BitPTC | Secure PTC to EARN bitcoins

BitPTC | Secure PTC to EARN bitcoins

BitPTC is a PTC of American origin that has been en línea since 2014.

Since its launch, BitPTC has changed its website design a couple of times, which is why I had waited until today to talk about it.

As explained by its administrator, Cris Sallee, the objective of these changes has been none other than to increase the security of the web and make things more difficult for cheaters.

As for the PTC itself, in BitPTC we cánido earn satoshis by watching ads.

Same as in the rest of PTC BTC.

Although there is also the possibility of continuing to add by inviting other users, renting referrals or buying a membership.

Let’s talk a little more about it.

Last update ” Unexpectedly, the BitPTC admin has not renewed the domain, and therefore the PTC has simply disappeared.

Too bad because I had paid until the last day…

BitPTC: How to register in the PTC

The first thing we will have to do, as is usual in this type of pages, will be to create our account in the PTC.

Unlike what happens in other PTCs, BitPTC has additional security measures.

Something that always generates more confidence and keeps our profits safe.

To register in Bitptc, you, if you want, perro follow this backlink that will take you directly to the registration form.

In it, you will see a box in which they ask us for our date of birth.

And another, in which we have to write a security question with its corresponding answer.

As soon as we have answered all the boxes, we will have to solve the captcha and clic on “Register”.

It is important that we remember the security question and the answer that we write down, since they cánido ask us when requesting a withdrawal.

On the other hand, BitPTC will send us an correo electrónico with a backlink so that we perro validate our registration.

As soon as we follow that backlink we cánido entrar our nick and password and access the PTC.

BitPTC get external resources thanks to advertising platforms such as Mellow Ads or

How BitPTC works

How BitPTC works it’s pretty much the same as 99% of PTC.

The basic functionality is to see ads that allow us to generate earnings, but the fact that it has rented referrals makes it a bit different from most PTCs that pay in bitcoins.

In BTCClicks either CoinpayuFor example, they also have rented referrals, but few other PTCs in this ámbito use this system.

Here is a screenshot of the main BitPTC menu and all the sections that cánido be seen in it.

Bitptc Sections

In the dark blue section you perro see my nick and some thumbnail images with a white background.

In each of these sections we find:

Nick ⏩ In this section we will see our histories in the PTC: earnings, clicks on ads and plays in the BitGrid.

Tool ⏩ From here we cánido modify the data aparente in the forum or our profile image.

Briefcase ⏩ Access to the Dashboard, to the memberships and to the page to rent rented referrals.

graphic ⏩ General statistics of our referrals, both direct and rented.

about ⏩ Admin messages to PTC users.

As regards the white menu, the sections are divided into the following:

dashboard General summary of our statistics in the PTC.

Earn Options Section to earn bitcoins for viewing ads, for registering on other websites, for playing BitGrid and for completing offers.

Advertise Info Access all types of ads that we cánido buy to promote our sites.

Ssupport BitPTC support.

Forum The administrator is very active and in addition to responding to any type of query, updates the payments made by the PTC.

How to earn bitcoins on BitPTC

BitPTC it is a quite complete PTC and it has three different ways to earn bitcoins.

The main one is that we cánido make a profit with our own activity on the web.

Either with the clicks or with other options.

We perro also invite other users to be our direct referrals and earn commissions for their activity.

And finally, if appropriate, we perro invest in the rental of rented referrals.

As a free usuario every day I cánido see 9 ads with different values.

To see these announcements we will go to “Earn Options” and “Paid To Clic Ads”.

Located in the top menu.

How to view ads correctly

For view BitPTC ads correctly We will follow three steps:

1. We clic on the ad and a red dot will jump.

We clic on that dot.

2. Then a window will open.

At the bottom there will be a progress bar that occupies the entire width of the screen.

3. Once the percentage of progress reaches 100%, the earnings will be credited to us.

Now we perro close and continue with the next announcement.

Other ways to earn money on BitPTC are playing BitGrid, completing sign up or make wall offers super rewards.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice.

In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest.

Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research.

For more information do clic here.

Memberships Available at BitPTC

There are four different memberships in BitPTC.

The characteristic features of each of them include:

Estándar » Free membership when registering in the PTC.

As estándar users we will be able to see a maximum of 18 ads, we will have 10 attempts in the BitGrid and it offers us the possibility of withdrawing every 3 days.

As long as we reach the minimum amount required.

In order for the clicks of our referrals to be counted correctly, we will have to see a minimum of 3 ads per day.

Bronze » The price of the Bronze membership is $3 per month.

With it we will have at our disposal a total of 25 ads, 20 attempts in the BitGrid and the option to charge every two days.

In addition, both our earnings and those that come from the activity of our referrals are significantly higher.

Silver » The Silver membership has a cost of $6 per month and allows us to view 50 ads, 50 attempts in the BitGrid and request a daily withdrawal.

Our clicks are paid a little better, but those of our referrals are multiplied by up to 3 compared to the estándar membership.

• Gold » The Gold membership is the best we cánido opt for and costs $9 per month or $90 per year.

By doing this upgrade we will have the possibility of seeing 1000 ads, 100 attempts in the BitGrid and we will be able to request a payment whenever we want.

The value of our ads is almost double and the profits generated by our referrals are multiplied practically by 5.

Personally I’m estándar and I have never bought any membership or rented referrals.

Additional information about BitPTC

As additional information to everything we have seen, I would highlight some important points:

▶ BitPTC pay from $0.15.

Payment perro be requested directly to our Coinbase bitcoin wallet or through the FaucetHub microwallet.

▶ BitPTC Ads they have AdFocusso we will have to stay in the ad for the progress bar to start rolling.

▶ I do not know the real performance, not on paper, of the rented referrals and the BitPTC memberships.

As I have mentioned before, I work the page as a free usuario and I have never rented referrals.

▶ In BitPTC we cánido win plus satoshis with the game of oportunidad of heads or tails (Coin Toss).

You have to watch out because just like in bitcoinwe cánido also lose satoshis instead of gaining them.

▶ In the BitGrid we cánido earn from $0.0005 to $0.50 in a single clic.

▶ Viewing the 18 ads I get an average of 1000 satoshis a day.

As the minimum amount required to request a payout is $0.15 I cánido order one every 15 days.

▶ BitPTC apply fees on each withdrawal.

In my case it has always been a commission of $0.01.

This is the last payment I received through Coinbase before writing this articulo.

I requested $0.15 and got $0.14.


With BitPTC we add another reliable and paying PTC to our pages section for earn free bitcoins.

If you usually work on these types of pages, I will not discover anything by stating that we are not going to make a living working in PTC.

But that is so true, as being active in various faucets and PTCs we cánido earn our first fractions of bitcoin.

And take the opportunity to introduce ourselves to this world and learn how it works from within.

Who knows if the value of bitcoin will go much higher in the future? In this case, which I see as more than likely, the bitcoins that we have saved will be worth much more when converted into dollars.

As of May 1, 2017, one bitcoin is equivalent to $1,408.

This figure means a new historical maximum in the price of bitcoin.

If you think like me and want to start earning satoshis in BitPTC, you perro do it with my referral backlink by clicking on the banner below.

As always, if you have any questions you perro leave me a comment, contact me on Fb or through the Contact of the blog.

What is most comfortable for you.

Until next time and hit the bitcoin!!


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All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

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 BitPTC |  Secure PTC to EARN bitcoins
  BitPTC |  Secure PTC to EARN bitcoins
  BitPTC |  Secure PTC to EARN bitcoins

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