.

What is Bittube?

Bittube was born as a uso contínuo platform-type project, that is, its content was purely the reproduction of vídeos on its website, nothing special, right?

The point is that this is not just any vídeo platform… no… since this site is also he created his own currency or altcoin called Tube and that using blockchain technology makes it possible to reward users who consume multimedia content from his portal Granting them a certain number of “tubes” when playing vídeos or even if you are a content creator and upload some audiovisual material to their platform you are also rewarded.

This is possible thanks to the storage protocols that bittube emplees on its portal, which allow the users who live within it to be the ones who facilitate the sharing and storage of all the content that is uploaded to its platform and as a reward He will give you a small amount of his altcoin to your bittube account.

project success

The adoption has been such that currently it is not only a vídeo portal, but now they have switched to a new web domain and the portal was transformed into a popular network of multimedia content a combination between twitter and Instagram something like a twittagram or instatweet hehe.

If you want take a look:

And the best thing about all this is that they were not limited to just one website They also developed an extension for web browsers that you cánido add to them and that once installed works as an ad blocker and at the same time generates tubes for you. depending on the time of use that you spend browsing with the active extension, which I will explain below.

Download, registration and configuration

download extension

The first thing would be to download and install the extension.

From the following web backlink you cánido go to the official page of the aplicación

Register on Bittube

Regardless of the browser you use, be it Google chrome, brave, Netbox… The page automatically detects it and will adapt the installation method depending on the browser you have.

Once installed we will see it in the upper right corner next to the navigation bar where the extension icons are accommodated:

Register on Bittube

The next thing will be to register on the platform for that we clic on the extension icon and clic on “register”, we will get a typical registration form where we put a nombre de usuario, correo electrónico and password, a verification backlink will be sent to the registered dirección de correo electrónico which we must seek and press.

Finally we will be redirected to the page that tells us that our account was successfully activated.

Phone number

With our active account we cánido access the extension, but it is not fully configured yet.

We will notice that as soon as we open the aplicación we get a notification informing us that we must add and verify a phone number.

We do it by clicking on said notification, then we put the number in which we want to receive the verification code, press “send sms” and when it arrives we put the received code and press “verifiy”, as I espectáculo in the sequence:

“While I activated the account for several referrals, I noticed that with the operator digitel the verification code never arrives only with Movistar and mobilenet.”

They should also know that it is MANDATORY to associate a phone number or your account will not be fully operational.

How does Bittube work?

Backlink website or popular network

Another of the advantages that the extension has is that it not only gives you tubes for using it while browsing, it also allows you to backlink your website or popular network with it and the visits you receive, for example, to your YouTube channel, Fb or twitter profile, also they generate profits.

And this is as easy as clicking on “backlink” and placing the backlink of our Fb profile, twitter, YouTube channel or our website.

in my case backlink my youtube channel to increase my earnings with the visits I receive… It should be noted that you are not limited to putting a single You perro backlink all supported platforms!

In almost all of them it is the same, when placing the backlink of our preference and pressing backlink, then another tab will open where we must log in with the account to associate so that we grant the necessary permissions, press allow and the profile of our popular network will remain pinned to bittube.

To backlink a website of our property if it is something different, but still nothing complicated.

A message will notify us if the process was successful:

To earn money… All we have to do is NOTHING!

Now with the previous steps our account is fully configured and ready for use, yes as I told you just letting it work as an ad blocker while we browse is all it asks of us to grant us the tubes in the end the extension should look like this:

As cánido be seen in the image, the same aplicación provides us with interesting information such as the total number of tubes that we have collected, their market value, as well as graphs that espectáculo us the time of use and tubes generated per day.

Obviously, the more we navigate, the more usage time we accumulate, which translates into a greater number of tubes generated per day.

At this time it is opportune to clarify that bittube has proved so far to be a serious and reliable project And on the same web page, its developers specify that the extension neither has invasive mining functions nor does it take our information to be sold to advertising campaigns, something that they clarify in a note on their official page:

But since in these cases it is where I say “yes Luis”, I wanted to do a little test with the active extension to verify the use of my únidad central de procesamiento and in all the result is always the same my únidad central de procesamiento maintained a totally habitual use without high demand consumption as I espectáculo in this screenshot, all this for your peace of mind:

Excellent, and how do I remove the paste?

Wonderful question, of course you cánido’t miss the part where I teach you how to remove your tubes to a wallet.


as they know in Venezuela Jobs We don’t like making posts unnecessarily longer than they should be.

