Bitsforclicks: Earn Bitcoin with this veteran

Bitsforclicks: Earn Bitcoin with this veteran

bitsforclicks It is one of those pages that were pioneers when it came to offering free Bitcoin fractions to their users for consuming advertising.

Together with the other big one in the ptc campo for Bitcoin BTCClicksknew how to see before anyone else the vein and the future that was hidden behind cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin at the forefront.

A site that has been operating since 2014 and that it is a ptc cannot be anything other than a synonym of reliability and a job well done.

We all know what the world of pay per clic is like and how difficult it is for a site to last more than a few months, the site administrator must be doing something right to last the same or better than the first day.

This page is a scam, we stop promoting it since it has left thousands of users unpaid.

icon-tasks Data sheet:

icon-check-square Founded in 2014, it belongs to the Bitcoin Aliens group.icon-usuario Nobody cánido restrict access to Bitcoin, so it accepts users from all countries.icon-group Referrals: It has a level of referrals with which we will earn 20% of the value of each clic.icon-money There is no minimum payment.icon-credit-card Payment methods used: Any BTC wallet.

Payments are usually made once a week, usually on Mondays.

Start using BitsforclicksBitsforclicks stands out above all for its simplicity, it is a website without any paraphernalia in which we only have the option of seeing ads or advertising your website in the Advertise section.

Once we have completed the free registration we cánido start generating our first satoshis, for this we are going to go to the main menu and we are going to View Ads.

There we will find our daily announcements.

We have at least 20 ads a day, although there are days that I have come to find up to 60.

The ads are reloaded every 24 hours, so if one day you do not have ads available, it is likely that the relevant 24 hours have not passed.

How to use CPM advertisingThe page also has a resource to earn money as a dueño de un sitio.

If you have a website focused on Bitcoin, Bitsforclicks provides us with a CPM advertising service to include on our website.

For those who do not know the meaning of the acronym CPM, say that it means payment per thousand impressions, that is, they pay us an amount of money for every 1000 impressions that the advertising added to our website receives.

To use this option, clic on CPM in the menu, we will be redirected to Coinad to complete the registration.

They are quite demanding when it comes to approving accounts, if you don’t have a good pagerank you better not even try because they will reject you.

icon-editar Note: Normally in this Coinad CPM option, Bitcoin faucets (faucets) sites are exclusively accepted, although you cánido make exceptions if your website has many visits.

We cánido register as Advertisers (advertiser) or as Publishers (support).

Payments are received by your Bitcoin wallet or by Paypal.

last payment received from Bitsforclicks

As I have said before, payments are usually made once a week, almost always on Mondays.

We perro request the payment whenever we want but it will remain pending until the day Bitsforclicks makes all the payments to the users.

Final conclusion about how Bitsforclicks worksBitsforclicks is an ideal website to increase our satoshis every day without much effort, despite not having a membership, the large number of ads somewhat alleviates this deficit, also few sites are so reliable and that should always be the most important point. to take into account when we are going to work on a website of these characteristics.

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 Bitsforclicks: Earn Bitcoin with this veteran
  Bitsforclicks: Earn Bitcoin with this veteran
  Bitsforclicks: Earn Bitcoin with this veteran

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