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Good afternoon friends!.

Today I am here to introduce you to a faucet that I recently discovered, it is called

With this faucet we perro earn satoshis daily.

Best of all is that has a google plus extension that will notify us when there are new announcements to be able to earn satoshis.

Sounds good right? has been en línea and paying for over three years now, and hopefully for much longer.

The price of Bitcoin continues to increase and it never hurts to have several sites where you perro earn bitcoin easily.

as I tell you, is a ptc that has a google plus extension. Here I leave you the backlink of the extension, when you install it, it will appear next to the address bar, just where you will have more extensions.

Registration and first steps in

Registration is extremely fácil, you only have to clic on the upper banner and from there it will take us to the main page of

Once there, we must entrar our bitcoin address and clic on the “get bitcoins” button.

The next step will be to fill in the usual data: name, nick, correo electrónico and password.

Once this is done, they will send us an correo electrónico with a password that we must entrar to access our account.

From that moment we will be registered.

Then, and in order not to have to wait, we must install the Google plus extension in our browser to always be informed of the ads that we must see to earn satoshis.

The extension is in the Google plus aplicación store and is totally safe.

Previously I have put the download backlink.

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At the time of making this update (07/05/2020) the extension for Google plus was not operational.

I leave you the backlink in case they put it up again soon.

How do I make money with

As in all ptc to earn Bitcoin, we will have to view ads to be able to get the corresponding commission.

Depending on the time that we are viewing ads, the reward will be greater.

For each ad we see we cánido earn from 90 to 240 satoshis, depending on the ad and its exposure time.

The operation is very fácil: clic on the ad, wait from 10 to 30 seconds and solve a captchat.

This capchat is usually a three-digit number.

Something very fácil to solve if we are not in a hurry (don’t let the numbers dance to you).

While we see the ads, we cánido see other things, since the ads do not have adfocus.

Of course, I advise you not to spend a long time before solving the capchat, since it will give you an fallo.

Once the capchat is solved, we will receive the corresponding reward.

The remuneration we get for each ad viewed is not extremely high, but there are a lot of ads a day, so there is a good oportunidad of earn money.

More ways to make money with the lottery

This is a method that I don’t really use, but you should know that it is and exists.

In the lottery it is about buying tiques to have direct access to the draws that the page is carrying out.

Each ticket has a cost of 5,000 satoshis and the prize will depend a lot on the jackpot that has been accumulated among all the users.

I repeat, I have not used it, since it seems to me an excessive price, although if we are lucky, we cánido get a good pinch, since the entire jackpot accumulated among the participants is raffled of the lottery.

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referral system

As in any self-respecting page, It has a referral system.

In this case we will get the 15% of the benefits that our friends and relatives have obtained on this page.

We have no referral limit, so we perro invite anyone who wants to join him to participate.

Remind your referrals to install the extension, so they cánido easily see when they have a oportunidad to generate passive income.

Minimum payment and how to request it

In there is a really low minimum payout.

We perro request a withdrawal to our bitcoin address from just 10,000 satoshi.

To request the payment we must go to the top of the page, next to our nick and clic on “preferences”.

In that section we perro see all the notifications on this page, and of course, collect our benefits.

To collect it, we must have reached the minimum of 10,000 satoshis and go to “witdral” and there we must put our bitcoin wallet to which we want our benefits to go.

Then it will be based on putting the amount we want to transfer and that’s it! In 48/72 hours we will have the cryptocurrencies in our wallet.

Does pay?

Absolutely yes, this page pays its users religiously, in a couple of days we will have our cryptocurrencies in the wallet that we have chosen, in the image above, you cánido see the payments that have been made to me since a couple of years ago.

You will not have to have any problem when charging, the only one you could have is if you put your bitcoin address wrong.

For the rest, no problem in the payment.

If you want to see my payments from this and other pages and applications, I recommend that you follow me on popular networks such as twitter, fb or instagram.

There I expose all the payments that have been made to me. Reviews

As you have seen, this is a really fácil and easy to use page, just by putting its google plus extension, we will be able to know when there are ads that we cánido view and earn bitcoin with that.

If we add to this that the ads do not have adfocus, and we perro be doing something else in the meantime, we find ourselves before a great page to earn bitcoins that we should not miss.

If you dedicate at least 5 minutes a day to it, over time you will see that you cánido ask for charges and more charges, with which your bitcoin wallet will increase.

If you haven’t registered yet, I invite you to do so, it’s totally free.

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