So in this part I will only limit myself to showing How is the process of withdrawing your wallet in bittube to a wallet that supports this currency (in this case I will use Bittrex), I will leave it for another articulo, possibly one where I will teach you how to use Bittrex for now, just follow the necessary steps to withdraw.

because still it is a relatively new cointhere are not many wallets that receive tubes yet, but the few that work with it are the most reliable (especially Bittrex) a exchanger just as secure and powerful as Binance and the withdrawal process is really easy,

It needs to be done correctly though if you don’t want to lose your coins!

Get warehouse address where we perro send our tubes

The first thing will be to access our Bittrex account and we go to the “wallets” section, there we put the word “tube” in the search engine and in the search result we will see that our currency appears:

Later they espectáculo us the following message where we check the box and clic on “continue with the deposit”.

In the following message we will see the payment_id (payment id) and the base address (deposit address) is from ADDITION IMPORTANCE copy and paste both somewhere where we have them at hand, it cánido be: In a notebook or in the notepad, since we are going to use them in a moment.

Now we go to the bittube extension, clic on “wallet” then it will ask us to entrar the 2FA code and then we will entrar the dashboard of our wallet, once there we clic on “send”:

Activate double verification aspecto or 2FA

As it is almost a estándar in most pages and aplicaciones of this type, they always advise us (although it is not mandatory) activate the 2FA aspecto to increase security from our account, which this server suggests.

Either from the mobile aplicación or from the web extension, they simply place the verification code and with that the 2FA aspecto will be active in their Bittube account (which I repeat is something optional for those who want to give their account an plus layer of security) .

We continue explaining how to collect from bittube

In this part is where we will use the data that we previously copied from Bittrex in “receiver address” we will place the “Base Address” and in “payment id” we will place the “payment_id” that we also copied from Bittrex.

Although the payment id says “optional” do not pay attention to this because it is MANDATORY CHARACTER Place both addresses otherwise when you clic on “send payment” without having put the 2 elementos you will lose all the accumulated tubes.

In the end it should look like this:

By the way, if you look at the amount, you will notice that I place a slightly lower cómputo to withdraw from the accumulated, this because of the commission charged by the Bittube network.

With this we would have finished everything regarding the use of bittube and how to make a correct withdrawal of the cómputo that we generate on this platform to our wallet, of course the last detail is missing where I espectáculo you the proof of payment:

My Payment Receipts on Bittube

In the images above you cánido see the digital bauches of tube deposits made to Bittrexin fact, they are relatively recent… Approximately I have earned up to now a total of 13 dollars (with respect to the number of tubes obtained and their current price).

It’s little money, taking into account the time it takes me.

However, I think it’s worth it, because it’s something that really requires absolutely no effort from you… Also, until the moment of creating this article I’ve been working without referrals.

It’s not bad!

It is appropriate to mention that bittube has no minimum withdrawal As far as I know, but it is recommended to make a withdrawal from $2 in accumulated cómputo, so that everything does not go to pay the fees.

Other extensions that you perro install to earn money

If this thing about browser extensions catches your attention, here below I leave you 4 portals that also have their own extension, very good for earning income:

Frequently asked questions about Bittube


Why aren’t my earnings reflected?

Earnings are credited from 1 tubethat is to say that as long as you have not managed to reach at least 1 tube, the extension will continue to say that you have 0 dollars.

On the other hand, the extension updates your earnings data approximately every 3 days.

Look at the dates that have the last TUBES paid to my cómputo:

So don’t be scared, it is habitual that in the first days of using it your cómputo remains at $0, you just have to wait for it to update.


How much do you earn daily?

Working alone and without referrals, you earn between 1 and 2 tubes daily (Using it around 6 or 8 hours on a single computer).


How do I know when the extension is on or off?

Noticing that Bittube does not block ads and daily statistics do not move, it is because you have the extension turned off and you need to activate it.

Gray color is on (The blue box that appears espectáculos how many ads I block).

Orange color is off

It should be noted that to activate or deactivate it, we do it from the following button:

The best thing to do is to always have it activated and not so much to earn money, but rather to avoid opening so many ads and pop-up windows that are always bothering us when we want to watch a movie on the Internet, listen to music or do any other activity.


Well, dear, this is all about the bittube tutorial, a page a bit different from the others, because it offers us different ways to earn your cryptocurrency, so we vary a bit from the typical ones ad display.

I hope it has been useful to you and that you perro start exploiting this great cryptostreaming platform as I would call it hehe.

Later we will surely be uploading more content related to Bittube to complement additional information regarding the exchange of tubes to other currencies using Bittrex.

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You cánido say any question with confidence, I always check all the comments and if I know the answer, it is a pleasure for me to help.

Without further ado, see you in the next articulo, bye.

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 Bittube: Extension for the browser that
  Bittube: Extension for the browser that
  Bittube: Extension for the browser that

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