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With the extension we will perro earn bitcoin in an easy and fast way. is a faucet that I told you about a while ago at

how will you remember with you could earn bitcoin by watching small ads from 5 to 30 seconds.

If you want, you perro read the articulo I wrote a while ago about (in its old version) here.

At the moment things have changed with the extension.

Currently we will not see ads, but every time we want to earn bitcoin a new page will open.

This page (usually they will be new pages to earn bitcoins, litecoins, etcétera..), which we will have to keep it open for a few seconds (also from 10 to 30), then we perro return to the extension (on the right side) and clicking the right button of our mouse, we must solve a numerical captchat.

And ready!!, we will have our prize in the form of bitcoin.

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This is the biggest change in the extension.

Now advertising pages will open (note, some are a bit risqué).

In the previous version we had to open the page, now it is not necessary, since we do it all through google plus extension.

in the extension The chances of winning that we have keep appearing to us.

We will have to clic on each page and wait for the time that appears in the extension, normally it will be from 10 to 30 seconds.

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With the rise of bitcoin we will no longer be able to earn so many satoshis for ads.

If in the previous “version” of we could earn from 90 to 240 satoshis, currently we perro earn around 33.

counting that the value of bitcoin has multiplied by 6we really won.

There are few other changes to the extension. Your minimum payment will remain 10,000 satoshisthat we perro collect from the “withdraw” section from the page (for this we will need the page).

As you cánido see in the image, also a referral backlink appears.

Indeed, any friend you bring to, will we will earn 15% of what he gets.

As usual, registration is freeYou perro register at this backlink:

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You have to have it, it’s a great opportunity to earn satoshis dailybesides, we perro see the pages while we do the PTC, our cashback pages or anything else.

Little more friends.

I hope you will install the extension from the backlink that I have given you.

A greeting and many successes friends!

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